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Semi-Casual Attire For Men - Everything You Need To Know

The beauty of semi casual men's clothing is this: it lets you be stylish while keeping it easy-breezy.

But what is semi-casual attire? Semi-casual attire for men, often referred to as smart casual, blends elements of formal and casual dress. It typically includes items like polo shirts or button-downs paired with chinos or dark jeans, and is completed with loafers or clean sneakers. This style is ideal for occasions that call for a polished look without the formality of a suit, such as casual Fridays at work or social dinners.

In this blog I'll help you understand the essentials of crafting a semi-casual look that's appropriate for all types of events. You'll also learn how fitted clothing can make all the difference. 

This style is about ditching the boring clothes while adding your own touch.

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What Is Considered Semi-Casual Attire For Men?

Semi-casual attire for men, often termed "smart casual," expertly melds elements of formality with a relaxed vibe.

At Tapered Menswear, known for its flattering cuts tailored to enhance the male physique, you can find ideal pieces for crafting such an ensemble.

What Do You Wear To A Semi-Casual Event?


Opt for Tapered Fit Shirts in classic colors such as navy, white, and light blue to anchor your wardrobe.

white tapered fit shirt by Tapered Menswear, showcasing the muscle fit design for a comfortable and stylish silhouette


These shirts are tailored to enhance the natural lines of the body. For a softer aesthetic or summer vibe, choose lighter colours like pink or turquoise.


When the occasion is more casual but you still want to look put-together, a well-fitted T-shirt. Choose from solid colors like burgundy or charcoal for easy pairing.


Their T-shirts are designed to offer a sleek look without being too snug, maintaining a comfortable fit throughout the day.

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Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a great hybrid of casual and formal, making them a staple in any smart casual wardrobe.

Tapered Menswear’s polos come in a range of colors, including versatile options like navy, black, and stripes.

short sleeve navy tapered fit polo shirt, emphasizing the muscle fit features for a flattering and well-defined look by Tapered Menswear


These are crafted to provide a clean, modern look with the added benefit of collar details that elevate the overall outfit.


For a slightly different take on semi-casual attire, consider incorporating a henley shirt. Tapered Menswear offers henleys that are both stylish and practical.

Available in neutral colors, they provide a textured look that pairs well with both jeans and chinos.

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Henleys are particularly useful for layering, adding depth to an outfit without the need for additional accessories.

Overall, putting together semi-casual attire requires you to carefully blend comfort and a bit of formality.

navy short sleeve tapered fit Henley by Tapered Menswear, showcasing the slim fit design for a comfortable and well-defined appearance


Choosing the correct fabrics, keeping your lines clean, and adding the right shoes and accessories can help you nail the semi-casual look.

Finding the right clothes for a semi-casual event can be easy. You should aim for a mix of comfort and style.

This way, you look good without trying too hard. Be it a barn wedding or a party, looking semi-casual helps with your confidence.

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What Is Semi-Casual Attire For An Interview?

Workplace dress codes are changing, making it tricky to choose the right interview outfit.

Many firms like Goldman Sachs now have less strict rules. So, knowing what's semi-casual for men is key. It should look neat but not too dressy or too casual. 

To nail the semi-casual interview vibe, start with a polo shirt and chinos. This look says you're professional without trying too hard. 

best fitting semi-casual polo shirts for men by Tapered Menswear

Did you know, how you dress might help you get the job? 65% of people who hire see it that way.

So, aim for a look that fits your field but is also semi-casual. Dark leather shoes and a matching belt keep it smart. But, stay away from trainers or sneakers.

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What Do You Wear To A Semi Casual Funeral?

In the West, a common choice is a dark suit with a white shirt. Yet, semi casual wear gives us some leeway while remaining respectful.

A black polo shirt can be a good choice for its balance of comfort and respectability. Alternatively, a casual black dress shirt provides a slightly more formal look without requiring the full formality of a suit.

black muscle fit short sleeve polo shirt, highlighting the tapered fit and premium quality offered by Tapered Menswear

Pair either option with black chinos, which keep the outfit understated and suitable for the occasion.

The key is to choose pieces that are tidy and conservative, reflecting the gravity of the event while allowing some comfort.

Since the dress code is semi-casual, these choices offer a way to be appropriately dressed without appearing too informal or too business-like.

What Is Semi Casual Attire For A Wedding

For a semi-casual wedding, like one in a barn. A fitted button-down top with trousers is a good pick but edges more on semi-formal.

For men a good combination would be dark jeans instead. Im talking black or dark navy.

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Dark jeans are ideal because they offer the sleek appearance of trousers but are more relaxed. As long as the jeans have minimal distressing or dye you will be well on your way!

Pair your jeans with a crisp, collared shirt. A button-down shirt in a solid color like white, light blue, or even a subtle pattern can elevate the denim, making it wedding-appropriate. Ensure the shirt is well-fitted to keep the outfit looking sharp.

best fitting semi-casual shirts for men by Tapered Menswear

For footwear with a semi-casual wedding attire that includes dark jeans and a shirt, you should opt for shoes that are stylish yet not overly formal. A great choice would be loafers or brogues.

Are Jeans Semi-Casual Attire?

Traditionally, people thought jeans were too laid-back for work or formal events. But, choosing the right jeans can make them fit a semi-casual style. Men should pick dark, slim jeans without any rips. These give a smart yet comfortable look.

One smart idea is to wear dark jeans with a neat shirt or a stylish blazer. This combo is great for many semi-casual places. It's perfect for a cool work atmosphere or a not-that-formal dinner. 

It’s all about the right kind of jeans when the setting is semi-casual. Look for cuts and shades in darker colours that fit well.

Best Semi Casual Attire - Tapered Menswear

Understanding the nuances between semi-formal and casual attire is key to dressing appropriately for various occasions. No matter which style you choose, fit is everything. 

white formal shirt - Semi-Formal Attire For Men by Tapered Menswear

A poorly fitted semi casual shirt will create a sloppy look. At Tapered Menswear we have created the perfect fitting shirt for men from slim to an athletic build.

Our TAPERED fit has been developed by leading Tailors and industry experts to provide you with a revolutionary fit, you won’t ever need to take your shirt to a tailor again or give lots of different measurements.

Perfect for those seeking a muscular fit, or bespoke tailoring - ready to wear! The best shirts for a muscular build. Our Tapered collection also includes muscle fit short sleeve shirts, muscle fit t-shirts and muscle fit polos


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