Is it Worth it To Get Shirts Tailored?

Is it Worth it To Get Shirts Tailored?

Shirts are one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. They can serve as a base layer, a standalone item, or part of an ensemble.

And whether you're wearing button-downs for work, polos for play, or knit tees for comfort, a well-tailored shirt makes all the difference.

A tailored fit gives you confidence and makes you look your best. However, it also comes at a price. Should you be spending your hard-earned cash on tailoring your shirts? Is it worth getting them tailored?

Is there a way to ensure you get a perfect tailored fit every time you buy a new shirt, without the hassle of having to take it to the tailor? Read on for the answers to these burning questions.

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Is it Worth Getting Clothes Tailored?

If you're like most people, you have a drawer full of shirts that don't fit quite right. Maybe it's the sleeves, or maybe it's the collar—maybe your shirt is just too long and you can't stand it.

If this sounds like you, instead of letting your shirts gather dusk in the darkness of your closet, you should certainly consider tailoring – you’ll breathe life into your new shirts and will save money on having to buy new ones.

Navy tapered fit shirt that looks like its tailoredNavy Tapered Fit Shirt

Should I Have My Shirts Tailored?

Getting your shirts tailored is one of those things that can instantly make you feel more put-together, confident, and professional. Tailoring is about more than just getting clothes that fit.

Looking for shirts that fit perfectly to your body? Check out our collection of fitted shirts here.

Why do people get clothes tailored?

People get their clothes tailored because it's about making your clothes work for you. It's about giving yourself an extra edge in the workplace and on the street, and feeling confident and prepared at all times. And isn't that what we all really want?

So in essence, yes, you certainly should consider having your shirts tailored if your appearance is important to you.

white tapered fit shirt that looks like its tailoredWhite Tapered Fit Shirt

Can a Tailor Make My Shirt Fit Better?

Tailors can do a lot to make your shirt fit better. Although alterations can take some time.

First, they can alter the sleeves so that they're the right length for you. If you have long arms, for example, a tailor can make the sleeves shorter. They can also shorten or lengthen the body of the shirt if it's too long or too short on you.

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If you don't like the way that your collar fits on your neck, a tailor can adjust it to be more comfortable and fit better. They can also add darts in the back of your shirt to give it shape and make it look more professional.

White Tapered Fit Shirt

If you want to change up the style of your shirt—for example, if you want to add buttons instead of a zipper—a tailor can do that as well!

Do Tailored Clothes Fit Better?

Yes tailored clothes do fit better! Because they are specifically adjusted to your unique measurements and body shape. But they obviously come at a cost.

Unlike off-the-rack items, which are made to standard sizes, tailored pieces account for unique proportions and nuances in your physique. This personalised attention ensures a precise fit, enhancing comfort and appearance. 

Do Tailored Clothes Last Longer?

Tailored clothes generally last longer because its personalised to your body, this in turn reduces wear and tear from a poor fit. Proper fit ensures even distribution of stress on seams and fabric.

While tailored clothing might initially cost more, the longevity and superior fit can offer better value over time, provided they are cared for appropriately. Just make sure that if you are getting your clothes tailored, the fabric is of high quality.

Because remember, a tailor can make the clothing fit better, they cant make the fabric any better quality!

TAPERED Menswear: Get a tailored fit without the hassle

There's nothing like the feeling of a perfectly-tailored shirt. Your body fits into it perfectly, and the fabric hugs your skin just right. The only downside to this is that getting a perfect fit takes time, effort and money—and that's just for one shirt!

shop shirts that fit like they're tailored

At TAPERED Menswear, our tapered shirts provide you with a tailored fit - without all the hassle. Through working with industry-leading designers and master tailors, we’ve crafted our shirts to the proportions of the athletic man – with wide shoulders that taper down to the waist.

It’s time to stop catering to the lowest common denominator with baggy shirts designed for the average, unathletic man.

White Tapered Fit Shirt

shop shirts that fit like they're tailored

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