Should Denim Shirts Be Tucked in or Out?

Should Denim Shirts Be Tucked in or Out?

Men's fashion can be a complex landscape to traverse. One query that frequently arises is - to tuck or not to tuck a denim shirt? In short, no you shouldn't. the fabric is too heavy and it will cause the rest of the shirt to misshape and result in a untidy appearance.

But you can make your own mind up in this detailed guide. We also offer the best fitting denim shirts for men.

Should I Tuck in My Denim Shirt?

Whether to tuck in a denim shirt or leave it untucked isn't a simple yes-or-no decision.

It involves careful consideration of various factors such as the nature of the event (casual or formal), the trousers you're pairing with, the cut and length of your shirt, and most importantly, your personal comfort and preference.

It's understood that some men prefer a tucked in shirt for its form fitting style, while others enjoy the casual nature of an untucked look.

Do Denim Shirts Look Better Tucked In or Out? 

Tucked-in and untucked denim shirts each have unique visual appeals. If you are to tuck though, my personal tip would be to just tuck the front and not the whole shirt.

Because it’s a heavier fabric it creates that annoying muffin top around the top of your jeans/chinos. So just tucking the front in will avoid this.

A tucked-in denim shirt creates a polished and well-structured look, which can be ideal for formal or semi-formal occasions.

It can add a level of sophistication to an outfit, transforming it into a refined ensemble. However, this look can come off as too formal in a casual setting.

tucked out denim shirt


Conversely, an untucked denim shirt gives off a relaxed, carefree vibe, making it perfect for casual outings or informal environments. It embodies an easy-going style. However, care should be taken to avoid it looking sloppy or careless.

Do Men Look Better With Shirts Tucked In?

The tucked in look is best suited to formal settings, such as dinners, office meetings, or special events. For the most flattering look, the shirt shouldn't be too long, preventing an unwanted bunching at the waistline.

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Paired with tailored trousers and a complementing blazer, it makes for an elegant outfit. A tastefully selected belt can add a layer of sophistication to your tucked-in attire.

The Untucked Look: The Right Time and Way

For casual get-togethers, dates at coffee shops, or simply a laid-back Sunday, an untucked denim shirt can be a great choice. This look represents comfort and effortless style.

The length of the shirt is vital here - it shouldn't be longer than the mid-crotch level to maintain balanced proportions. Teaming it with casual jeans or chinos completes a trendy, relaxed look.

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The Best Untucked Denim Shirts by Tapered Menswear

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