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The Real Deal

These shirts are phenomenal! I’m 5’8, 210 lbs( Or 15 Stones or 95.5 Kg…for my friends across the pond). They fit like a custom shirt, but I do post a warning..If you “Cheat” on your diet, these shirts will expose you faster than Luminol at a crime scene! Look, stop dwaldling and order the shirts. Scott says there are no more excuses for Moo Moo fitting Polo’s……I agree and you should too!

Great shirt!!

Somewhat pricy but the material seems really good & not thin. The fit is great, I have a large neck so I did have to get a button extension but I was perfectly fine with that. Wound definitely consider buying another one

Excellent quality & fit. Will be purchasing more.

Finally! A shirt that fits my body

Years of wearing shirts that fit my shoulders but look like a tent round my waist are over!

Great shape on my shoulders and tapered into the waist showed off the hard work in the gym!

No looking back now, tapered all the way!

Perfect fit

Hi, wow what a fit shirt I’m 95kG 5-11 quite lean and the large fits perfect

Happy customer

Really happy with the fit and the overall product quality, would definitely recommend.

Good fit

Very happy with the service, the fit of the shirt was exactly . No complaints whatsoever 👍🏻

Although the shirts seemed well made they did not fit atall well on me .I couldn’t fasten the collar even on the xxl . Fit me on shoulders and chest but wasn’t tapered enough to waist . Had to return both sizes . I would have probably fit better into a large more snug but I had to order by the size of the collar as need to wear a tie but still could t fasten it so no good! Awaiting a refund still .


I had been trying shirts on at many shopps and found that i needed to get a 2xl shirt to fit around my chest but these went down to my ankles and did no justice to my 29"-30" waist, then shirts that fit my height and waist were were never going to close. there are little to no tailors around me so i thought id give Tapered a go. having the models height an weight on the images was very helpfull in deciding on which size to go for as i fel between multiple categories on the sizing chart. Perfect fit , no hassle, 11/10

Black Tapered Fit Shirt
Forbidden Engravings
Quality and fit is on point!

Needless to say, I was skeptical. I have ordered shirts online before from overseas shipped to the US and have had bad luck. However, not the case with Tapered! I ordered one to start just to see. The fit and fabric is perfect! I will definitely be ordering more. Confidence restored!

Extremely quick delivery and top quality

Ordered shirt on a Sunday and received Monday afternoon. Fantastic delivery service. Shirt is very good quality, looks and fits great. Was complemented by 2 separate people on how well it looked, which doesn't normally happen for guys. Very happy with the purchase I just need to fill the sleeves a bit more. More gym time needed 😂.

Blue Tapered Quality Comfort

At this point, there's nothing to say that I haven't already said about this company and it's quality wares. Made for the exceptional physique, these shirts will more than compliment you. You will receive compliments from the unique look of your top catered to your muscular body frame. You will never go wrong with Tapered! Thank you Scott and all of the Tapered family of employees!

Tapered shirt


Finally a shirt that isn't just marketing lies

I'm a classic physique bodybuilder, which naturally comes with its problems with clothing. I was hesitant to try a brand I haven't tried before and due to being stung in the past with false promises and 'muscle fit' shirts.
This dress white shirt (purchased for a wedding) fits perfect, hugs the physique without being tight, has just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable moving whilst tucked in and finally, no longer needing to tuck in lots of material into my trousers - the cut comes in perfectly. Easily could be worn untucked in a less formal occasion.
Highly recommend, so good I also bought the black denim stretch shirt

Sizes aren’t equivalent

I bought a blue dress shirt and a green one. Both in medium. One fits great, the other is much smaller and doesn’t fit. We need consistency in the sizing.

Burgundy Tapered Fit Shirt
Antoinette Girtman

The shirt fit perfectly. It was for his graduation ceremony and he looked dashing in it. You could increase your business opportunities if you could have bigger selection on products because I had to get his pants from Amazon. Hope this helps out. I definitely would recommend you to everyone.

Black Tapered Fit Shirt
Darren Jackson

The tapperd shirt was brilliant I'm used to a tight fitting shirt but been a bigger guy round mid section bought a xxl did the trick without been to baggy due to the tapperd fitted nice

Navy t shirt

This was slightly smaller fitting than the shirt before, but that’s a different material, still a lovely fit and good quality! Very pleased with this t shirt, thank you

What more could I ask for?

The shirt fitted perfectly, better than any other I'd tried from many different companies. I will be buying all my dress shirts from Tapered from now on.

Good quality

Everything ok,as expected


Ordered the white shirt for my partner who struggles massively to find shirts that fit his broad chest (47”) and don’t drown his torso and arms. Firstly the help and advice was both immediate and knowledgable which is always an indicator that a company cares about their product and their customers needs. Ended up ordering the XXL instead of the XXXL. The shirt arrived beautifully packaged, the material is lush and just oozes pure quality. He looks unreal in it - best shirt he owns by a mile, fits perfectly because of the generous stretch. I would say to anyone who is thinking of buying.. don’t hesitate, this company is a hidden gem!

Finally a shirt that fits properly!

I've tried a few (so called) bodybuilder fit dress shirts -- none have been as perfectly fitting as this Tapered shirt. For other companies, I found that my chest was too big so by the time I got a size that fit, the bottom part of the shirt was not tapered enough. The Tapered shirts are perfect since their sizing seems to increase incrementally by chest size more than they do at the waist. I thought I'd be stuck with having to order custom made shirts but I think with Tapered I found a legitimate alternative at a reasonable price.

Perfect Polo

At last there's a polo that fits my shoulders and chest without the barrel size waist. Highly recommend if you are into bodybuilding or have a lean/fit body shape.

I have also pre-ordered the T-shirts and I think this tells how satisfied I am :D


Having spent money on shirts at different price points, all of them were very unfitted with incredibly baggy arms and torsos. They all make me look like a child wearing their dads clothes! Tapered is the first shirt I've found that actually fits, and thanks to them my wedding shirt is one that looks and feels fantastic

Tapered is well worth it and I could not recommend more!

White Tapered Fit Shirt