Should You Have Jeans Tailored? by Tapered Menswear

Should You Have Jeans Tailored?

In men's fashion, a world of difference is made by the fit of your jeans in your outfit. Convenience is obviously offered with off-the-rack options, but the brief of providing that perfect fit is not always hit.

This is where the art of tailoring comes into play. At Tapered we're known for our fitted jeans for men (no need for a tailor!) But should you have jeans tailored? It's beneficial to have your jeans tailored. Tailoring can significantly improve the fit and look of jeans, making them more flattering and comfortable to wear.

In this blog I'll show you whether it's worth getting jeans tailored, the cost, exactly what a tailor can do and the perfect solution to your denim fitting woes!

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Can You Get Jeans Tailored If They Are Too Big?

Yep tailors can make a whole host of adjustments to your jeans if they’re too big or don’t sit quite right. The most common alterations include:

  • Waist and Seat Adjustment: Tailors can reduce the waist size for a snugger fit. This often involves removing excess fabric and reshaping the waistband. The seat or buttocks area can also be taken in for a more contoured fit.


  • Hemming the Length: For jeans that are too long, hemming is a common solution. The excess length is trimmed, and the hem is resewn, maintaining the original style.


  • Tapering the Legs: If the legs are too wide, a tailor can taper them. This process narrows the jeans from the thigh down to the ankle, creating a more fitted look.


  • Resizing Thighs and Hips: Tailors can alter the thigh and hip areas for a closer fit. This might involve taking in fabric along the seams.


  • Adjusting the Rise: The rise of the jeans can also be altered, although this is a considerably more complex job than the others! Reducing the rise involves modifying the area from the waist to the crotch for a better fit.


  • Repair and Reinforcement: Beyond resizing, tailors can also repair tears and reinforce areas prone to wear and tear, extending the life of the jeans.


Is It Worth Getting Jeans Tailored?

Well in my opinion and I’m sure you’ll agree - yes of course it’s getting your jeans tailored. Tailoring obviously makes your jeans fit perfectly and who doesn't want a perfect fit?! However this does come at a cost, in both time and finances…

How Much Does It Cost to Tailor Jeans?

The cost of tailoring jeans varies significantly across the globe. The reason it can vary so much is because it depends on the level of work and location but let's look at these in more detail.

In the US, basic alterations like hemming or waist adjustments typically range from $10-$30, whereas here in the UK it’s around £10-£25. 

As mentioned these variances are due to differences in labour costs, the tailor's expertise, and the location of the tailoring service. If your tailor is on savile row it's probably going to be double the price of a local tailor!

The complexity of the alteration is a primary factor; intricate work like resizing or restyling jeans will cost more than simple hemming.

The quality and thickness of the denim can also affect the price, as tougher materials may require more time and effort to alter. Additionally, tailors with a higher level of expertise or those located in upscale areas tend to charge more.

Individual alterations have their specific costs. For your simple hemming this is usually the cheapest, while tapering the legs or adjusting the seat of the jeans are more complex and thus more expensive. 

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Can a Tailor Make Jeans Slim Fit?

A tailor can work wonders! They will skillfully transform your baggy old jeans into a clean slim fit for a business casual event, but the process involves several detailed adjustments:

  • Leg Tapering: This is perhaps the most important step for a tailor to adjust your jeans to a slim fit. The tailor narrows the jeans from the thigh down to the ankle. This alteration requires careful pinning and sewing along the inner and outer seams to ensure a consistent, tapered look that contours to the wearer's legs.


  • Waist Adjustments: To complement the slimmer legs, the waist may also need to be taken in. This involves removing excess fabric and reshaping the waistband for a snug, comfortable fit that aligns with the slimmer silhouette.


  • Seat and Thigh Resizing: The tailor might also adjust the seat (buttocks area) and thighs for a closer fit. This step ensures that the jeans do not sag or bunch up, providing a sleek, streamlined appearance.


  • Fine-Tuning Fit Details: Finally, the tailor may make additional minor adjustments, like tightening the knee area or altering the rise (the distance from the crotch to the waistband), to perfect the slim-fit look. 
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Can A Tailor Make Jeans Waist Bigger?

They sure can! For jeans that are too loose, a tailor can reduce the waistband by opening it up, removing excess fabric, and reattaching it for a snugger fit.

If the jeans are too tight, the waist can be expanded by either adding a small fabric panel or adjusting the existing fabric, provided there's enough allowance.

Although waists come in standard sizes, remember your body is unique and off the rack aren't a one size fits all. Adjusting the waist helps the jeans sit comfortably without gaping at the back or pinching at the sides.

One common issue for muscular guys is when you have larger quads and hamstrings but then a narrow waist so it produces a gap at the waistband.

Tailors can eliminate this gap by bringing in the waistband, to provide a smooth fit in the waist and lower back.

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Believe it or not the tailor can even adjust the position and number of belt loops. Remember if your tailor is adjusting the waistband the belt loops are likely to be out of position so it ensures that belts can still be used properly with the jeans. 

Can Jeans Be Tailored at the Leg

Jeans can of course be tailored at the leg and this is probably the most common type of jean tailoring.

Tapering is a common alteration where the jeans are narrowed from the thigh down to the ankle. This alteration is perfect for those seeking a more fitted silhouette, especially if the original jeans are too loose or baggy in the leg area. 

The tailor carefully pins and sews along the inner and outer seams to ensure a consistent, tapered look that complements the wearer's leg shape.

Length adjustments are also frequently done. If the jeans are too long, hemming is the solution.

The excess length is trimmed, and the hem is re-sewn, often maintaining the original style and finish of the jeans. This is crucial for getting the right break over the shoes. 

navy fitted jeans that dont need tailoring by Tapered Menswear


Sometimes, more specific adjustments like adjusting the knee area or the lower leg are needed for a perfect fit. These alterations are more detailed and require a tailor with expertise in handling denim.

How to Tailor Jeans at Home Step by Step

Don’t want to spend money on tailoring? I hear you, you can actually do this yourself at home!

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But with that being said it's not easy, if you have some experience with adjusting clothing you might find this second nature but here's a simple step-by-step guide on how tailor your jeans:

  • Hemming the Length:
    • Lay the jeans flat and measure the desired length, marking it with chalk or pins.
    • Cut off the excess fabric, leaving about an inch for the hem.
    • Fold the hem to the inside and iron it flat to create a clean line.
    • Sew around the hem, either by hand or with a sewing machine, using a colour-matched thread.
  • Taking in the Waist:
    • Turn the jeans inside out and put them on to assess how much fabric needs to be taken in.
    • Pinch and pin the excess fabric at the waistband to mark the new fit.
    • Sew along the pinned line, gradually blending into the original seam to avoid a sudden change in fit.
    • Trim any excess fabric and finish the raw edges with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying.
  • Narrowing the Legs (Tapering):
    • Wear the jeans and mark where you want them to taper.
    • Turn the jeans inside out and draw a line from the mark to the hem, creating a new seam line.
    • Sew along this line and try on the jeans to check the fit.
    • Once satisfied, trim off the excess fabric and finish the edges.

Remember, these are basic alterations. More complex adjustments, especially those that involve the crotch area or extensive resizing, are best handled by professional tailors.

When tailoring at home, take it slow, measure twice, and cut once.

This ensures that you achieve a neat, professional-looking finish. Safety is also important, especially when using sharp tools like scissors and needles. 

But this process is time consuming, much like getting your jeans tailored. Do you really want to spend extra time and money at the tailors after forking out for your jeans? 

Introducing Tapered…

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