tapered; diminish or reduce in thickness towards one end. 

This is the general term to what we know as tapered. We have applied this exact definition to our ethos. But where did this start?

Tapered shirts? You mean jeans? Wait, what?

Tapered Fit Jeans

We are all aware that the term tapered was particularly coined for the shape of jeans. Wider at the top and narrower at the bottom as explained by Heddels.

Rather, lets relate to shirts. Describing Slim fit as being tapered slightly down the torso. If you read our previous blog you realise that we had a problem with the slim fit shirts available to us. We realised that these weren’t Tapered enough What we wanted was to create the most tapered shirt we could to achieve a perfect fit. We knew our shirts had to be cut closer to the body, taper closer down the body, closer than anyone else.

To achieve this we had to see what we were up against. So we bought every shirt we could get our hands on, you name it – we bought it. We looked at every measurement and compared them all. From this we created our own measurement. Tested to perfection over 6 months on hundreds of kind volunteers until we got it right. As a result, TAPERED was born.
We are not only creating a product but we are creating a concept. Over the years we have seen the shirt evolve from the regular fit, to the slim fit, to the extra slim fit. Now, to the Tapered fit.
What does Tapered mean?
Much as the skinny fit. 15 years ago the Skinny fit didn’t exist. They were then introduced to the high street retailers in 2005. Skinny jeans are now one of the most popular cuts.
Tapered have created a shirt that fits like bespoke tailoring. If you take a shirt to the tailor because it is too loose they reduce the amount of fabric by darting in the waist. We have created a shirt where it comes as standard and believe we have started something special. Tapered want you to be part of it.

Olive Tapered Fit Shirt


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