Cotton Vs Pique Polo Shirts - What's The Difference? By Tapered Menswear

Cotton Vs Pique Polo Shirts - What's The Difference?

What if the secret to an impeccable wardrobe lay in a single piece of clothing?

So what is the difference between cotton and pique polo shirts? Pique polo shirts are made from a specific type of cotton fabric known for its textured, waffle-like appearance. Whereas "cotton" polo shirts can refer to any polo made from cotton fabric, typically featuring a smooth, soft finish without the textured weave of pique. 

In this blog, you'll discover the intricacies of polo shirt materials. Plus the best fitting pique polo shirts right here at Tapered Menswear.

best fitting pique polo shirts for men by Tapered Menswear

What Is A Pique Cotton Polo Shirt

Renowned as the best polo fabric for style and function, pique has a distinctive waffle-like texture, setting it apart from the smoother jersey cotton polo.

This classic knit is produced through a double weave technique, which not only enhances the fabric's breathability but also contributes to its structural resilience.

There are many advantages of a pique polo. Notably its exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities.

Whether you're attending an outdoor event or enjoying a casual brunch, the ventilation offered by the pique weave ensures you stay cool and dry, even under the summer sun. It also has the adeptness to concealing perspiration while resisting creases. 

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Making the pique polo a wardrobe staple for those who seek a crisply professional yet comfortable look.

Is Pique Polo Cotton?

Yes pique polo is cotton. A substantial segment of pique polos in the market are crafted from 100% cotton. 

Black muscle-fit short sleeve polo shirt from Tapered Menswear, emphasizing its tapered fit and high-quality craftsmanship.


High-quality pique polos often have premium long-staple cotton varieties, including  Sea Island cotton. This type of cotton enhances the garment's luxurious feel and ensures its durability, standing up to wear and tear over time.

Is Pique Cotton Good Quality?

Pique cotton is superior quality in comparison to jersey fabric. It's known for its unique double weave construction, pique cotton stands out in durability, making it a robust contender in the arena of fabrics. 

As you weigh your options between cotton vs pique durability, consider the fit features of pique polo shirts like set-on plackets and fully fashioned cuts.

short sleeve white tapered fit polo shirt by Tapered Menswear, showcasing the muscle fit design for a comfortable and stylish silhouette

Is Cotton Pique Breathable?

Recognised for its breathability, cotton pique is great for its ability to promote air circulation. The structure of this fabric features a distinctive weave that not only looks the part but also performs by enhancing airflow between its layers.

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This breathable quality is particularly what makes pique cotton so advantageous and a smart choice for summer or any sort of outdoor activity.

The fabric also effectively absorbs sweat and quickly moves it away from your skin, helping you to stay dry and comfortable even on the most sweltering days. 

best fitting white pique polo shirts for men by Tapered Menswear

Does Cotton Pique Wrinkle?

Cotton pique does wrinkle. This is because it is made from cotton, a natural fiber known for creasing. Cotton pique is more prone to wrinkling than other polo shirt fabrics. These fabrics include polyester and polyester blends.

Polyester and its blends are more wrinkle resistant. This is because they are synthetic. Being synthetic lets them keep shape and resist creases better than natural fibres.

Pique's texture can somewhat hide minor wrinkles. It does this better than smooth cotton. But, it still needs ironing or steaming to stay crisp, especially after washing.

Dark grey polo shirt with long sleeves and a tapered fit by Tapered Menswear, emphasizing a muscle-fit design for a streamlined and comfortable profile.

Interlock Polo Vs Pique Polo

Interlock and pique polos differ primarily in their fabric construction and texture. Interlock polo fabric is made by knitting two layers of fabric together, resulting in a smooth, soft surface on both sides.

This technique offers a stretchy, comfortable fit with a slightly heavier and more luxurious feel compared to pique.Interlock fabric tends to drape more elegantly and is less prone to wrinkling.

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Pique polo, on the other hand, features a textured, waffle-like weave that is breathable and durable.

The raised texture of pique polos not only enhances their visual appeal but also helps the fabric stand off the skin, promoting better air circulation and making them ideal for warm weather or active wear.

best fitting pique polo shirts in white for men by Tapered Menswear

Best Pique Polo For Men - Tapered Menswear

Here at Tapered Menswear we have recognised the importance of fit, form, and function in the creation of our pique polos.

Blending contemporary style practises with the classic DNA of the polo shirt, Tapered Menswear offers the best fitting pique polo shirts that compliment every contour of your body.

With our polos, you’ll never have to worry about that ill-fitting loose look. Our polos are cut with a v-taper shape so that you don’t have that unnecessary amount of fabric pooling at the waist.

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Polo shirts fitted at the shoulders, biceps and chest too, which sits well on the body, so that you can get the most confident wear out our fitted polo, while flattering those areas.

As an added bonus, we have no logo plastered on the front - let your form do the talking.

As with any fit polo shirt, comfort is paramount. Our best fitting polos are made with 100% super soft heavy-weight cotton that stretches and moulds to your shape. You’ll never feel uncomfortable, but your polo will always stay in shape.

If you’re ready to switch up your fit the best fitting polo shirt on the market, then check out the Tapered Menswear performance polos.

Our revolutionary cut provides a 10" drop from chest to waist.

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.


white tapered fit polo shirt showing the unique v tapered cut


Closely Fitted At Biceps

Moulds to your arm and cut to the optimal length to emphasises the bicep peak.


white tapered fit polo shirt showing the fit around the biceps


Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.


white tapered fit polo shirt showing the stretch around the back and shoulders


Perfect for formal occasions. 

With our non obtrusive logo stitched subtly on the waist makes our TAPERED Fit Shirt ideal for formal occasions.

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Tapered Fit polo shirts are the true solution to your polo shirt fitting problem.

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