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What Are Fitted Jeans

When considering the vast array of denim options, have you ever wondered exactly what makes fitted jeans? Unlike their loose-fitting predecessors, fitted jeans offer a snug aesthetic with stretchy material for comfort. 

In this blog, I'll define the features of fitted jeans - from skinny jeans to tailored straight leg.

You'll gain an insight into exactly how they achieve that perfect balance form-fitting and comfort and provide the best fitted jeans right here at Tapered Menswear.


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Are There Different Types Of Jeans?

Denim jeans have evolved significantly, catering to an assortment of tastes and body shapes. Each type offers a unique look that complements various fashion sensibilities.

Let's dive into each type of fit available on the market today:

Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans stand out for their ability to offer a sleek contour that closely follows your body's natural shape while avoiding the extra tightness associated with skinny jeans.

Often chosen for their modern appeal, this fit make for a solid addition to both casual and business-casual outfits. They have become some what of a staple in most guys wardrobes.

Skinny Fit

The skinny jeans trend continues to reign in mens fashion, characterised by their form-hugging fit from hip to ankle.

Ideal for showcasing a youthful and edgy style, but beware - these jeans are SUPER fitted so you need to have the right outfit to balance them out.

Straight Fit

For those of you who lean towards timeless styles, straight leg jeans provide an evergreen silhouette. This fit offers a consistent width from the hip straight down to the hem, ensuring elegance is met with comfort.


Bootcut jeans remain a staple. The slight flare beginning from the knee down is tailored to accommodate boots, making this style a favourite among denim wearers who enjoy pairing their jeans with heftier footwear.

Tapered Fit

Tapered jeans merge the best of both worlds: roomy at the thighs with a progressive narrowing towards the ankle. Ideal for portraying a tailored appearance, these fitted jeans accentuate your natural lines in a stylish yet unrestrictive manner.

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What Are Tight Fitting Jeans Called?

When you're considering adding a pair of tight jeans to your wardrobe, you're likely looking for the sleek, body-contouring style known as 'skinny jeans'.

As the tightest fit in today's denim market, skinny jeans provide a second-skin sensation that appeals to those seeking a modern silhouette.

Typically, these jeans are crafted to fit closely from the waist down to the ankles, incorporating stretch fabrics that offer an outline of your form whilst granting a degree of stretch for better mobility.

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Contrasting these are slim fit jeans which, while also crafted for a close cut, do not hold as firmly to the legs as skinny jeans do, offering a balance of snugness and comfort.

For those who desire a fit that combines comfort with the streamlined look, tapered jeans are an excellent choice.

They begin with a relaxed fit at the hips and thighs, then gradually narrow towards the ankle, delivering a tailored aesthetic. And, for those seeking a form-fitting style that's not too restrictive.


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Irrespective of the specific style—be it skinny, slim fit, fitted, or tapered jeans—the essence is in finding the right pair that compliments your body shape. 

What Fit Jeans Are Popular For Men?

As fashion evolves, so do the preferences for men's fitted jeans. Currently, slim fit jeans are a distinguished favourite and cemented their way into all retailers.

These garments maintain a close cut to the body, but not quite as fitted as skinny or tapered fit.

Although the fit is popular, the comfort doesnt quite fit the brief. They're typically made from 100% cotton/denim without any form of elastane.

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Straight fit jeans continue to be a staple in menswear, but the straight cut from hip to hem offers more function than fashion. For days when comfort is paramount, you might opt for relaxed fit jeans, crafted to deliver spaciousness and ease, allowing for ample movement.

When selecting a pair of denim, it's essential to consider how they fit the shape of your legs and the comfort they offer. 

How Do I Find The Right Fit Jeans For Men?

The market is abundant with choices, from the snug appeal of slim fit jeans to the relaxed charm of straight leg jeans. But it's not about picking a pair off the rack; it's about discovering denim that resonates fits right and provides comfort.

To secure that impeccably fitted pair of jeans, attention to detail is key. Measure your waist and inseam.

This pragmatic approach can make all the difference between everyday denim and the jeans that feel like they were tailored just for you.

Consider the rise of the jeans, which affects how they sit on your waist. High-rise jeans are suitable for those with longer torsos, while low-rise works well for those with shorter torsos.


Navy blue fitted jeans for men by Tapered Menswear


Pay attention to the fit types: skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, and loose. Skinny and slim fits are tighter and more form-fitting, ideal for leaner body types. Regular and relaxed fits offer more room and are great for those with muscular or larger builds.

Loose fits provide the most comfort and space. Fabric is also crucial; look for a blend of cotton and elastane for stretch and comfort. Finally, try on several pairs and move around in them to ensure a good fit and comfort.

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Best Fitting Jeans For Men - Tapered Menswear

Now that you know a few of the best tips for finding fitted jeans , it's time to put them into action. So keep these guidelines in mind the next time you shop for jeans.

Exclusively designed with athletic guys mind, our jeans are crafted from 4-way stretch denim that is comfortable, robust and allows complete freedom of movement. 

Muscular guys shouldn’t struggle to find jeans that fit. Over a two year period, our team of leading tailors and industry experts have pioneered unique Tapered fit jeans that seamlessly mould to your muscular build.

Our revolutionary muscular leg jeans allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle.

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Ideal for muscular guys and rugby players.

Finished with reinforced seams and our subtle logo on the side pocket, button and studs. 

No more:

❌ Sizing up for jeans to fit your quads, glutes and calves

❌ Heavy, restrictive fabrics causing discomfort and stiffness

❌ Seams bursting open


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Our revolutionary fit allows sufficient room for the quads, glutes and calves whilst tapering in at the ankle. The perfect bodybuilding jeans shape.

Extra room in thighs and tapered at the ankle, no need to size up.


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Premium Stretch Denim

Super-soft, heavyweight cotton fabric provides comfort and freedom of movement all day long.


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Robust Build

Durable design that's built to last thanks to the hard-wearing fabric and reinforced seams.


Tapered fit jeans made from hard wearing fabric