More Than A Muscle Fit

A shirt that works as hard as you do

Discover The World's 1st Tapered Cut Shirt

Our revolutionary fit provides a 10" drop from chest to waist, eliminating bagginess around the waist whilst accentuating your muscular physique.

The Tapered Fit Formula. More than a Muscle fit shirtThe tapered fit formula, more than a muscle fit shirt

The Tapered
Fit Formula

Signature V Shaped Cut + Premium Stretch Cotton – Excess Fabric At Waist = More Than A Muscle Fit Shirt
CEO Scott
The Tapered Fit Journey

After meticulous planning over a 3 year period. Listen to how I created our signature fit.

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Tapered fit shirts on a rail

Innovation Meets Craftsmanship

We work with the top fabric producers in Europe to create a unique cotton blend fabric while enhances freedom of movement and feels luxuriously soft.

Work Hard, Play Hard, Wear Hard

Our business casual shirts are tapered to show off the talent, whether you're at the office or the bar.

What You Have Been Saying - 1000+ ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ Reviews

"Shirt fits much better than other button down shirts that I've used in the past."

"My father who has been in this industry for 30 years agrees that this is my best fitted shirt!"

"Ordered this shirt for my husband’s birthday he loves how well the shirt fit him. Definitely will buy again!"

Still unsure on the Tapered Fit? Check out our FAQs below

Who Should Wear Tapered Fit?

Tapered Fit is designed for those with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Our unique fit is cut for guys with a v shaped physique. This solves the problem guys face with regular shirts that sag around the waist due to excess fabric.

Is Tapered Fit Good?

Tapered fit will look good on those that have the physique for it. If you have a wider waist then our unique cut is likely to be tight in the wrong areas.

Is Tapered Fit Skinny?

Tapered fit has similarities to skinny in that it is tighter than a slim fit. But as we target athletic shaped guys we have more room in the biceps and collars to offer comfort in the right areas.

Tapered Fit Meaning

Tapered in general is an inverted shape that is wide on one end and gradually narrows towards the bottom. Our Tapered fit means exactly this where the tyop of the garment is wider around the chest and shoulders then narrows towards the waist.