Mens Shirt Size Calculator by Tapered Menswear

Mens Shirt Size Calculator

The perfect fit for a shirt can make all the difference in how you look and feel. A well fitting shirt can enhance your appearance, boost your confidence, and improve your overall comfort.

To help you achieve that perfect fit, we introduce our very own Men's Shirt Size Calculator, a user-friendly tool designed by WAIR to make finding your ideal shirt size a breeze.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of measuring your body accurately and using our shirt size calculator to determine the perfect shirt size based on your weight and height

How Can I Calculate My Shirt Size?

Accurate measurements are crucial for determining your shirt size. Ill-fitting shirts can be uncomfortable and unflattering, which can affect your confidence and the way others perceive you.

Additionally, knowing your precise measurements will make shopping for shirts online much easier and more convenient.


Calculate Shirt Size by Height and Weight 

Introducing Tapered Menswears user-friendly shirt size calculator

Our Men's Shirt Size Calculator is a handy tool that uses your height, weight and a few other pieces of informations to determine your ideal shirt size.


By inputting your data, the calculator will generate a recommended shirt size that takes into account your unique body shape and proportions.

How to Use The Shirt Size Calculator Effectively 

Input your height and weight measurements. Height can be in feet or cm and weight can using lbs or kg metrics. Then select your age.

Mens shirt size calculator - height and weight



Next step is to select which chest image represents your current build.

Mens shirt size calculator - chest


Then choose which image best represents your current stomach shape.

Mens shirt size calculator - stomach


Finally choose which image is most similar to your glute shape (seat) 

Mens shirt size calculator - seat


The calculator will then calculate which size is best for you based on the data you inputted and images selected.
This calculation is based on our current shirt size, Tapered Menswear customer data + data from over 8 million body scans worldwide!
Mens shirt size calculation


Review the recommended shirt size provided by the calculator.

Mens shirt size calculator - recommended size

What Size Shirt Does a 6ft Man Need?

Tall men typically need a shirt with a longer length and sleeves. Shirt sizes labeled as "Tall" or "Long" are designed to accommodate taller individuals.

These sizes often include extra length in the body and sleeves, providing a more comfortable fit.

Considerations and Limitations of the Calculator

While the Men's Shirt Size Calculator is a useful tool, it's essential to remember that it may not provide a perfect fit for every individual.

Factors like body composition, personal preferences, and variations in clothing brands can impact the accuracy of the calculator's recommendations.

Therefore, it's always a good idea to double check your measurements and consult sizing charts provided by us before making a purchase.



What Size Shirt Should I Wear?

We encourage you to use the Men's Shirt Size Calculator to make the process of finding the perfect shirt size more convenient and efficient.

By utilizing this calculator, you're one step closer to owning a wardrobe full of well-fitting, comfortable, and stylish shirts that enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. This is our ethos at Tapered Menswear.

If you prefer to measure your size follow our recommendations on how to measure yourself properly.


How Do You Measure For Men's Shirt Size?

Measuring your collar/neck size

Wrap the measuring tape around the base of your neck, where your collar would sit. Allow enough room for two fingers to fit comfortably between the tape and your neck. Record the measurement.

Measuring your chest size

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest, usually across your nipples. Keep the tape horizontal and parallel to the floor. Record the measurement.

Measuring your waist size

Measure around your natural waistline, which is usually the narrowest part of your torso. Keep the tape horizontal and parallel to the floor. Record the measurement.

Measuring your arm length

With your arm slightly bent, measure from the center back of your neck, across your shoulder, and down your arm to your wrist. Record the measurement.

Measuring your shoulder width

Ask a friend to help you measure the distance between the outermost points of your shoulders, where the shoulder seam of a shirt would lie. Keep the tape horizontal and parallel to the floor.

Record the measurement. 

measuring chest size using tape measure

Shirt Measurement Tips and Tricks

Stand straight and relaxed while measuring.

Make sure the measuring tape is snug but not tight against your body.

Measure in inches or centimeters, depending on your preference.

Round up to the nearest half-inch or centimeter for more accurate sizing.  

What Shirt Size Am I?

Finding the right shirt size is crucial for comfort, confidence, and appearance. By accurately measuring your body and using our Men's Shirt Size Calculator, you can save time and effort when shopping for shirts, whether in-store or online.

Accurate measurements will help you find the perfect fit that complements your body shape, ensures that the shirt isn't too baggy and you look and feel your best.


Clothing Size Calculator Based on Weight and Height

Not only does our size calculator calculate your perfect fit by height and weight but you can also use it to check the perfect fit for you for t-shirts, polo shirts and jeans.

Follow the exact same process by going to your desired product, entering the details as above and the size calculator will provide your clothing size.


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