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More than a Muscle Fit Shirt. Discover the World’s 1st Tapered Cut. Our revolutionary v-tapered fit provides a 10” drop from waist to chest, eliminating bagginess around the waist whilst accentuating your muscular physique.

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More than a Muscle Fit Shirt. Discover the World’s 1st Tapered Cut. Our revolutionary v-tapered fit provides a 10” drop from waist to chest, eliminating bagginess around the waist whilst accentuating your muscular physique.

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Our mens muscle fit shirts are expertly designed for bodybuilders with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Tapered Athletic Fit Shirts also available in short sleeve, are perfect for your v taper body. No more fabric pooling around the midsection, a fitted shirt from lats to waist. You put in all that effort into your diet and training, your body deserves to be shown off! Our dress shirts for bodybuilders are made from luxurious, high quality cotton available in the basics - white, black, navy blue and more.

What is a Muscle Fit Shirt?

Muscle fit mens shirts are fitted shirts specifically designed for muscular guys. Typically these are built with stretch fabric and athletic cut closer to the body around the chest, shoulders, arms and torso to highlight a muscular mans physique.

What Does Muscle Fit Mean for Shirts?

For fitted shirts in particular muscle fit describes how they fit the body. In comparison to other types like slim fit or tailored fit where thet are slightly looser on the body. Muscle fit are tighter on the body, particularly in the shoulders, chest, arms and waist.

What Does Muscle Fit Clothes Mean?

Muscle fit clothes again describe how clothing fits the body. Due to the popularity of the fitness industry there has been a growing demand for better fitting clothing - particularly for muscular shaped bodies. The muscle fit shirt shape described above is applied to all types of clothing from jeans to t-shirts.

What are Muscle Fit Shirts Made Of?

Traditionally muscle fit shirts are made from a mixture of cotton, polyester and elastane. At Tapered we believe that cotton is the far superior material so our muscle fit shirts are a mixture of high quality cotton with elastane for comfort.

Muscle Fit Shirts Brand Online

If you are looking for the best muscle fit shirts brand in the UK and won't settle for anything less than the best - stick with Tapered Menswear.

The brand was born out of our own frustrations of not being able to find shirts that fit. High street shirt retailers are based on classic designs that no longer suit the modern man. They are not only uncomfortable but ill fitting.  You spend all that time in the gym and on your diet, this should not be an obstacle to dress well.

While our signature Tapered fit is designed to work for an athletic build. It's cut aesthetically to highlight your physique and focus on functionality.

Shop our range of muscle fit shirts and see why so many professional bodybuilders and athletes are switching to Tapered.

Where Can I Buy Muscle Fit Shirts?

Buying a muscle fit shirt? Look no further than Tapered Menswear. Our Muscle Fit Shirts are flatteringly fitted for bodybuilders and athletes. Also available in the Tapered range are Muscle Fit T-Shirts and Muscle fit Polos and Henleys

What to Look For When Buying a Muscle Fit Shirt

The most important thing to consider when buying a muscle fit shirt is the fit. Fit is absolutely crucial if you have a muscular shaped torso. You spend all that time in the gym and the last thing you want is hiding your hard earned physique in a poorly fitting shirt.

As described a muscle fit shirt should fit finely in the torso and arms. Additionally you should consider the comfort of the shirt. If your muscle fit shirt doesnt contain stretch then the fit becomes redundant. So the 2 main things to consider when buying a muscle fit shirt are fit and comfort.

Muscle Fit Formal Shirts

Our subtle logo stitched on the wrist makes them the ideal muscle fit formal shirt to wear to the office or any formal event. A range of different colours means you can add any colour tie without an obtrusive logo on the front of the shirt.

What is a Muscle Dress Shirt?

Much like muscle fit shirts a muscle fit dress shirt is simply the type of shirt. The fit is exactly the same as a muscle fit shirt but the shirt itself is a dress shirt. Dress shirts are designed for formal occasions that you would wear to the office or a formal event.

Are Muscle Fit Shirts Good?

Muscle fit shirts are good if you have the physique for them! Because they are designed for bodybuilders in mind you may find that if you are on the leaner side with smaller arms they may not be a suitable fit around the biceps. But if you are a muscular guy then muscle fit shirts will be a good choice!

How Do You Fit a Muscle Fitting Shirt?

If you are a muscular guy and want to know how a muscle fit shirt should fit, you need to consider 4 key areas. The chest, shoulders, arms and waist. The number 1 mistake that people make with muscle fitting shirts is going too tight, this causes a gape in the chest which is a sure sign of a poor fit. This is the most common issue with fitting a muscle fit shirt. As long as the the shirt sits comfortably (not tight) on your chest, shoulders, arms and waist you will have a good fit. A good rule of thumb is that if you can pinch at least an inch of fabric in each part then it's not too tight