What To Wear To A Wake For Men By Tapered Menswear

What To Wear To A Wake For Men

In times of silence, our clothing speaks loudly. This is especially true at a wake, where we come together to remember and mourn.

But what do you wear to a wake? To a wake, men should wear conservative attire, opting for a dark suit or at the very least, a dark, solid-colored shirt with dress pants. The goal is to maintain a respectful and somber appearance.

Here, you'll find the right wake wear for men, fitting for these delicate times. With a gentle guide, you'll pick an outfit that shows respect.

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What Is Appropriate To Wear To A Wake?

It's important to know what to wear when you're going to a wake. Traditionally, men wear a dark suit with a simple shirt and tie.

The colours you should wear are black, navy blue, or charcoal. This is not just about looks, it's about showing you care and respect the family. This is proper funeral dress etiquette.

You can still show your style a bit. You might wear a pocket square or a tie with a small pattern. But, don't wear too many accessories. A simple watch or cufflinks are enough.

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This keeps your outfit respectful.

Your shoes are important too. Wear shiny, dark shoes, like black or dark brown. Don't wear sneakers or sandals.

They aren't right for this occasion. If it's cold, add a dark overcoat. Just make sure it's fitting for a serious event.

Wakes are less formal than funerals, but you still need to dress with respect. Even if the family says to dress less formal, keep respect in mind. 

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What's Not Appropriate To Wear To A Funeral?

A wake calls for respectful clothes. Stay away from casual stuff like t-shirts and jeans. Even trainers are too laid-back.

Also, leave the bright, party clothes at home. The goal is to be quiet and respectful. This reflects the sad mood of the event.

Wake clothes should be simple and not draw attention. Say no to flashy or loud items. These can take away from the ceremony. The focus is on remembering the person who died. 

Choose dark colours like black, navy, or grey for your outfit. Keep it simple and smart, at the very least wear a dark, well-fitted shirt.

best fitting clothing for a wake - black tapered shirts by Tapered Menswear


Think about where the funeral is. In a church or at a funeral home, wear a dark suit and a tie. At a family's house, a shirt and trousers are okay. But always aim for modesty and respect. Be careful not to look too casual or flashy, wherever you go. 

Can I Wear A Polo To A Wake?

Usually, men wear more formal clothes to funerals and wakes. Even if its black in colour, wearing a polo might be seen as too casual. 

Men's usual dress for funerals includes a suit or a nice shirt with trousers. These clothes show you understand the serious nature of the event.

Choosing dark, formal clothes like a button-down shirt is a good idea.

best fitting shirts for a wake - black fitted shirts by Tapered MEnswear


Unless its been agreed with the family, avoid choosing a polo, even if the wake is not in a very formal place or if it's warm. Staying formal is always better.

In the end, wakes are a bit less formal than funerals. But, it's still important to dress formally and show respect.

Skip the polo and go for something more traditional. This way, you fit in well with the occasion.

Can I Wear A Short Sleeve Button-Up To A Wake?

Events like wakes and funerals often call for clothes that are more traditional, favouring long sleeves. If you only have a short sleeve shirt then consider a suit jacket over the top.

If long sleeves are not an option for you, a short sleeve button-up might still work. It should be a dark, muted colour, like black or dark grey.

These colours are seen as appropriate for somber events. Trousers that match can make your look more fitting.

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Remembering the serious tone of the event is important when choosing what to wear. While not as formal as funerals, wakes still call for clothes with a respectful tone.

Your shirt must be clean, well-ironed, and look simple. It should not have any loud prints or logos.

Can You Wear Jeans To A Wake Or Funeral?

When you go to a wake or funeral, it's best to wear more formal clothes. This means staying away from jeans, even black ones. Men should choose dress trousers  or chinos instead.

This way, you show respect to the person who has passed and their family. It also fits the serious mood of the occasion.

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Can I Wear Black Jeans To A Wake

Even black jeans don't work for wakes or funerals. They are too casual. It's better to wear something semi-formal or business-like.

A dark shirt with black chinos or dress pants. This way, you look smart and show you understand the event's importance.

What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wake?

Typically, stay away from bright and bold colours. They might seem too happy or flashy for the serious event.

It's best to wear dark, quiet colours like black, navy, or dark grey. These colours show you understand the seriousness of the day.

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You might see other dark shades as people are accepting more options. But, it's always smart to pick colours that show you're serious and respectful.

Your clothes should not stand out. They should be sober, dark, and simple. This shows you are there to support and understand the occasion. Remember, the most important thing is to honour the memory of the one who passed away.

Do I Have To Wear Black To A Wake?

Black has long stood for mourning, showing respect and sorrow. This tradition goes way back to ancient Rome and was made even stronger by Queen Victoria. But, the rules have become more flexible.

Now, people understand that showing up at a wake is about respecting the occasion. This includes being mindful of different cultural and personal views on what to wear.

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Your best bet is to check with the family what the best option is. But with black you cant go wrong as this is often the expectation unless otherwise specified.

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