The Problem – Normal Shirts

One of the problems about being muscular is finding functional clothes that fit well. Standard shirts use stretch-less fabrics, designed for “standard” body shapes. This means they don’t really fit anyone anywhere, and reduce most people to a shapeless lump. Does this have to be the case for muscular men? Not any more!

Stretch Shirts by Tapered

The Solution – Stretch Shirts

We are proud to introduce our Tapered stretch shirts. Designed for men with a more muscular build. Why wear clothes that don’t allow you to show off all that effort you’ve put in to maintaining a good physique? With a close cut fabric you expect to sacrifice comfort for the sake of a fitted shirt. This no longer needs to be the case. Formal wear doesn’t need to be synonymous with discomfort.
Shirt fabrics have changed a great deal in recent years. 100% cotton shirts are still the favourite for most retailers. The material gives good breathability, and is durable, but has very little stretch. It’s also common for manufacturers to combine artificial blends, such as polyester. This allows for more budget options to be produced. Polyester blends are generally less soft and aren’t breathable. Both of which are useful features for muscular gent.

My shirt looks good, why does it need to stretch?

Another key feature needed by muscular men is functionality. After all, you need to be comfortable while dressed formally, and still be able to move around. Classic materials such as cotton, have very little stretch in them. This makes it difficult to move around in fitted shirts. But, our stretch shirts combine function with class. spandex is a popular material in sportswear and have started to make their way into formal wear too.
Our stretch shirts use a high spandex blend. This combined with cotton gives you the benefit of exceptional stretch, but with all the breathability and comfort of cotton. We’re seeing more retailers add a small amount of spandex to their formal lines, but not enough for guys who need it. Although muscular men will find plenty of benefit in our stretch shirts, they can be a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. A fitted shirt can do wonders for almost any body shape. The benefit of stretchy shirts is that they have plenty of give. We’re sure that everyone will love the fit and comfort of our stretch shirts.
Tapered’s stretch shirts provides comfort combined with a fitted shape. They’re comfy enough to spend all day in – whether at the office, a work event, or an evening out. So if you’re looking for a functional dress shirt providing all day comfort, then look no further.

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