Best Shirts for Broad Shoulders

Shopping for mens shirts when you have broad shoulders can be difficult. It can be hard to know what it is going to look like, not only around the shoulders, but also around the waist. Here are some helpful tips and recommendations that can make finding a shirt when you have broad shoulders a bit easier. Then we reveal the best shirts for broad shoulders and small waist.

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What to Look for in Shirts for Broad Shoulders

Are there certain materials that make for more comfortable shirts? Is there a particular style that would take away from the broad shoulders and focus on the design instead of the broadness of shoulders? 

Here are a few things to consider when looking for that perfect shirt for the person with broad shoulders.  


While most shirts are made with cotton when you are looking for something that is going to give a bit more elasticity, consider shirts that are made with polyester or mixes of elastane or spandex. These blends can help provide that extra give when you are slightly broader than the average person. Materials that offer ‘give’ can also make wearing the shirt more comfortable as materials that do not have a stretch can be over confining and can feel as though you are being constricted. 


Are you looking for a piece of clothing that is formal? Maybe you are looking for something that isn't like every other shirt you own.  When finding shirts that compliment your broadness, consider those that don't have large lapels, as this can further emphasise your size. If you are going for a semi-formal look, consider a deconstructed blazer, as this does not draw attention to the shoulders. The thing that is important with these particular blazers compared to others is that it is deconstructed, meaning it does not have the typical support and style regular blazers have.  

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Do you enjoy a splash of colour? While you may enjoy the bright and eccentric, this can sometimes accentuate your broadness; however, if you go with dark colours, this can actually give the illusion of slimmer shoulders. Typically, dark colours have been known to be slimming for the wearer; therefore, consider blacks and dark blues if you are looking to fix your outfit. 

Taking these factors into consideration can help you not only style yourself but find clothing that is going to not only boost your self-confidence but make you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. 

Turning an Ordinary Shirt into a Broad Shirt

Similarly, as one would go to the tailor to have their trousers and such altered and customised, one could bring in a shirt to the tailors to have their regular shirt altered to suit their broadness. The downfall or rather the inconvenience wit this approach is that it can be timely and costly. 

Imagine paying £50+ for your shirt that you have been eagerly waiting to wear to a party but then have to have it altered, which is going to cost potentially an additional £15 to £20, plus there is no guarantee it can be done on time. These two factors of costs and time, while an excellent solution for those in a pinch or who don't want to shop for a new shirt, are not the best options for guys who have broad shoulders and don't want to have to go through those hoops to have a shirt.

What's the alternative option? 

Tapered Menswear is a brand that caters to men who have broad shoulders, or as it is sometimes referred to, the inverted triangle physique. This is where men have broad shoulders and a slim waistline. 

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Finding a brand that can provide not only suitable shirts but also fashionable ones can be hard to come by. Here at Tapered Menswear we understood the struggle guys with broad shoulders face when buying shirts. Particularly that they would fit finely in the shoulders but would sag around the waist. We include enhanced darts to resolve this extra fabric that pools in the midsection.

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Dress Shirts for Men with Broad Shoulders and Small Waist

Are you looking for something a bit more formal, maybe you are looking for a professional look, or you have a special event you are attending? Whatever the event or occasion, Tapered Menswear offers muscle fit polos and muscle fit dress shirts suitable for any broad shoulder man. 

Dress shirts for men with broad shoulders and narrow waist


With shirts, you want it to ensure it rests comfortably across your chest. It should feel snug but not tight, and the same applies with the shoulders. The shirt's seams should be close to your shoulder and also feel snug and fitted, but not tight. 

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How do you know if it's snug and not tight?

When buying a shirt for your broad shoulders, knowing the difference between snug and tight is essential. The best way to gauge the difference between the two is through your range of movement and motion. When you raise your arms, do you find it hard to do so? Maybe you feel resistance when you move your arms as you walk – this is a sign your shirt is tight.

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A snug shirt is one that nicely hugs and defines your body but allows you to still move freely and without the resistance. 

Best Men's T-Shirts for Broad Shoulders

At Tapered Menswear, we offer tapered t-shirts that provide comfort and look stylish. Our unique tapered fit is designed to be the best t-shirts for broad shoulders.


Our shirts are designed to have a four-way stretch, which means you can flex and not in comfort. Fitted at the biceps and tapered at the waist, this close-to-the-body cut is perfect for the broad-shoulder guy who wants to show off his gains and fashion style. Forget about the rough and non-breathable material; our quality-made t-shirts are designed with the everyday bodybuilder and broad shoulder consumer in mind.

Best Men's T-Shirts for Broad Shoulders

Choose from six different colours: blue, black, navy, white, grey, and red. Casual or formal, our shirts feature a round neck that is perfect for any occasion. 

Show off Your Gains in and out of the Gym

Celebrate your body and feel good in your clothing with our stylish line of shirts, polos, and t-shirts for the bodybuilder and broad-shouldered.

It can be a struggle trying to find stylish and affordable clothing; add to the mix of clothing that can suit your body physique. Thanks to Tapered Menswear, we bring both affordability, style, and comfort to the forefront for our clientele. Our shirts come in an array of suitable and ideal colours that not only is stylish but does not draw attention to the broad physique if anything it complements and celebrates the body you have worked to achieve and maintain.