Button Down Shirt Gaping? How to Prevent Shirt Buttons From Popping by Tapered Menswear

Button Down Shirt Gaping? How to Prevent Shirt Buttons From Popping

Imagine this scenario: you've woken up early and painstakingly chosen your wardrobe for a pivotal business meeting or social event.

You're all suited up, you button your shirt, and as you take a final approving glance in the mirror, you notice it - gaping buttons around the chest.

A seemingly small issue that suddenly looms large, straining your confidence and denting your polished appearance. Your perfect look ruined by an all-too-common issue: shirt button gaping. Your fitted shirt is no longer fitted.

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The problem of shirt button gaping is one that often goes unnoticed, until you're the one dealing with it.

The gaps around the chest area that display a little more skin and chest hair than you'd like can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, often at times when you need confidence the most.

So, why does this awkward clothing mishap occur, and how can you effectively prevent shirt gaping?

shirts that dont gape at the chest by Tapered Menswear

What Causes Shirt Buttons to Gape and Pop Open?

Primarily, shirt button gaping is indicative of an ill-fitting shirt. Shirts that are too tight across the chest or waist tend to strain the buttons, leading to those unsightly gaps.

An overly tight shirt might seem like it provides a tailored look, but in reality, it doesn't quite match up to the fitting standards and can cause more issues than it solves.

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But it's not just about the fit. Body type and movement have roles to play too. The structure of a man's chest or the broadness of the shoulders can often lead to gapes in button-down shirts.

button gaping on shirt

Moreover, a shirt may seem perfectly fit when you're standing still, but the moment you move, sit, or stretch your arms, it can lead to gaping.

So, while you're wrestling with an important presentation or engaging in a heated conversation, the last thing you want is a rogue gap in your shirt, undermining your professional or stylish image.

The question then becomes: how do you prevent buttons popping at the front of the shirt?

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How Do I Stop My Button Up Shirt From Gaping?

Worry not, because shirt gaping is a problem that can indeed be addressed, and we have several practical solutions at your disposal.

gaping buttons on a poorly fit shirt

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

The right fit makes a world of difference. When selecting a shirt, you should seek a fit that is comfortable and flattering, without causing strain on the buttons.

A well-fitted shirt can accentuate your physique, inspire confidence, and importantly, keep those pesky gaps at bay.

shirts that dont gape at the chest in white

Using Fashion Tape

Fashion tape, or clothing tape, can serve as a quick fix for a gaping shirt. This double-sided adhesive can be strategically placed along the inside of the shirt placket to hold it in place.

But remember, it's a band-aid solution and not ideal for everyday use.

Using a Safety Pin

A safety pin can serve as a hidden tool to combat gaping. However, you need to ensure that it's well concealed and doesn't damage the fabric of your shirt.

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Opting for Shirts with Extra Buttons

Interestingly, some shirts are designed with an extra button along the chest area specifically to prevent gaping. This thoughtful addition might be something to consider when you're shopping for your next button-down.

Shirts that Don’t Gape - Tapered Menswear

While all the aforementioned tips can help alleviate the issue of shirt gaping, they are not foolproof or long-term solutions. This is where Tapered Menswear steps in.

blue tapered shirt that doesnt have buttons gaping at the front of the chest

What Makes Tapered Menswear Unique?

Tapered Menswear transcends the realm of traditional shirts by offering our unique Tapered fit for guys with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

Our shirts are designed with more room in the chest specifically to prevent gaping.

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Every detail, from the cut to the precise positioning of the buttons, is meticulously thought out to ensure a fit that's just right, creating a perfect harmony between comfort and style.

Tapered Menswear not only resolves the gaping issue but also provides a luxury feel, thanks to the high-quality materials used.

When you opt for Tapered Menswear, you're not just preventing shirt gaping, you're upgrading your wardrobe with top-notch, quality men's shirts that symbolise sophistication and class.

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Remember that the key to a well-maintained professional or fashionable appearance often lies in the details.

Wearing well-fitted shirts is critical to prevent gaping. While quick fixes can help, the ultimate solution lies in investing in quality men's shirts, like those from Tapered Menswear.


With the introduction of TAPERED fit shirts, men now have the option for shirts that are fitted, but have enough stretch to provide comfort for all day wear in comparison to slim fit. A perfect fit for a V taper physique.

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