Should Chinos Have a Crease Down the Front?

Should Chinos Have a Crease Down the Front?

Chinos have become a staple in the wardrobes of style-conscious men, blending both casual and formal elements.

A common debate among fashion aficionados is should chinos have a crease down the front? The answer is down to personal preference, chinos traditionally do not have a crease down the front. However, adding a crease can give them a more formal appearance, so it depends on the desired look and the occasion.

This article delves into the pros and cons of each style, provides tips for maintaining a crisp crease, and I’ll show you the best fitting chinos for men, right here at Tapered Menswear.

best fitted chinos for men without a crease down the front by Tapered Menswear

Why Do Chinos Feature a Crease Down The Front?

Having a crease in your chinos adds a touch of sophistication and class making them suitable for occasions that call for a bit of formality. The presence of a crease elevates the dressiness of the outfit allowing chinos to be more versatile.

Not only this but a well executed fold can complement your physique. Enhance how the trousers drape, resulting in a more tailored finish. After all, who doesn't want a perfect fit?!

Creases in Formal and Casual Wear

The crease plays a crucial role in a subtle yet distinguishing between formal and casual clothing. In more formal settings, a crisp and well ironed crease (sounds paradoxical almost!) can enhance the elegance of chinos.

Whereas in casual wear, the lack of a crease is considered pretty standard lending itself to its laid back and easygoing style.

beige fitted chinos for men without a crease down the front by Tapered Menswear

Where Should the Crease be on Trousers?

The placement of creases on trousers can vary depending on the design of the garment.

A good rule of thumb is that the crease should start from the bottom of the waistband or aligned with the zipper seam, running straight down the centre of each leg.

This applies to both chinos and trousers/dress pants - whichever you prefer calling them! 

Ideal Placement of Creases

The position of the crease can actually vary between some chinos. For example, in some contemporary designs, you may find that the crease starts slightly off centre to create a more modern and edgy look.

Additionally, wider leg trousers may have a more pronounced crease to maintain their structured appearance, while slimmer fits might feature a subtler or even no visible crease at all.

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The advantages of different crease placements are mainly aesthetic but also functional.

A well placed crease can visually elongate your legs, creating a slimming effect and enhancing your overall outfit's sharpness. It also helps ensure that your trousers drape naturally and maintain a clean and polished look.


Navy fitted chinos for men without a crease down the front by Tapered Menswear

Permanent Crease Trousers

Permanent crease trousers are what they say on the time. Designed with a permanent crease! The crease is permanent and can withstand multiple washes and wears, often achieved through special fabric treatments or pressing techniques.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Crease Trousers

While they offer convenience and a consistently sharp look, some argue that permanent creases lack the authenticity of a naturally formed crease.

Characteristics of Well-Fitting Creaseless Chinos

The key to creaseless chinos is a good fit - not too tight or too loose, with a clean line that complements the wearer's body type.

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Whether or not chinos should have a crease down the front is  up to you!. Both creased and creaseless chinos have their place in your wardrobe.

Here at Tapered Menswear we offer excellent options for those seeking quality chinos, regardless of their preference for creases.

Ultimately, the decision lies in how each individual wants to express their style.

Best Fitting Chinos for Men Without a Crease

Regardless of whether you have a crease down the front of chinos or not, the allure ultimately lies in their fit. A well-fitted pair of chinos flatters the form without restricting movement.

Chinos, when fit correctly, should complement the male physique. Whether you're tall, short, athletic, or lean, the right fit can enhance your body type and boost your confidence. It's not just about the trousers but how they make you feel

Grey fitted chinos for men without a crease down the front by Tapered Menswear

Exclusively designed for guys with an athletic build. Our chinos are crafted from 4-way stretch that is comfortable, robust and allows complete freedom of movement. 

Our team of leading tailors and industry experts have pioneered a unique Tapered fit that allows sufficient room for the thighs, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle, so there is no need to size up to fit your muscular build.

No more:

❌ Sizing up for chinos to fit your quads, glutes and calves

❌ Heavy, restrictive fabrics causing discomfort and stiffness

❌ Seams bursting open 


Our revolutionary fit allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle. 
Extra room in thighs and tapered at the ankle, no need to size up.
black athletic fit stretch chinos by tapered menswear showing the tapered fit from thigh to ankle
Premium Stretch Chinos 
Super-soft, heavyweight cotton fabric provides comfort and freedom of movement all day long. 
black athletic fit stretch chinos by tapered menswear showing the stretch fabric
Robust Build 
Durable design that's built to last thanks to the hard-wearing fabric and reinforced seams.
black athletic fit stretch chinos by tapered menswear showing the robust build on muscular legs

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