Long gone are the days when men only had one fitting option for dress shirts. The reality is that men appreciate different fits to their shirts, and having more options leads to a greater choice for styles. However, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the range of options for shirts, so here is an explanation of the difference between two similar (but very different) fitting options – muscle fit vs slim fit.

Slim Fit Shirts

A slim fit shirt is exactly what it says it is – slim fitting. They’re designed to fit close to the body, usually by tapering the cut through the midsection and waist. However, this also results in there being very little room in the upper body, something that will come as a hindrance to those with a more muscular build.

A slim fit shirt is also more tailored (fitted) around the arms than standard fitting shirts, but can surprisingly be very baggy around the waist. One of the most notable issues with a slim fit shirt is the fact that there’s usually no stretch to the material, so they’re either going to be very tight or too baggy; there’s unfortunately no middle ground. In short, slim fitting shirts are ideal for those who are just that – slim – but they’re definitely not the best choice for those with a more athletic build.

Slim Fit Vs Muscle Fit
Extra Slim Fit (Leading Brand)

Slim Fit Vs Muscle Fit
Tapered Fit

Muscle/Athletic Fit Shirts

Muscle fit shirts have soared in popularity over recent years, unsurprisingly in relation to the increase in fitness, and are now found in most major retailers. A muscle fit shirt is still cut quite close to the body, but the material is designed with a slight bit of stretch to it, which results in more freedom of movement. This results in slightly more room for the upper body, but will often be a very tight fit on most athletic builds.

However, a muscle fit shirt is cut exactly the same in the arms as a slim fit shirt, which means there’s generally not enough comfort where it matters. After all, most athletic builds have large arms, and these can often be difficult to accommodate in any kind of close fitting shirt. The other drawback of muscle fit shirts is that they’re still very baggy around the waist, which results in a less fitted look. This bagginess around the waist is something most athletic builds will want to avoid, particularly if they favour a closer fit elsewhere in the shirt.

TAPERED™ Fit Shirts

So now we know the difference with muscle fit vs slim fit. Finding a shirt that fits muscular body types can be very difficult. After all, most people with a muscular build want a shirt to be both fitted and comfortable, a combination that until recently was almost impossible to find. With the introduction of TAPERED™ fit shirts however, men now have the option for shirts that are fitted, but have enough stretch to provide comfort for all day wear. So why not show off all that hard work in the gym with a TAPERED™ fit shirt, and be comfortable as well as fashionable?

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving  tailored look. No More Bagginess. 
Feel the cotton stretch across your back.
Four way stretch giving you comfort and control in your lats.
Finely fitted in the arms and shoulders.
Ultra stretch providing comfort and freedom of movement.

The Problem – normal shirts

One of the biggest problems about being muscular is finding clothes that are not only fashionable and functional, but also fit properly. Most standard shirts are made using stretch-less fabrics, and are designed for “standard” body shapes. This means they don’t really fit anyone anywhere, and reduce most people to a shapeless lump. Does this have to be the case for muscular men? Not any more!

Stretch Shirts by Tapered

The Solution – stretch shirts

We are proud to introduce our Tapered stretch shirts, designed specifically for men with a more muscular build. What’s the point in wearing clothes that don’t allow you to show off all that effort you’ve put in to maintaining a good physique? With a closer cut fabric you might expect to sacrifice comfort for the sake of a fitted shirt, but this no longer needs to be the case. Formal wear doesn’t need to be synonymous with discomfort.

Shirt fabrics have changed massively in recent years. 100% cotton shirts are still the favourite for most retailers, as the material gives good breathability, and is durable, but has very little stretch. It’s also common for manufacturers to combine artificial blends, such as polyester, which allows for more budget options to be produced. Polyester blends are generally less soft and aren’t breathable, both of which are useful features for muscular gentlemen.

My shirt looks good, why does it need to stretch?

Another key feature needed by muscular men is functionality. After all, you need to be comfortable while dressed formally, and still be able to move around. Classic materials, such as cotton, have very little stretch in them, making it difficult to move around in fitted shirts. However, our stretch shirts combine function with class. Elastane and spandex are popular materials in sportswear, but have started to make their way into formalwear too.

Our stretch shirts use a high spandex blend, combined with cotton, which gives you the benefit of exceptional stretch, but with all the breathability and comfort of cotton. We’re seeing more and more retailers adding a small amount of spandex to their formal lines, but not enough for guys who need it. Although muscular men will find plenty of benefit in our stretch shirts, they can be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. A fitted shirt can do wonders for almost any body shape, and the benefit of stretchy shirts is that they have plenty of give. We’re sure that everyone will love the fit and comfort of our stretch shirts.

Tapered’s stretch shirts give you ultimate comfort combined with a fitted shape that is suitable for everyone. They’re comfy enough to spend all day in – whether at the office, a work event, or an evening out. So if you’re looking for a functional dress shirt providing all day comfort, then look no further.

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Tapered Dress Shirt

When a man looks to sharpen up his wardrobe, a dress shirt is fundamental. It plays a vital role in the overall look of an outfit but how you pair it matters most.

We often preach the importance of the fit of the shirt. But with a classy, Tapered dress shirt, it’s always a consideration of formality. A Tapered dress shirt with its tailored fit shape complements a smart look. Nonetheless, a Tapered dress shirt with jeans is both flattering and effortless with the timeless colours available.

There are many ways to style up the Tapered dress shirt. Here are a few ideas that you can easily customize your Tapered Dress shirt in the following ways:


There’s always that time of the year where you get bombarded with events and parties. And you always end up getting confused on how to dress for it. Whether it’s a wedding or dinner party, you always have doubts on your wardrobe. With the Tapered dress shirt the subtle logo on the wrist means you can focus more showing off your physique as well as your accessories. As a result, you can always amp your Tapered dress shirts with a formal tie that contrasts the color of your shirt. Due to our Tapered fit we always recommend pairing a slim width tie. A pair of formal dress trousers and a shiny pair of formal shoes will add class to your outfit.

White Combos

White is the plainest colour of all and should really be a staple in a mans wardrobe. But pairing it up with other colors can make your outfit look both sophisticated and stylish. With the White Tapered Dress shirt it is like a blank canvas and helps create a whole variety of looks. The white shirt tucked in to black or navy trousers can create a smart look.

White Tapered Dress Shirt

In contrast, you could consider ripped jeans if you don’t want to look to dressed up for your night out.

White Tapered Dress Shirt

Black Combos

Black dress shirts have their own way of making you look slick and elegant. To give yourself a laid-back look, pair your black Tapered dress shirt with dark blue denim jeans. Likewise, you can create a sleek all black look by keeping the colour scheme uniform and simple.

Tapered Dress Shirt Black

Different Colour Combos

This is where you ditch the tie. A blue Tapered dress shirt, if paired with black jeans, will give a striking contrast. While if you have a more formal occasion, tucking your blue Tapered dress shirt into a light pair of grey cropped trousers will bring out the Navy.

Our absolute favourite is Olive. We highly recommend wearing with dark jeans, this wont take any focus away from the vibrant colour and will start to turn heads.

Above all, fit is absolutely paramount. You can’t look stylish with a poorly fitted Tapered Dress Shirt. See our size guide to make sure you are looking top of your game!

Finally, now that you know how to style your dress shirts, don’t hesitate to try all the styles for different events. Shop all your favorite Tapered dress shirts here. Style it up your way and look your best in any event.

Which is it going to be?

Black Tapered Fit Shirt


Navy Tapered Fit Shirt

Olive Tapered fit shirt with a V taper designOlive Tapered Fit Shirt back view
Sold Out

Olive Tapered Fit Shirt


White Tapered Fit Shirt


The Importance of The White Fitted Shirt

There are few more important staples in any man’s wardrobe than the fitted white shirt. Every man should own at least one, and their versatility means they can be worn with almost any outfit. Here at Tapered, we love a white fitted shirt, and so we’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to them, including some style ideas.

Why Is The White Shirt So Important?

White dress shirts are a timeless classic. Granted, the colour can be a bit boring for many people, but they’re perfect as a backdrop against which to build your outfit. A white fitted shirt (providing it’s cared for properly) looks clean, crisp, and can sharpen any outfit. They’re perfect for both formal and smart casual looks, and look great with either a suit or jeans. They’re a perfect go-to if you’re ever stuck for something to wear.

White Fitted Shirt Tapered

A white shirt looks great with any suit, but is particularly effective with a darker colour, such as black, charcoal grey, or navy. Although they can be worn with lighter coloured suits, you run the risk of washing yourself out with too much lightness. Considering a white fitted shirt essentially acts as a blank canvas, the best way to make an outfit really pop is with an interesting tie. Always make sure it compliments the suit, whether this is complimentary or contrasting colours and patterns, but a white shirt gives you much more freedom with what you choose.

Tapered White Fitted Shirt suit

A fitted shirt is designed to give a tailored look, so regardless of whether you’re building a smart or casual outfit, make sure you continue the fitted aesthetic with your trousers. It’s really easy to find skinny-fit suits, and you have much more choice with casual chinos and jeans. Wearing straight-leg trousers with a white fitted shirt is an odd mix, and will really throw your outfit off balance.

How to style a white fitted shirt

We have covered this in more detail in one of our other blogs. But, your options are basically endless, here are some of our favourite ways to style a white dress shirt:

Simply pairing a white shirt with dark suit trousers and a nice pair of loafers makes a great smart-casual outfit, perfect for dinner or a night out. Don’t bother tucking the shirt in; that’ll be too smart for this outfit.

Make it work with a suit. The colour is up to you, but navy and dark grey work best. If your suit is plain, choose a patterned tie (paisley, checked and polka-dot work best) to make the outfit come together.

White shirts are a favourite of many a wardrobe because of their timeless look and versatility. They’re perfect for bringing almost any look together, and are worth having as a staple piece. So if you don’t own one, buy one now!

Showcase Your V Taper

It takes years to sculpt the body of your dreams. There is always the constant drive and determination to strive for better. Constantly changing your diet and programme in a bid to make a better you. After months of work you find yourself upgrading your wardrobe to flatter your hard earned V taper. There is nothing worse than spending all that time in the gym and not being able to show people what you have achieved. As the fitness industry grows the market is promoting their “muscle fit” range for casual clothes.  But what about formal wear? Sure they have the slim fit, or even more so the extra slim fit. But is this really suitable for a muscular physique? It is a difficult problem to address as everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why very few cater for this.

The industry known rule of thumb is to make sure it fits in the chest and shoulders. But what about how it fits for the rest of the body? Why should we settle for it just fitting our chest and shoulders? We have spent hours looking as aesthetic as possible we want to show it off. Especially that head turning V taper shape we all strive for.

Who else better to showcase our tips than the Harrison Twins.

Fit Is King

V Taper shirt

Why hide you hard work? Make sure it fits in all areas. Not just the areas that the mass designed off the rack clothing is suited for. We all love to dress perfectly for the occasion and also desire to receive compliments for the way we look. It is usually not easy to buy clothes that will suit your body shape perfectly. Especially with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Therefore, you should always aim to find clothing that highlights your natural shape. If we are talking casual, go muscle fit – these are cut closer to the body and provide stretch for comfort. For Formalwear, we recommend shopping our Tapered fit range. Alternatively, check out our blog on how to make a shirt fit.

Plain Colours

Wear subtle colours. Loud colours take the focus away from the fit of the clothing. You’re here to show off your physique don’t distract from that. If you want to go pattern, go wider. Wider Patterns will give the illusion of a wider physique.

We have all heard of darker colours being slimmer. Wear black to give you the slimmer look. Lighter colours on the other hand will give sight to your body shape a lot more. If you want to look broader and highlight your gains, we advise going light.

Dont forget your lower body

V Taper shirts black and white

Don’t take any focus away from your body shape. Baggy trousers will completely distract from your wide shoulders and small waist. Make sure your trousers are slim or tailored to keep the proportion right. Your V Taper should be a silhouette from shoulder all the way down to your ankles.

Find Your Brand

V Taper Shirt with tie

Remember, all clothing brands treat their sizing differently to cater for different demographics. You can end up testing a number of brands until you find a fit that’s right for you (or you end up going to a tailor).

Being fashionable is one of the most important things you can do today. However, the only way to do that is to recognize what you have. You will always look stylish as long as you make the most of what you’ve got

Tapered are here to give you what you deserve. Highlighting your V Taper. Shirts pioneered for your aesthetics. Don’t hide your hard work.

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