Hem Of A Shirt - Everything You Need To Know by Tapered Menswear

Hem Of A Shirt - Everything You Need To Know

Did you ever pause to consider the intricate dance of fabric and thread that creates the hem of a shirt at your waistline?

This seemingly inconsequential detail can transform the shirt’s entire aesthetic, dictating the shirt style and how it falls on your body.

In this blog, you will discover exactly how the shirt hem–from the classic shirt tail to the defining shirt cuff–plays a pivotal role in shirt construction, making it a wardrobe essential you never knew you needed to understand.

Plus the best fitted shirts for men with a round hem.


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What Is A Hem In A Shirt?

The hem of a shirt refers to the finished edge at the bottom of the shirt. It is where the fabric is folded and sewn to prevent unraveling and to provide a neat appearance.

This is not to be confused with hemming a shirt which are sewing techniques.

This aspect of shirt stands between a crisp finish rather than fraying fabric. From straight hems that tailor towards a relaxed untucked look, to the formal finesse of a rounded hem for business wear.

The denomination of the hem sets the terrain for your shirt's use and visual appeal.

Take a moment to evaluate the construction of your favourites—their longevity and their flair owe much to the precision with which the hem has been cut, folded, and stitched.

What Is The Most Common Hem?

You'll find that the rounded shirt hem is the most prevalent style for a dress shirt. It boasts a seamless integration into business and business casual attire, this hem type is identified by its curved nature.

The shirt tail typically ascends by around two inches on either side, elegantly sloping up towards the side seams, offering both functionality and a refined aesthetic.

This is more than just a style preference, as the intricate detailing of side seam gussets incorporated within a rounded hem defines a garment as well-made, reinforcing the shirt style and extending its lifespan.


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As you build a versatile and high-quality wardrobe, recognising the significance of such details can enhance not only your appearance but also the longevity of your garments.

Hem Shirt Types

The hem of your shirt is not just a functional detail designed to prevent fraying; it also plays a vital role in defining the shirt’s silhouette, style, and occasion for wear.

Theres a number of hem styles available in the tailoring of shirts. So it's important to understand how each look. Let's dive into the different styles.

Rounded Shirt Hem

A rounded shirt hem presents itself as a staple in the realm of formal wear.

Favoured for its flowing, curved hemline, it skilfully eliminates prominent horizontal lines at the waist, instead encouraging the viewer's gaze upwards.


light blue fitted shirts with rounded hem by tapered menswear


If you're seeking a hem style that adds a touch of elegance to tailored shirts, the rounded hem design is your trusted choice, perfectly complementing both knitted and woven fabrics.

Straight Hemmed Shirts

Embarking on a more casual shirt style, the straight hemmed shirts are quintessential for a relaxed, untucked look.

The uniform hemline of straight hemmed shirts is practical for your leisure time while ensuring you remain effortlessly stylish.


fitted t-shirts with straight hem by tapered menswear


To achieve a laid-back appearance, the straight hem can be adjusted to align perfectly with the midsection width, thus becoming an indispensable element in a versatile shirt style.

Curved Hem

Gently borrowing from the elements of the rounded hem, the curved hem lends a chic, tailored appearance to both everyday and formal apparel.

Poised to enhance your silhouette, it gracefully elongates your leg line and offers a flattering fit, therefore cementing itself as a shirt wardrobe essential.

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The distinct line of a curved hem often results in a more bespoke feel, making it an attractive feature for those who appreciate finesse in shirt construction.

Polo Shirt Hem

Melding comfort with a spruced-up look, the polo shirt hem stands out with its distinctive, asymmetrical cut. This hem type, particularly suited for the polo shirt, a versatile shirt style, favours an elongated back to provide additional coverage.


fitted polo shirts with polo hem by tapered menswear


Coupled with side seam vents, it merges ease with a reputable style, proving itself to be a necessity in a laid-back, yet refined shirt wardrobe.

What Is The Difference Between A Straight Hem And A Round Hem?

A straight hem is characterised by its uniform length all around the base of the shirt. This style often includes vents at the side seams, which allow for a little more mobility and an easy-going fit which suits an untucked look.

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On the other hand, a round hem, also known as a curved hem, presents a more refined shirt style.

The defining feature of a round hem is shaped in an upward curve on both sides of the shirt, tapering toward the side seams. This shape is more common for business and formal wear.


fitted shirts in white with rounded hem by tapered menswear


The round hem invites a formal tuck-in approach, while the straight hem is more relaxed. As a rule of thumb, if you are unsure which to choose base it on whether you are wearing the garment tucked or untucked.

Why Do Shirts Have Curved Hems?

If you've wondered why shirt tails are often designed with a curve, it's because it provide a flattering shape that accentuates the body in motion. 

In formalwear a shirt with a curved hem allows a bit more ease of movement while maintaining its shape

A curved hem also serves to elongate your leg line, giving a balanced appearance and the illusion of height. For those who find themselves in a predicament about whether to tuck in their shirt, the curved hem grants both options.

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Can Curved Hem Shirts Be Untucked?

Introducing a new dynamic to your wardrobe, untucked curved hem shirts represent not just a casual shirt style, but a relaxed shirt fit that speaks to the modern preference for comfort blended with elegance.


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Curved hem shirts stand out for their ability to offer a pleasing visual balance.

The gentle rise at the sides of the shirttail doesn't merely serve for the way it looks; but also how practical it is, minimising constriction around the hips and waist for a relaxed shirt fit that doesn't compromise on mobility.

As this type of hem hovers above the trouser line, it enhances your silhouette—extending the leg line and camouflaging any disproportionate shirt length in the body. 

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What Is The Best Hem For Untucked Shirts?

The best hem for untucked shirts that supports both comfort and style, is a straight or polo hem. These hems are known for their casual yet structured look that avoids the formality of a round hem.

The straight hem provides a straight line that is clean and functional. It's the version you often see on most a casual shirts.

The polo hem, with its slightly longer tail, offers a unique take on the untucked style.

Fitted Shirts For Men With A Rounded Hem

When selecting a fitted shirt, consider the rounded hem as a signature element that enhances its overall appeal. 

A well tailored button down shirt, for instance, accentuates your body's contours when tucked in, exuding a sense of sharpness and refinement.

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