Your Tapered Fit

We have made it our obsession to create the Tapered fit. Our entire collection gives you the feel of a luxury tailored piece without the expensive price tag. We have worked with fashion designers and industry experts to design and craft each piece to bring you what we believe should be a staple in your wardrobe.


The last 12 months have been spent on a relentless pursuit designing the TAPERED fit – check out our story. We have tested our collection on men of all size from slim and bodybuilders to ensure the TAPERED fit can cater for everyone.  Even if you have a thicker waist we have blended our finest cotton with a higher elastane blend than any other shirt on the current market, this gives you the finest feel with a stretch for comfort.

Shirts with a Tapered Fit

Size Chart - Finding Your Tapered Fit

Choose your Tapered Fit by Height and Weight

Use the below chart to choose your size based on your height and weight. Or if you prefer to check your size by chest measurement click here.

*Please note height and weight chart is for reference purposes.

Feet/kg S M L XL
Height 5’5 – 5’11 5’7 – 6’1 5’9 – 6’3 5’11 – 6’4
Weight 64 – 75kg 75 – 84kg 84 – 95 kg 95 – 104 kg
cm/lbs S M L XL
Height 165 – 180cm 170 – 185cm 175 – 190cm 180 – 193cm
Weight 141 – 165lbs 165 – 185lbs 185 – 210lbs 210 – 235lbs

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Choose your Tapered Fit by Chest Measurements

How to meansure – place the tape measure on the fullest part of the chest, wrapped underneath the armpits and around your back.

Use the below guidelines to find your size and apply it to the size charts.

If you would like a more relaxed fit we would recommend that you order a larger size.

Inches S M L XL
Neck 15.5 16 16.5 17.5
Chest 36-38 38-40 40-42 42-44
Sleeve Length 34.5 35 35.5 36.5
Back Length 29 30 30.5 31
Centimetres S M L XL
Neck 39 40.5 42 44.5
Chest 91-96 96-101 101-106 106-111
Sleeve Length 87.5 88.5 90 92.5
Back Length 73.5 76 77.5 78.5

Still unsure on your size? Chat with us now or email us at we will be more than happy to help.