Tapered Fit Henleys

Physique enhancing, proportional Henleys with a slim fit like they’re tailored for you. Premium quality stretch cotton providing both comfort and style. Whether you are slim or a muscular guy, our form fitting Henleys will mould perfectly to your shape.

Our mens slim fit henleys are expertly designed for slim guys bodybuilders with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Tapered Henleys are perfect for your v taper body. No more fabric pooling around the midsection, a perfect fit from lats to waist. Our Henleys are made from luxurious, high quality, stretch cotton available in the basics - white, black and navy blue.

How Tight Should a Henley fit?

A henley should not be tight but fit finely in the chest and shoulders while tapering in sharply at the waist. Whether you are slim or a muscular guy our Tapered Fit Henleys are specifically designed to be form fitting. So that they are not overly tight, nor loose. Just a perfect fit on the male physique.

Where Can I Buy Henley Shirts

The best place to buy slim fit henleys is right here at Tapered Menswear. Our unique Tapered Fit was developed by leading tailors and designers to fit the male form perfectly.