Muscle fit tshirts by tapered menswear

Tapered Fit T-Shirts

More than a Muscle Fit T-Shirt. Discover the World’s 1st Tapered Cut Tee. 

Athletic guys shouldn’t struggle to find shirts that fit. Our expertly designed V-Tapered T-shirts fit wide shoulders and a narrow waist. 

Our mens muscle fit t-shirts are designed for muscular guys and bodybuilders. Our unique tapered fit is cut for a V Taper frame. Tapered Muscle Fit Tees on sale are made from luxurious, high quality cotton available in the basics and V-neck - white, black and navy blue. 

 What is a Muscle Fit T-Shirt?

A Muscle fit t-shirt refers to how a T-shirt is cut. In comparison to a regular fitting tee, they are a closer fit to the body. A classic fit or regular fit t-shirt are designed for the general population which doesn’t suit the muscular physique. The Muscle fit t-shirt is specifically designed for an athletic frame which provides more room in the chest and shoulders, fitted on the biceps and finley fitted around the waist. A muscle fit t-shirt has a number of benefits over a regular t-shirt:

Contours to the shape of a muscular body. Showcasing the V taper physique that bodybuilders have worked hard on obtaining.Contains stretch fabric to allow freedom of movement and maximum comfort. Cut higher up the bicep with a closer fit for those with larger arms.

At Tapered Menswear we have developed our own v-neck Muscle Fit T-Shirt with our signature Tapered Fit. Cut from the same unique design as our dress shirts for bodybuilders. Not only is the Tapered fit cut closer to the body than every other t-shirt but is made with heavyweight, premium cotton that feels luxurious. 

Best Muscle Fit T-Shirts

After a 3 year journey on creating the best muscle fit shirts, we use that exact same Tapered cut for our T-shirts to provide the very best fabric and fit. We pride ourselves on providing the best muscle fit shirts the market has to offer today, no more fabric sagging around areas you want to show off.

Where to Buy Muscle Fit T Shirts?

Now that you know you need a muscle fit t-shirt to fit your athletic frame like you deserve. You put all that work in the gym and your diet you need to find clothing that highlights your physique. You are likely wondering where to find the best v-neck-muscle fit t-shirts online - look no further than Tapered Menswear. 

How Do I Make My T-Shirt More Muscular?

There are several ways you can make your t-shirt look more muscular. You can roll the sleeves up to show more of the bicep. Layer the T-shirt with another T-shirt underneath. Get the garment tailored to fit proportionally...

or shop our muscle fit t-shirts which are designed to make you look more muscular!