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How to Keep a Shirt Tucked In

Does this sound familiar to you...

You’re sitting down with your fitted shirt tucked neatly into your trousers, you stand up and immediately your shirt starts to billow? As you start walking you have to adjust your shirt in the most subtle way possible.

Frustrating right?

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That’s just one scenario, inevitably our nicely tucked shirt becomes disheveled throughout the day just from the slightest movements such as walking or raising our arms.

How Do Guys Keep Their Shirts Tucked In?

A well tucked shirt is an underrated pleasure and dressing properly is all about eliminating tiny imperfections. Nobody looks good and I mean NOBODY with a muffin top shirt parachuting around their waist.

If you are a slim guy you don't want to have to convince people you haven't gained a belly overnight due to the illusion your ballooning shirt has caused. 

Constantly tucking in excessive fabric around the waist is a laborious task that has become a norm for everyday suit wearers. 

In this article we will be solving the dress shirt billowing issue once and for all and the best way to keep your dress shirt tucked in all day long.

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Why Does My Shirt Not Stay Tucked In?

Before we dig in to some hacks to keep your shirts tucked in. A few essentials before looking at methods is the right fit. A well fitted shirt is essential. If there is too much excess fabric you are already fighting a losing battle.

Next, your shirt needs to be the right length. When you tuck in a shirt that’s too short it’s likely to pop out with the slightest movement.

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How Do I Keep My Shirt Tucked in Hacks

The following hacks we have for you are some good options to keep your shirt tucked in all day long.

Hacks to Keep Shirt Tucked in - The Military Tuck

The first option on how to take in a dress shirt comes from an institution well known for its presentation: the military! We all know how strict the military is on dress codes, but this strictness even happens on things like tucking in a shirt.

Luckily for us muscly guys, it’s ideal for giving the illusion of better fitting shirts.

There is some great advice out there on how you can tuck your shirt in. Check out GQs how to tuck in a shirt instructional video:


Here are the steps:

  1. Start fully dressed with your shirt untucked.
  2. First, tuck your shirt in with your trousers undone, tucking it far enough down that there’s no excess material bunched around your waist.
  3. If your trousers have a second button or hook in the waistband, do this up to hold your shirt in place.
  4. Reach through the fly of your trousers to make sure the shirt is pulled down. It should look reasonably tight around your waist.
  5. Next, do your trousers up as normal, doing everything possible to keep your shirts tucked in.
  6. This might seem counter-intuitive, but pull your shirt up slightly at the sides so there’s some excess material bunched around your waist. This shouldn’t be so much that the bottom of your shirt is now hanging out.
  7. Take these small tabs of your shirt and fold them back on themselves, trapping the excess material. Essentially you’re trying to put a pleat in the tucked in shirt.
  8. Finally, tuck these into your waistband so they hold the excess material in place. And there you have the military tuck shirt.

How to tailor a shirt - military tuck method

Theoretically this isn’t too difficult, although it can be a challenge to master the best fit for your physique. Be warned, this method doesn’t always work.

How to Tuck in a Shirt Without Bunching

This standard military tucking method works for most tucked shirts, but when you’re in a rush in the morning you can end up bunching too much material together. Eventually it will resettle throughout the day and become uneven.

Device to Keep Shirt Tucked In - Shirt stays

Shirt stays also known as shirt garters were pioneered in the 1800’s, and they’ve lasted this long for one simple reason: they work.

Best described as inside shirt suspenders – where one end attaches to the bottom of your shirt (front and back) via clasps and the other end is either looped to go around your foot, or equipped with clasps to attach to the top of your socks.

They are by far the most effective method for keeping your shirt tucked in. You can probably do burpees in shirt stays and your tucked shirt will still stay in place. 

But, and the reason why in my opinion they aren’t sold out worldwide is because do you really want to put on suspenders? There’s something that doesn’t sit right with having to put on a suspender while getting ready.

Shirt, check. Trousers, check. Shoes, check. Suspenders… catch my drift.

Thing to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In - Tape

Rubberised tape is a tailors trick to add some friction around the waistline. Most made to measure trousers/pants have a strip of rubber sewn on the inside of the waistband.

They can be put into place so that when you tuck in your shirt it adds extra traction and grips your shirt to avoid it from pulling out. If you don’t want to go to a tailor you can use double sided scotch tape.

Simply get 2-4 strips and line the inside of your waistband with that double sided tape. Once you put on your belt it’s going to compress your trousers up against the shirt and offer added grip to avoid your shirt becoming untucked. 


Tuck Shirt into Underwear

The traditional way to to tuck your shirt into your pants is exactly as you would your trousers. The briefs contain elastane and the three openings have an elastic band that compresses against the skin.

These make great anchor points to keep your shirt tucked in all day and avoid it from pulling out.

The problem with this way of tucking your shirt in is if your shirt were to raise up when you raise your arms, you run the risk of pulling your underwear with it. No one wants to see your briefs.

If you wear an undershirt you can tuck your undershirt into your underwear first, and keeping your shirt tucked in outside of your underwear, you can get a stronger, neater tuck. Also you avoid this potential undergarment mishap.

How to Keep a Shirt Tucked In mistakes, shirt tucked into underwear

One way to avoid this is if your dress shirt is long enough, tuck this into the leg opening of the boxers, using that elastic band as your anchor point. This covers your underwear and you get that added support of the dress shirt not ballooning out. 


How to Tuck in a Dress Shirt Without Billowing - Right Fit

The single most effective way to keep your shirt tucked in all day long is to have a shirt that fits your body like it should.

It’s simple - Less fabric to tuck in means less tucking! You could go to a tailor and spend time and money getting it custom made.

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