How to Wear a Suit if You're a Bodybuilder

How to Wear a Suit if You're a Bodybuilder

Suits have been the epitome of smart and formal dressing for centuries and yet just the thought of wearing one can make many men break out into a cold sweat- Especially those with a muscular body type.

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If you are a bodybuilder, then perhaps you think that suits are a complete no-go. Maybe you wonder how you could possibly feel your best wearing something that is usually made with much slimmer men in mind. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

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In fact, finding a suit that fits you well goes beyond just smart dressing. Finding the perfect suit can give you a huge boost of confidence and help you to feel your absolute best in any formal situation.

Plus every man deserves to find a 3-piece that quite literally suits him. So how can a bodybuilder wear a suit? 

For those who avoid suits at all costs, or maybe just haven’t found the right suit yet, worry not, because the perfect suit is out there for each and every man regardless of his body type and we’re going to tell you how to find it. 

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Can Bodybuilders Wear Suits?

Nothing is off limits as a bodybuilder. Casual, smart, formal- you can definitely wear it all. Including suits.

However unlike the average guy, wearing suits requires a little more forward planning and know-how into what will flatter you the most. As well as the types of styles to avoid as a muscular man.

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Can Bodybuilders Wear Suits?


How to Wear Suits as a Bodybuilder

The thing with most suits and especially off-the-rack suits is that they are made with the average slim build guy in mind. Therefore it is unlikely that you will be able to pick up a suit and have it work for you straight away.

Instead, you will likely need a bodybuilder suit made or adjusted specially with your physique in mind. Luckily, there are a couple of ways of that you could go about this: 

  1. Get your suit custom made from scratch by a tailor so that it will flatter your body type.
  2. Have your already bought off-the-rack suit altered specifically to your body requirements. 

Whichever direction you choose to go down, getting advice from the professionals can allow you make the most informed decision and also help you get this whole bodybuilder suit business right from the very start. 

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For example a tailor might suggest that it would be better if you had a bespoke bodybuilder suit made with your curves and contours in mind. A one-off piece can also be a great option for bodybuilders as it is literally made for you and only you.

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Your tailor will work with your unique body type to measure and craft each component of the suit to fit effortlessly to your body and without being too tight that you look uncomfortable or too oversized that it over shadows your body.

On the other hand if you have bought a suit off-the-rack (as long as it fits) then you can still wear it. You might however need some alterations to get it up to scratch for you to wear.

Taking your suit to a tailor to be altered can again help you to understand how the suit should sit correctly on your body. Your tailor will then make any necessary amendments to the suit so you can get on and wear it with conviction.

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Both of these options can be pricey but in nearly all circumstances, getting a professional to help you either make or alter your suit is a brilliant investment in the long-run.

Getting a suit that works for your body is also singlehandedly the best way to avoid any further costly mistakes. Just look at it this way, If your suit is made for you, you won’t have to worry about throwing money down the drain on another suit in the future.

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Why Bodybuilders Don’t Wear Suits

For many men with an athletic or muscular build, wearing a suit might simply seem impossible. After-all, the average suit is made with the average slim guy in mind.

The body builder frame likewise differs from other men in that there is a noticeable difference in size between the shoulders, chest and waist. Similarly a muscular man’s legs can also be quite a lot bulkier than the average man.

So in nearly all cases a bodybuilder can’t simply pick up a suit off the rack and wear it out on the same day.

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Nor can he rely on wearing a slim fitting suit as is likely to over-exaggerate his enhanced build. Suits are made to help a man radiate confidence and no man wants an ill-fitting, uncomfortable looking suit.

It is no wonder that many bodybuilders totally avoid suits in this case. The good news is, bodybuilders can wear suits, they just need to know the facts before buying one.

How Should a Muscular Man Wear a Suit?

Like with anything, knowing how you should wear your suit can save you time and money later on. When looking to buy a suit, going in with a little forethought can help you leave with a suit that you won’t regret down the line.

The Importance of Fit:

For one thing, if you are looking to buy a suit, one of the most important things to look out for in the early stages is how tight the fit is on your body.

The perfect shirt sits firmly on the chest and shoulders and tapers down to the waist but does not restrict movement in the arms.

If your shirt is too tight you can tell because you will feel a resistance when moving your arms.

Being comfortable in what you put on your body is the key to feeling good, so don’t forget to try on your suit for size before buying and go up a size if needed.

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Trouser Fit:

As with the shirt, the trousers should also not sit too tightly on the body. You certainly don’t want a pair of trousers that will restrict your movement or not allow you to even sit down.

When looking out for your new suit and with this in mind, muscular men should usually avoid slim fitting styles and rather opt for a suit that has some flow in the material.

How to Wear a Suit if You're a Bodybuilder

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Balancing Fit and Comfort:

Instead of a slim fitting trouser, go for a straight leg style, this will certainly give you some extra room around the thighs, while still highlighting your muscles.

If you need to buy a suit a size larger then consider doing this and then speak to your tailor about adding in some extra adjustments to complete the look.

On the other hand, while you don’t want your suit to be too tight it should not be too oversized either. Nor should there be an overflow of material that will swamp your body.

While it might seem like a looser fitting suit would be the best option, this is actually a the wrong direction to go in. Yes, you might want to go up a size to avoid that overly tight fit, but don’t go overboard and buy a suit that will hang off your body.

A suit that drowns your muscles under excess layers of fabric is only going to make you look sunken. Many muscular men find that choosing a suit jacket can be the major a problem here too.

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The main component of the suit, needs to look comfortable on you with plenty of movement, but it also needs to look form-fitting.

An oversized jacket is going to give you that gapping in the front and shoulders that slant downwards which in turn pulls you downwards. When buying your jacket, focus on the fit of the shoulders.

To do this choose one that sits right on the tops of your shoulders. You can then take your jacket to your tailor and have them add in some extra shape to the rest of the jacket to avoid any gapping.

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Best Suits for Athletic Build

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The darts help to reduce the amount of fabric at the back so that you don’t have a shapeless, oversized shirt that does nothing for you. Think of our dress shirts as the very foundation of your suit.

All you need to do is take the shirt along with you to your tailor appointment and get them to base the rest of the suit on the sizing of our shirt. Sorted.

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