At Tapered, fit is everything. We obsess over centimeters to guarantee a perfect fit.


The Worlds First V-Taper Cut Shirt

A revolutionary cut to provide a 10 inch drop from chest to waist. No more fabric pooling around the waist.

Tapered was born through our own struggles of trying to find a shirt that fit our v-taper physique

I tried everywhere to find the right shirt for me. I just assumed that they don’t make shirts for us guys with that V shaped body so I dealt with a shirt that I thought fit best. 

Which would still sag around the waist, hide my physique and need a trip to the tailor.

Through this frustration, Tapered was born...

Shirt Features

V Shaped Cut

Expertly cut fabric to provide a 10 inch drop from chest to waist.

Enhanced Darts

Pre-built, enhanced darts in the back. Like you would pay a tailor for. Reducing the amount of fabric in the lower back.

Stretch Cotton

Constructed with stretch cotton to mould to your physique while providing comfort.

What Does Tapered Fit Shirt Mean?

Tapered fit is traditionally to "bring something in", so that it follows an inverted shape. With a tapered fit shirt this will mean a wider fit on the chest and shoulders and sharply narrowing down the waist. Although tapered fit typically relates to jeans we have applied this same shape to our shirts, bringing a whole new meaning to Muscle Fit Shirts