At Tapered, fit is everything. We obsess over centimeters to guarantee a perfect fit.

T-Shirt Features

V Shaped Cut

Expertly cut to reduce the amount of fabric in the midsection.

Closely Fitted In Biceps

Fitted tightly in arms and cut to the optimal length to flatter the bicep peak

Stretch Fabric

100% supersoft, heavyweight cotton that stretches and moulds to your shape.

Tapered was born through our own struggles of trying to find a shirt that fit our v-taper physique

Our mission is to provide shirts that fit the v taper physique as it should. 

Our signature Tapered fit ensures no bagginess around the waist while being fitted in the chest and shoulders.

The final piece is what feels and looks like a shirt that’s bespoke to you, complimenting and highlighting your athletic physique. A new era in Muscle Fit T-Shirts

The Worlds First V-Taper Cut T-Shirt

Athletic guys shouldn't struggle to find shirts that fit. T-shirts expertly designed to fit wide shoulders and a narrow waist.