Tapered Menswear Reviews

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Great fit

A good fit over the standard shirts for more athletic build

Great fit

Great fit and quality

Fit exceptionally well

I am one of the most sceptical people when it comes to how t shirts fit. I have an athletic body with good definition. This t-shirt hugs all the correct areas. Tapered have done very well with their products!

In fact, I'm just about to buy more!


Polos are great product and reasonably priced!

The right fit

Very well made shirts. They do fit well and are comfortable to wear.

Great fit

Can’t wait to try the others.


Great chinos , if you don't have big thighs or calves. My partner has 28.5inch thighs and calves 19" which sadly meant he couldn't get them past his knees. The quality was great and just unfortunate too small for him.

Great quality garment and company

Product is heavy weight, well made. Web site is helpful and you are kept in the picture ref order progress.

My only gripe is that I was unable to take advantage of purchasing another one immediately with a discount because I didn’t want the same colour. Maybe it’s me being thick but I couldn’t see how to change the colour.

I phoned a few days later to explain but was told there was nothing could be done except not charging for delivery.


Lovely colour. Although close fitting still room to breath and looks well when worn. Would recommend.

Surprising fit

I always have issues with shirts. Either it fits the shoulders and arms, but the stomach and waist area is like a bed sheet, or it fits the waist but strangles my chest, shoulders and doesn't even pull over my arms properly. This shirt, however, fits... Perfectly. It's a great fit! Feels quality and well made and the taper is perfect for my build. The arms are snug, but the give in the material means it's not tight, which is ideal. Love the shirt, will almost certainly be back for more in the future.

White Tapered Fit Shirt
Keith Anderson
Great fit

I bought my second Whjte shirt from Tapered. It arrived on time well packaged and it is as expected a great product. Of the companies that promote themselves for a muscle fit torso this is the one that suits me. I bought a size large and it fits my a bit above 40 inch chest and 30 inch waist. I'm not tall. 5'8 so sleeves can be over long on most shirts but these are about right. There's enough room for 15 - 16 inch bicep measurement.
The cotton mix is about right with enough stretch to be comfortable without it wrinkling after first few washes. Had my first one over a year and it's still in good condition despite regular wear to work.
Thanks Tapered.

Black Tapered Fit T-Shirt
Abdullah Abu-Hassan
Excellent Fit

Finally a tapered fit t-shirt that actually looks tapered! Highly recommend.

Nice shirt but thin material

Lovely shirt and fits perfect. Only downside is the white one is very thin material! Tattoo’s, nipples etc are visable so would advise a vest or white sports top underneath if you wearing it in a bright environment.

Try something new

I needed a new shirt fir sometime now and going into trying different ones never seem to find that just right fit. So I took a chance with tapered and must admit best choice ever. Could of save loads of time shopping around trying to get the right shirt as I managed it in 5 minutes on their web site. I made a school boy error when completing my payment and ordered two contacted them and they cancelled the extra shirt and refunded me near enough the next day. Honestly givevthem a try I'd say you'd never go anywhere else.

The Perfect Fit

This shirt is awesome. It shows your work at the gym as magic. Highly recommended.

Looking smart

Black Tapered Fit Chinos
steve williamson
Great for cyclists and ex rugby players

Lovely smart black chino, that can I dress up with a formal jacket/blazer or down with T-shirt and trainers. The fit is good, they have stretch material on them, so they’ve got that little bit of extra give in the thighs and the glutes useful for anyone who has built up their muscles through cycling or rugby or just general old school gym work… (every day is leg day!) ie they are not just for bodybuilders but anyone without skinny legs.

Great fit

I was sceptical about ordering a shirt from a company I hadn’t heard of however, I’m glad I did the quality and the fit is absolutely perfect. Would like to have more colours and maybe some with some pattern bit. More choice would be better

Nice Fit

Shirt has a nice fit and quality look and feel

Everything you want as a bodybuilder. High quality and well-fitting.

Fabric is thick and somewhat rigid, would definitely not recommend going too slim. Thankfully the cut is very flattering and the length is wearable both tucked and untucked. I fit well at size XXL. 6'!", 225lbs with ~34" waist and 46" chest. Collar doesn't feel cheap; it and the buttons are both tastefully sized. If you're muscular, get your measurements right and this shirt will not disappoint.

Great fit, good quality

Both my sons (in their twenties) needed tapered fit shirts. We’ve ordered from other suppliers in the past but Tapered shirts are their favorite. As the one who does most of the ironing I can say that the quality is great and they stay in shape after multiple washes!
They have a collection of shirts and the sizes are reliable too 😃

Good Quality

Pleased with my purchase - although, if anything, I would have preferred an even tighter fit ( I chose Size Small, thinking it would be very tight ) but that said, still does the job.

Good quality T-shirt

I am pleased with my good quality T-shirt. It fits well and I like good quality cotton. However, I do find it very expensive.

Fits perfectly

This is a great shirt. Fits me just how I’d want it to. Would buy again

New satisfied customer

These jeans are very very comfortable. Looks good the fit is great. Look I won't complain, I love the shirts as well. Thank you so very much a repeated customer in me for life !!!