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The Importance of The White Fitted Shirt

There are few more important staples in any man’s wardrobe than the fitted white shirt. Every man should own at least one, and their versatility means you can wear with almost any outfit. We love a white fitted shirt, especially for muscular guys. So we’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to them, including some style ideas.

Why Is The White Shirt So Important?

White dress shirts are a timeless classic. Granted, the colour can be a bit boring for many people. But they’re perfect as a backdrop against which to build your outfit. A white fitted shirt (providing it’s cared for) looks clean, crisp, and can sharpen any outfit. They’re perfect for both formal and smart casual looks, and look great with either a suit or jeans. They’re a perfect go-to if you’re ever stuck for something to wear.

A white shirt looks great with any suit, but is particularly effective with a darker colour. A white fitted shirt acts as a blank canvas, the best way to make an outfit pop is with an interesting tie. Make sure it compliments the suit. Even if this is with contrasting colours and patterns. A white shirt gives you much more freedom with what you choose.

A fitted shirt is designed to give a tailored look, so regardless of whether you’re building a smart or casual outfit, make sure you continue the fitted aesthetic with your trousers. It’s really easy to find skinny-fit suits, and you have much more choice with casual chinos and jeans. Wearing straight-leg trousers with a white fitted shirt is an odd mix, and will really throw your outfit off balance.

We have covered this in more detail in one of our other blogs. But, your options are endless, here are some of our favourite ways to style a white dress shirt:

A white shirt with dark suit trousers and a nice pair of loafers makes a great smart-casual outfit. Don’t bother tucking the shirt in; that’ll be too smart for this outfit.

Make it work with a suit. The colour is up to you, but navy and dark grey work best. If your suit is plain, choose a patterned tie to make the outfit complete.

White shirts are a favourite of many a wardrobe because of their timeless look and versatility. They’re perfect for bringing almost any look together, and are worth having as a staple piece. So if you don’t own one, buy one now!