Muscle Fit Polo Shirts By Tapered Menswear

Tapered Fit Polo Shirts

"Make your muscles speak without flexing"  British GQ

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Muscle Fit Polo Shirts For Men

Our mens muscle fit polo shirts are designed for muscular guys and bodybuilders. Our unique tapered fit is cut for a V Taper frame. Tapered Muscle Fit Polos on sale are made from luxurious, high quality cotton available in the basics - white, black and navy blue. Shop both long sleeve and short sleeve polo necks.

Finally a polo shirt that fits muscular guys like it should. Cut from the same unique design as our dress shirts for bodybuilders, our Muscle Fit Designer Polo Shirt was created with 1000s of measurements of muscular guys to bring our unique Tapered Fit. Polo shirts that show off muscles, designed for those with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

How Are Muscle Fit Polos Supposed to Fit?

Similar to our Muscle Fit T-Shirts, polo shirts should be fit in the arms and shoulders while hugging the waist. Designed for the masses - Regular polos don’t take into consideration those with a v shaped torso. Our Tapered Fit removes this excess fabric that sags around the waist like a regular polo shirt.

What is the Best Muscle Fit Polo Shirt?

Our polos are the best muscle fit polo shirts to date. At Tapered Menswear we don’t only pride ourselves on fit but also quality. Our muscle fit polo shirts are made with premium mesh fabric that looks and feels great. Whether you are looking for a Muscle Fit Polo or Muscle Fit Shirts, Tapered Menswear guarantee the most unique fit to date. 

Why Buy Muscle Fit Polo Shirts at Tapered Menswear?

Tapered Muscle Fit Polo shirts offer a revolutionary design with our unique Tapered Fit. This is more than a muscle fit polo shirt.

Our signature cut is ideal for athletic shaped guys who have wide shoulders and a narrow waist. Not only will you be blown away by the fit but our polos are cratfed from the highest quality pique cotton. Which provides stretch and comfort all day long.