muscle fit short sleeve shirts

Short Sleeve Tapered Fit Shirts

More than a Muscle Fit Shirt. Physique enhancing, proportional short sleeve shirts with a muscle fit like they’re tailored for you. Premium quality stretch cotton providing both comfort and style.

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Our mens muscle fit short sleeve shirts are expertly designed for bodybuilders with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Tapered short sleeve muscle shirts are perfect for your v taper body. No more fabric pooling around the midsection, a perfect fit from lats to waist in a variety of colours.

Muscle Fit Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

Muscle fit mens short sleeve dress shirts are shirts specifically designed for muscular guys. Made from luxioursly smooth cotton makes them ideal for formal occasions.

Muscle Fit Half Sleeve Shirts

Our half sleeve muscle fit shirts are cut to the optimal length aroung the arms to flatter to bicep peak. No more having to fold up the sleeves to fit your biceps.

Created using stretch fabric to allow movement around the arms all day long.

Why Buy Muscle Fit Short Sleeve Shirts At Tapered Menswear?

Tapered Menswear offer the best short sleeve muscle fit shirts in the UK. Our unique design is the worlds first v-taper cut which fits to perfection. It’s designed for those with wide shoulders and narrow waist to avoid the unwanted bagginess that normal off the rack short sleeve shirts give. Don’t just take our word for it, we have over 1000 verified reviews and seen in publications like GQ and Mens Health.

It’s hard to find a muscle fit shirt im short sleeve that actually feel as good as it looks. At Tapered Menswear, we take great pride in producing the best mens fitted short sleeve shirts on the market. Our team of experienced tailors and designers developed our dream fit. Tapered, comfortable short sleeve shirts which scream confidence and style.