What are Stretch Fit Jeans?

What are Stretch Fit Jeans?

Stretch fit jeans have been steadily gaining popularity in the fashion world, becoming a staple in many wardrobes. These jeans offer a unique combination of comfort, style, and versatility that make them a must-have for denim enthusiasts.

This article aims to inform you what stretch fit jeans are and provide you with valuable tips on exactly what stretch fit jeans are, the benefits of them and where you can buy the best stretch fit jeans for men.

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What Are Stretch Jeans?

Stretch fit jeans incorporate a small percentage of elastane, spandex, or other stretchy material into their fabric blend.

This addition allows the jeans to be more flexible and comfortable than traditional denim, which typically consists of 100% cotton.

They're different to typical traditional jeans is their ability to adapt to your body's movements, providing a more comfortable and personalised fit.

They offer a perfect blend of style and functionality, giving you the freedom to move while maintaining a sharp, streamlined look.stretch fit jeans by Tapered Menswear

What are The Benefits of Stretchy Jeans?

One of the most significant advantages of stretch fit jeans is their unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

The elastic properties of the fabric allow for greater freedom of movement and reduce the restrictive feeling that often comes with traditional jeans.

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Enhanced Fit and Shape Retention

Stretch fit jeans mold to your body, providing a snug and flattering fit that accentuates your natural curves. They also maintain their shape better than traditional jeans, preventing the dreaded "baggy knees" effect.

Flattering on Various Body Types

Due to their adaptable nature, stretch fit jeans can be flattering on a wide range of body types. They hug your body without feeling too tight or uncomfortable, giving you a stylish and confident appearance.

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Versatility in Styling Options

Stretch fit jeans making them suitable for various occasions as they match the same style as traditional jeans. You can pair them with a casual t-shirt for a laid-back look or dress them up with a blazer for a more formal event.

Are Stretch Jeans Better?

Whether stretch jeans are better than traditional jeans ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Some people prefer the comfort and flexibility offered by stretch jeans, while others appreciate the sturdiness and classic feel of traditional denim.

If you are an athletic guy with large legs you will probably get more benefit out of stretch jeans because you will require more freedom of movement that traditional jeans offer.

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What Are Stretchy Jeans Made Of?

Stretch fit jeans consist of a cotton blended with polyester, and elastane or spandex.

The exact composition of these materials can vary among brands and styles, but they all serve to provide the desired stretch and comfort.

At Tapered Menswear we provide 98% cotton with a 2% elastane blend. This ensures a higher quality composition of cotton while having the benefit of stretch for comfort.

  • Cotton: Provides softness and breathability, making the jeans comfortable to wear.
  • Polyester: Enhances durability and helps maintain the jeans' shape over time.
  • Elastane/Spandex: Adds elasticity, allowing the jeans to stretch and conform to your body.

The specific blend of materials used in stretch fit jeans can have a significant impact on their quality, comfort, and durability. Higher-end jeans typically contain a greater percentage of cotton, providing a softer feel and longer-lasting wear.

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Denim vs Stretch Denim - What's the Difference?

The primary difference between stretch fit jeans and traditional jeans lies in their fabric composition. Stretch jeans contain a small percentage of elastane or spandex, while traditional jeans are typically made from 100% cotton. 

Stretch fit jeans offer greater flexibility resulting in a more comfortable and personalised fit. Traditional jeans, on the other hand, tend to be stiffer and less forgiving,

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Each type of jeans has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of Stretch Denim:

  • Greater comfort and flexibility
  • Enhanced fit and shape retention
  • Flattering on various body types
  • Versatile styling options

Cons of Stretch Denim:

  • Potentially less durable than traditional jeans
  • May lose elasticity over time
  • Some may not consider them as "authentic" denim

Pros of Traditional Denim:

  • Classic and timeless style
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Considered "authentic" denim by some

Cons of Traditional Denim:

  • Less comfortable and flexible
  • May not provide an ideal fit for all body types
  • Limited styling options compared to stretch fit jeans

When shopping for stretch fit jeans, pay attention to the fabric blend and the stretch percentage. Look for jeans with a higher cotton content for a softer feel and a higher elastane or spandex content for greater flexibility.


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Stretch jeans come in a variety of fits and you can choose a fit that best suits your body type and personal style preferences. Some examples are skinny, straight and athletic.

Stretch jeans also come in various washes and colours, allowing you to choose the perfect pair to complement your wardrobe.

Consider the types of outfits you plan to wear with your jeans and select a wash and colour that will be versatile and stylish. At Tapered we offer a variety of colours to match your current wardrobe. We have black, navy and a mid wash blue.

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Should I Buy Stretch Jeans a Size Smaller?

Buying stretch jeans a size smaller is not typically recommended, as they should fit snugly without being overly tight or uncomfortable.

Choose jeans that fit comfortably without feeling restrictive, and keep in mind that stretch jeans will mould to your body as you wear them.

If you are unsure on your size, use our size calculator to find your perfect fit.

Do Stretch Jeans Fit Tighter?

Stretch jeans may initially fit tighter than traditional jeans due to their elastic properties, but they should still feel comfortable and adapt to your body's movements.

If a pair of stretch jeans feels too tight or restrictive, consider trying a different fit or size. At Tapered we offer both comfort and fit so you can simply choose your size you would normally wear.

How Tight Should Stretch Jeans Be at Waist?

Stretch jeans should fit snugly at the waist without feeling uncomfortable or restrictive.

They should provide a secure fit without digging into your skin or causing discomfort. Guys with larger legs typically find that off the rack jeans are loose around the waist.

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This is because jeans are cut to fit around the quads, meaning bigger guys have to size up to fit their quads. This results in a larger and looser fit around the waist.

We accommodate for this problem at Tapered were our jeans fit tighter around the waist but provide more room in the quads and glutes.

Do Stretch Jeans Shrink in the Wash?

Stretch jeans can shrink in the wash, especially if exposed to high heat. To minimise shrinking, wash your jeans in cold water and hang them to dry, or follow the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Is Stretch Denim Real Denim?

Of course! Stretch denim is considered real denim, as it is made from a blend of cotton and elastane or spandex.

The primary difference between stretch denim and traditional denim is the inclusion of the stretchy material, which adds flexibility and comfort.

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How Long Do Stretch Jeans Last?

The durability and lifespan varies depending on factors such as the quality of material and frequency of wear. With proper care, high-quality stretch jeans can last for years.

To extend the life of your jeans, follow the manufacturer's care instructions, avoid excessive washing, and consider investing in a durable, well-made pair.

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Best Stretch Fit Jeans By Tapered Menswear

The best stretch fit jeans for men are exclusively at Tapered Menswear. Athletic guys shouldn’t struggle to find jeans that fit.

Over a two year period, our team of leading tailors and industry experts have pioneered unique Tapered fit jeans that seamlessly mould to your muscular build.

Our revolutionary fit allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle. 

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Cut from heavyweight stretch denim in our signature Tapered fit, our Tapered Fit jeans are designed to enhance your muscular physique by moulding to your quads whilst seamlessly fitting your shape.

Our revolutionary fit allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle. 

Extra room in thighs and tapered at the ankle, no need to size up.


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Premium Stretch Denim

Super-soft, heavyweight cotton fabric provides comfort and freedom of movement all day long.


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Robust Build

Durable design that's built to last thanks to the hard-wearing fabric and reinforced seams.


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