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Do Henleys Keep You Warm?

Henleys Shirts are known for their stylish fit and comfortable material, but do Henleys keep you warm? Henleys can keep you warm if they are made of the right material, some are thicker than others due to heir fabric composition. Try to go for 100% cotton which provides a thicker layer in comparison to other materials.

Many people are already familiar with the iconic, flattering shape of slim fit Henleys which are perfectly designed to fit the tapered bodies of muscular men and bodybuilders and they have become a mainstay in men's fashion throughout the summer. 

Looking for a henley that fits perfectly to your body? Check out our collection of fitted henleys right here.

These henleys are designed to fit across a larger chest and shoulders without there being any extra material pooling at a slim waist and stomach. 

As we head into the colder months you may be wondering whether Henleys tshirts will see you through the autumn and winter in comfort, or whether you'll be shivering.

Below we look at whether Henleys clothing is made of warm materials and if you should invest in some more Henleys Men’s Shirts to keep you stylish and warm.


What Are Henleys Shirts?

Henleys are a modern fashion staple, but their roots lie deep in British History when competitive rowers wore prototypes of the shirts while competing in the town of Henley on Thames.

The breathable, comfortable, and adaptable shirts allowed ease of movement during strenuous activities and looked pretty sharp.

They quickly became the go-to shirt for British Athletes across all different sports and then amongst workers and the general public. 

white henley with thick material to keep you warm

White Tapered Fit Henley

The brand has remained a staple ever since amongst athletes and rugged workers and has recently seen a men's fashion renaissance due to its timeless style and practicality.

These shirts are also uniquely suited to modern men in prime physical condition who are looking for the most flattering fit for their body frame. 

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Are Henleys Warm?

If you are already a fan of the flattering, tapered fit that Henleys shirts offer muscular slim bodies then you'll naturally want to keep wearing them throughout the year.

Well, the good news is that the 100% pure cotton of these high-quality shirts means they make a great base for a layered winter outfit which will allow breathability and ease of movement while keeping warm and comfortable.

The option of 3 buttons also allows you do button the henley up if needed.

This makes Henleys shirts and t-shirts a fantastic wardrobe staple for you to keep in rotation during the autumn and winter months.

Adaptable with a variety of styles and easy to dress up or down, tuck in or out - you can use Henleys t-shirts in just about any outfit combination whether for work or play.

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How to Layer Henleys for the Winter Months

Whether you want to stylish layer a plain white or black T under a sweater or tailored jacket or keep it casual with a hoodie and sweats you'll be all set to battle the cold.

Using a Henleys shirt as the base for your work outfits will also help you to feel more comfortable as the high-quality, soft, and stretchy cotton fabric cushions your body throughout the day. 

And when you get too hot in a stuffy, central heated environment, you can strip down to your Henleys t-shirt which will help you keep fresh and cool in a fit that remains crisp, modern, and masculine. 

White henley to keep you warmWhite Tapered Fit Henley

Where Can You Get Henley Shirts for the Winter?

Head over to Tapered to browse the selection of Henleys shirts and other carefully selected brands which are tailored for lean and body builder bodies and provide the most flattering, stylish and clean fits.

Your hard work and dedication deserve to be shown in shirts which are tailored for your particular frame. You can start with a Henleys shirt and then browse the collection of polos, shirts and tshirts.

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Are Henley Shirts Warm?

You don't have to give up on your favourite Henley short sleeve shirts during the winter. These stylish and casual shirts which can easily be dressed up have become a favourite amongst bodybuilders and muscular men for a reason.

And you don't have to give up on the prime combination of quality, comfort, and flattering tapering when the winter rolls in.

Instead, you can carry on using your favourite Henleys shirts as the base for all your winter outfits, whether you are heading to work, a date, or to the gym. 

If you've been wondering if Henleys keep you warm, and whether you should invest in some more shirts for the rest of the year, you should now have an excellent idea about how they can work for your outfit choices throughout the winter. 

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