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How to Measure Shirt Length

Understanding the correct length of a shirt is pivotal in men's fashion. A well-fitted shirt can make you feel like a million bucks.

But how do you measure shirt length? To measure shirt length, start at the highest point of the shoulder, near the neck. Then, measure straight down to the point where you want the shirt to end. This is usually around the hips.

But is it as simple as that? In this blog I'll detail how to measure your shirt length. We have the ideal solution for those seeking the perfect fit. Right here at Tapered Menswear.

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What is the Correct Length of a Shirt?

The correct length of a shirt is key.. It should be long enough to stay tucked in when needed but not so long that it bunches up.

A shirt should end around the middle of your trouser fly. But this can vary with style preferences and body type. If you have a larger waist for example you don't want this riding up the midsection!

How Do I Measure My Length?

This guide provides a step-by-step process. To help you measure their own torso length for a shirt.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

  • You will need a flexible measuring tape.
  • If possible, have a mirror handy to ensure you're keeping the tape straight and level.
measuring tape to measure shirt length

Step 2: Stand Up Straight

  • Stand up straight in front of a mirror. It's important to maintain a natural posture without slouching or stretching.
  • Wear a well-fitting shirt or be shirtless to get the most accurate measurement.

Step 3: Locate the Starting Point

  • The starting point for measuring shirt length is the highest point on your shoulder. This is often found where the horizontal plane of the shoulder meets the neck. This point is sometimes referred to as the 'High Point Shoulder' (HPS).

Step 4: Position the Measuring Tape

  • Take the measuring tape and place its end on the HPS.
  • Make sure the tape is lying flat against your chest and torso. Any twists or folds in the tape can lead to inaccurate measurements.
placing measuring tape on shoulder to measure shirt length

Step 5: Measure Down to the Shirt Hem

  • Gently extend the tape vertically down your front.
  • For a standard shirt length, measure down to the point where you want the shirt to end. This is usually around the middle of your trouser fly for dress shirts. If you prefer a shorter length for casual styles, you might measure to just below the belt line.

Step 6: Check the Tape Position

  • As you measure, ensure the tape is parallel to the floor all the way down. Use the mirror to confirm that the tape hasn't strayed off to the side.
  • Keep the tape snug against your body, but not tight. It should lightly touch your body without compressing the skin.

Step 7: Record the Measurement

  • Once the tape reaches your desired shirt hem length, note the measurement at this point. This is your shirt length.
  • It’s a good practice to measure a couple of times to ensure accuracy.

Step 8: Consider Other Factors

  • Remember that different shirt styles might require different lengths. Adjust accordingly based on whether you're measuring for a formal dress shirt, a casual shirt, or a specific style like a tuxedo shirt.
  • Also, consider the type of trousers you'll be wearing with the shirt. High-waisted trousers might require a slightly longer shirt.

If you're unsure, measure a shirt that you like the length of as a reference. Keep in mind any potential shrinkage. Especially for cotton shirts. Always allow a small margin for fabric shrinkage after washing.

How to Measure a Men’s Shirt Length

This step by step focuses on measuring the shirt itself, not the body, to find its length.

  1. Lay the shirt out on a flat, even surface, such as a table or the floor. Ensure the area is large enough to accommodate the full length of the shirt. Also make sure you button up the shirt!
  2. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds in the shirt. Align the shirt so that the seams on both sides are straight. Keeping the shoulders flat too.
  3. Locate the highest point of the shoulder, where the shoulder seam meets the collar seam. This is your starting point. Place the end of a measuring tape at this highest point. Extend the tape in a straight line down to the bottom hem of the shirt. Keep the tape centred along the length of the shirt.
perfect length shirts by Tapered Menswear

How to Measure Shirt Length in Inches

To measure shirt in inches simply follow the steps above and use the oppsosite side of the measuring tape if its showing in cm, here in the UK we go by inches as the most common form of length measurement.

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Common Mistakes in Measuring Shirt Length

A common mistake is measuring from the wrong starting point. Always start from the shoulder, not the neck. Another error is not accounting for shrinkage in cotton shirts. Consider a slight extra length for fabrics prone to shrinking.

Adjusting for Different Shirt Styles

Different styles like dress shirts, casual shirts, or tuxedo shirts have slightly varied length requirements.

For instance, dress shirts need extra length to stay tucked in, while casual shirts are often shorter. Understand the purpose of the shirt to determine the correct length.

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Mastering the art of measuring shirt length is an invaluable skill in men's fashion. It ensures each shirt you wear fits perfectly, enhancing your style and comfort.

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