The Start Of The TAPERED™ Fit Shirt

Our TAPERED Fit Shirt was established in 2017.

With a vision to help guys with an athletic build find shirts that fit your body correctly, giving you a perfect and graceful look. It was a mission to help get over the frustration you face while finding shirts that fit you perfectly on their shoulders, chest, and waist. Shirts that are not too tight, not too loose, a perfect fit.

That’s when the idea of tapered fit shirts were created. No baggy fitting around the waist or rolled up sleeves, tapered fit shirts look elegant. Crafted with unrivalled stretch fabric and cut closer to the body than any other shirt on the market.

The TAPERED fit shirt is intricately designed to emphasize your V taper and give you a sharp look.

TAPERED™ are here to finally provide you muscular fitted, proportional clothing, ready to wear – no more going to the tailor and giving your measurements. We’ve got an exclusive collection of shirts for you, whether you are lean or a bodybuilder, our shirts let you show off your hard work and look stylish at the same time.



Why Choose TAPERED™?


The fit is in our DNA, and we have worked day in and out to design perfect fit shirts for your hard earned body. With us, there is no compromise on quality or style.

TAPERED fit shirts are crafted from the finest cotton providing a luxurious feel.

Our incredible designs are a result of attention to detail which is the heart and soul of our range. With a subtle logo on the wrist and detail on the buttons, we don’t want to show off our brand. After all, you are TAPERED™. It’s all about you, not about us.

Whether you are looking for a casual party shirt or formal shirts for a business event, TAPERED™ has everything for you!

We believe in providing an exceptional customer experience! With our awesome, on hand customer support team. If you are happy, we are happy, and that’s what makes us different from the rest.




There has been huge excitement to launch the TAPERED™ brand. We’ve worked hard to ensure you are being provided with the perfect product. Born through a combination of taking pride in our physique and passion for fashion.

We were your typical office workers. For years had the frustration of trying to find a shirt that fits the muscular physique. Forever having to tuck in the sides and back every time you stand up from your desk. Or shirts that would be finely fitted in the chest and shoulders but would bag around the waist. At the end of 2016 brought that light bulb moment. Why can’t you buy a shirt that is fully fitted in all areas without sacrificing comfort and movement?

 Upon discovering this problem guys face we spent over a year designing a shirt that fulfils this. We approached both designers and industry experts to bring you the TAPERED™ fit shirt. 

Testing was thorough. With a range of different sized athletes to ensure that the TAPERED™ fit could cater for everyone. When we observed our shirts adjust to people’s body shapes it was at that point the product was right.

We hope you love the TAPERED™ fit shirt as much as we do and love to see it become a staple in your wardrobe.  Striving to regularly improve and give you what you deserve. If you can give us any feedback or tell us what you would like to see in the TAPERED™ fit shirt range, please email us at