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Low Rise Vs High Rise Jeans - What's The Difference And Which Is Better For Men?

When considering the vast array of denim options another spanner thrown into the works is the rise of jeans. With this comes 3 types, high rise, mid rise and low rise.

So what is the difference between low rise vs high rise jeans? Low-rise jeans sit below the waist and are designed to fit snugly around the hips, offering a more revealing look. High-rise jeans sit above the waist, providing more coverage and often creating a flattering silhouette by elongating the legs and accentuating the waist.

In this blog, I'll delve into the intricacate differences of these two styles and offer the best fitting jeans right here at Tapered Menswear.


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High Rise Jeans

High rise jeans are a standout option, particularly for those of you who stand over 6 feet tall. This rise usually exceeds 10 inches. They offer a snug fit at the waist, providing a bit more comfort for those taller guys.

One key benefit of high rise jeans is their ability to visually lengthen the legs. This is ideal if you have a longer torso. This gives you a proportionate figure, accentuating height and providing a streamlined silhouette.

High rise jeans can be found in 'big and tall' section of high street retailers. It is crucial, though, to focus on the fit, especially since altering the rise is not an option.

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Mid Rise Jeans

Mid rise jeans sometimes referred to as regular rise jeans. Typically, the rise of these jeans measures between 9 to 11 inches, positioning them at your natural waist.

They're remarkably well-suited for a plethora of body shapes, making them a safe bet for most men. 

The appeal of mid rise jeans lies in their balanced proportions. They ensure that the waist and crotch area fit snugly without unnecessary bunching of fabric—say goodbye to the discomforts of an ill-fitting pair of jeans. 


best fitting navy mid rise jeans for men


Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans stand out for their contemporary flair and relaxed aesthetics. Originating from the fashion shifts of the 60s and 70s. 

As their name suggests, low rise jeans are structured to sit low on the hips, creating a distinctly modern silhouette that deviates from traditional high-waisted counterparts.

With this style you should consider these based on your body type. For individuals with longer legs, these jeans can enhance natural proportions.

Men of shorter stature it might not be as suitable for because it can accentuate a longer torso and create an unbalanced look. 

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Which Is Better Low Rise, Mid Rise Or High-Rise Jeans?

Unfortunately here is no one-size-fits-all solution when determining which jeans are better for men.

If you are someone of below-average height or those with shorter legs, you may want to avoid low rise jeans. These tend to underscore a longer torso, potentially leading to a look that's not proportionate.


best fitting mid rise navy jeans for men


A more suitable option would be mid rise jeans, which you can have altered for a custom fit that harmonises with your form.

Low rise, mid rise and high-rise jeans cater to diverse styles and body shapes, so understanding your own physique is paramount in choosing the right jeans for you.

But mid rise is the safest bet for most.

What Body Type Is Best For Low-Rise Jeans?

Traditionally, low rise jeans are best suited to those with long legs and a relatively shorter torso. This is because the fit of the jeans sitting on your hips, rather than at your waist, may help in accentuating length where it's desired.

If you're someone with an athletic build, marked by a well-defined, muscular body, then you'll find that low rise jeans will likely complement your physique.

Styling tips for men's jeans often suggest that for those with such a build, low rise jeans can highlight your toned figure with a touch of casual style.

For slender men, heavier denim can be a game-changer. A pair of heavy, low rise jeans can create an optical illusion, adding substance to skinnier legs. 

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Best Fitting Jeans For Men

For the gent with a taller stature, high rise jeans can be a game-changer, framing your profile gracefully and offering a slice of comfort. On the flip side, mid-rise jeans present a universal choice and are suitable for most body shapes and leg lengths.

Now that you know a few of the best tips for finding the right rise for your jeans, it's time to put them into action. 

Exclusively designed with athletic guys mind, our mid rise jeans are crafted from 4-way stretch denim that is comfortable, robust and allows complete freedom of movement. 

Muscular guys shouldn’t struggle to find jeans that fit. Over a two year period, our team of leading tailors and industry experts have pioneered unique Tapered fit jeans that seamlessly mould to your muscular build.

Our revolutionary muscular leg jeans allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle.

tapered fit jeans in mid wash blue, the best jeans for muscular legs


Ideal for muscular guys and rugby players.

Finished with reinforced seams and our subtle logo on the side pocket, button and studs. 

No more:

❌ Sizing up for jeans to fit your quads, glutes and calves

❌ Heavy, restrictive fabrics causing discomfort and stiffness

❌ Seams bursting open


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Our revolutionary fit allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle. The perfect bodybuilding jeans shape.

Extra room in thighs and tapered at the ankle, no need to size up.


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Premium Stretch Denim

Super-soft, heavyweight cotton fabric provides comfort and freedom of movement all day long.


tapered fit jeans made out of premium stretch denim


Robust Build

Durable design that's built to last thanks to the hard-wearing fabric and reinforced seams.


Tapered fit jeans made from hard wearing fabric