How To Alter Chinos by Tapered Menswear

How To Alter Chinos

Finding chinos to fit your body as they should can be challenging. Especially when you buy them off the rack. 

In this blog, you'll discover how to alter chinos for a bespoke feel. We'll look at the all challenges with chinos alterations, and you'll be introduced to the best fitting chinos right here at Tapered Menswear.


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Can Chinos Be Altered?

Chinos beloved for their smart casual appeal, are no exception to alterations. You can customize them. It's not only doable but can greatly change how they fit you.

Tailors use several common practices for chinos. They hem them to adjust the length to your preference.

But what about a more contoured shape? Tapering the legs can transform a regular pair of chinos into a sleek, modern staple. Also, adjusting chinos at the waist can boost comfort.

These adjustments are a good investment for off-the-rack purchases. The trousers can be altered in many ways.

But, some alterations are intricate. Adjusting the seat or inseam of your chinos can be complex. It can also be expensive with expert hands.

Tailoring cotton chinos too much can make them uncomfortably tight. Chinos have less give than denim, which makes this more likely. You must balance a custom fit with the relaxed nature that chinos are known for. 


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How To Take In Chinos

If you've noticed that your chinos are too loose around the waist. It's time to consider how to alter them for a better fit.

A well-fitting pair enhances your shape. It also ensures great comfort. This is usually done at the back of the waistband where the adjustment is less noticeable.

Adjusting chinos yourself to fit your body may sound daunting. But, it's quite easy. It starts by turning the chinos inside out. Then, you find where the extra fabric creates a gap.

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A tailor would typically pinch and pin the fabric to measure the needed reduction. They do this before sewing.

If you're thinking of altering chinos' waist by yourself, you'll need to remove the belt loops and waistband carefully. You'll take in the needed fabric and then reattach them securely.

Before you bring your chinos in for tailoring, or alter them yourself, remember to wash them first. This isn't for hygiene. It's to account for potential shrinkage. It ensures the fit lasts. 

When you wash them do this on cold water, hot washing can cause the colour to fade slightly.

How To Take Up Chinos

When it comes to chinos alterations, arguably the most fundamental task is adjusting the length to flatter your stature.

Mastering the art of tailoring chinos involves understanding how to achieve a polished look with a proper break, where the fabric creates a natural fold above your shoes. The process, commonly known as hemming chinos.

If you want to do this yourself measure the desired length, mark it, and iron the new hemline.

Cut excess fabric, leaving room for the seam. Fold the fabric to the inside, pin in place, and sew neatly around. Iron the hem again for a crisp finish. Use matching thread for invisibility.


best fitting grey chinos for men that dont need altering, by Tapered Menswear


Or consider professional help. If you're going to be adjusting chinos length, remember to have both legs measured carefully to ensure they are symmetrical. 

A professional tailor knows that even a slight disparity can disrupt the trousers' overall appearance.

Take the time to consult with a tailor experienced in chinos alterations, and they can guide you to the ideal length for your trousers that aligns with the shoes you intend to wear most often. 

How To Shorten Chinos

Altering chinos' length isn't just about cutting extra fabric. It's about keeping the garment's original essence. You want your chinos to maintain its original design.

To shorten chinos, first put them on and determine the new length by rolling them up. Mark your desired length.

Remove the pants, turn them inside out, and measure the excess fabric to cut, leaving about an inch for the hem. Fold the hem to the inside, iron flat, pin in place, and sew around evenly. Iron the new hem for a finished look.

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A tailor can help with hemming chinos. They'll shorten the trousers to fit you. They'll make sure the finish matches your shoes and look.

Hemming chinos to fit your body involves detailed measuring. The tailor will pin the fabric to the desired length while you're wearing them. 

Hemming can seem simple, but it does need skilled hands. They are needed for those essential tweaks. If your chinos are a treasured pair, talk to a good tailor who knows how to alter chinos. They will keep your trousers stylish for many occasions.

How Do You Adjust The Waist Of Chinos?

If your chinos are too tight or loose at the waist you may need an alteration. The process to tailor the waist of chinos is usually done from the back of the trousers. This allows the change to be made without disrupting the garment's design.

If your trousers are too loose, the tailor will remove extra material from the waistband. Then, they will sew it back for a cleaner fit. Otherwise, the tailor will let out the waistband. But, they can only do so if there's enough fabric.


best fitting navy chinos for men that dont need altering, by Tapered Menswear


To do this yourself, first, lay them flat with the crease on its side ( if it has one), turn them inside out and identify the center back seam.

Unpick the waistband's stitching around this area. If reducing the waist, pinch the fabric to the desired amount and pin.

Sew along the new line, trim excess fabric, then reattach the waistband and finish by sewing it back in place.

To make the pants bigger, add a fabric piece that matches your chinos to the opened seam. Sew both sides, then put the waistband back on.

To ensure your chinos' waist alteration looks seamless and professional, find a skilled tailor. They can accurately adjust the chinos' fit. Remember, a properly executed alteration can make a world of difference.

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Do Chinos Need To Be Tailored?

The truth is, while chinos may seem casual, customising chinos through alterations can significantly enhance their fit and comfort.

Even a simple tweak can transform the appearance and how you feel in them.

Chinos fitting isn't always a straightforward affair. For many, the off-the-rack fit can be less than ideal. Do the chinos sit well on your hips, and does the rise suit your figure?


best fitting chinos in navy that dont need altering, by Tapered Menswear


These are questions to consider. Since adjusting the rise is a complex tailoring task, you should always opt for chinos that naturally complement your waistline and posture right from the start.

How Do You Taper Chinos Without Sewing?

Even without the traditional needle and thread, there are ways you can tweak the fit of your chinos temporarily.

These no-sew methods are particularly handy when you're pressed for time or if you're testing the water before committing to a permanent alteration.

How To Alter Chinos Without Sewing

Fabric tape is an excellent ally, allowing you to adjust the leg taper by affixing the tape on the inside of your chinos to hold your desired shape.

Folding can also be surprisingly effective for minor tweaking — a simple cuff at the hem or a pin roll work well.

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Best Fitting Chinos For Men - Tapered Menswear

Securing an impeccable fit from the get-go is paramount and do you really want to spend time and money taking your chinos to a tailor?

That's why here at Tapered Menswear we have mastered the tailored feel with our Tapered Fit chinos.


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Exclusively designed for guys with an athletic build. Our chinos are crafted from 4-way stretch that is comfortable, robust and allows complete freedom of movement. 

Our team of leading tailors and industry experts have pioneered a unique Tapered fit that allows sufficient room for the thighs, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle, so there is no need to size up to fit your muscular build.

No more:

❌ Sizing up for chinos to fit your quads, glutes and calves

❌ Heavy, restrictive fabrics causing discomfort and stiffness

❌ Seams bursting open


Our revolutionary fit allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle. 

Extra room in thighs and tapered at the ankle, no need to size up.


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Premium Stretch Material

Super-soft, heavyweight cotton fabric provides comfort and freedom of movement all day long.


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Robust Build

Durable design that's built to last thanks to the hard-wearing fabric and reinforced seams.


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