Types Of Mens Shirts

Types Of Mens Shirts - The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to men's fashion, shirts are more than just a part of your ensemble – they are a statement.

But how do you pick the right one from what seems to be endless choices! From classic dress shirts that have stood the test of time to linen shirts, the perfect shirt can elevate your outfit to a whole new level.

In this blog, you'll find out exactly how to navigate through the varied men's shirt styles, and show you the best fitting shirts right here at Tapered Menswear.

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How Many Types Of Mens Shirts Are There?

The range of types of shirts for men is pretty vast so its difficult to quantify, catering to a spectrum of occasions, each variety sharing its own unique features. 

Popular men's shirt varieties like the Oxford button-down are a staple for formal events and business meetings to social gatherings seamlessly. Whilst the rugged denim shirt and the relaxed finesse of the Cuban collar shirts illustrate how specific styles can evoke a distinct sense of identity and occasion. 

What Is The Most Common Type Of Mens Shirt?

The most common type of mens shirt is the dress shirt. Its classic design, characterised by stiff collar that keeps its neatness throughout the day.

Its resilience in the fashion terrain is unquestionable with variants such as the non-iron, stretch options, double cuff, single cuff and a shed load more!

Types Of Shirts For Guys

Although the options are endless Ive rounded up the 10 most common types of shirts and features of each one.

Dress Shirt

A dress shirt stands as a pillar of a man's wardrobe. Traditionally associated with formal attire, the modern dress shirt has evolved, blending style with functionality. The quintessential characteristics of a dress shirt include long sleeves, a structured collar, and a full-length opening at the front secured by buttons. The bottom hem is tailored to be tucked into trousers, ensuring a sleek and polished look.

Cotton tends to be the most common fabric choice for dress shirts. Because it offers breathability, durability, and ease of care. Cotton-polyester blends have become more popular nowadays if you are looking for comfort and low maintenance.

With more people looking for ethically made and sustainable fabrics there are also dress shirts made from bamboo and Tencel.

Dress shirt's have a wide range of fits — from the traditional regular fit to a more contemporary slim or tapered fit. Lets not forget, muscle fit, athletic fit for the bigger guys or tailored fit which aims to mimic a tailor made shirt. Each fit is designed to cater to different body types and preferences, ensuring that every man can find his perfect match.

best fitting dress shirts by Tapered Menswear - showing different types of shirts

The collar, too, comes in various styles, including the classic point collar, the spread collar for those preferring to wear larger tie knots, and the cutaway collar for a modern twist.

Beyond the basics, dress shirts offer a playground of customisation. Cuffs vary from the standard barrel to elegant French cuffs, awaiting the adornment of cufflinks. 

When styling a dress shirt, the rules are as flexible as the shirt itself is diverse. For a timeless formal look, pair a crisp white dress shirt with a tailored suit and silk tie.

On the other end of the spectrum, a dress shirt in a vibrant pattern or hue can be the centerpiece of a smart-casual ensemble, teamed with dark jeans or chinos and loafers or stylish sneakers for a touch of laid-back sophistication.

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Flannel Shirt

The flannel shirt has transcended from utility to become a staple of casual fashion. Characterised by its slightly thicker fabric providing a soft and warm finish. Commonly the design is with plaid patterns, the flannel shirt offers a blend of comfort and rugged style.

Originally made from wool, modern flannels are also crafted from cotton or synthetic blends. Wool flannel continues to be favoured for as it contains more insulating properties than the others. This makes it ideal for colder climates. Cotton flannel, on the other hand, offers a softer, more breathable alternative that suits a wide variety of weather conditions. Synthetic blends are designed for durability and ease of maintenance, often incorporating moisture-wicking properties to enhance comfort.

What sets flannel apart is its distinctive napped finish. This is a process of brushing the fabric to create an extra layer of softness. Which aincreases its thermal qualities, trapping heat close to the body. The most recognisable pattern on flannel is plaid, with its crisscrossing lines and varied colours.

In recent years, the flannel shirt has also seen variations in design, from the addition of patch pockets and elbow patches to the exploration of different weights and weaves, allowing wearers to choose the perfect flannel for their needs and climate. This evolution underscores flannel's enduring popularity and its ability to adapt to changing tastes and styles.

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The Oxford button-down shirt bridges the gap between casual and formal wear. Its distinguishing button-down collar, adds elegance and formality. The fabric of the Oxford shirt, is made from thicker and more durable cotton. This is because of its basketweave texture.

Oxford shirts are a staple in high street retailers, coming in a variety of colours and patterns. Classic white and blue are the wardrobe essentials for their ease of pairing with other pieces. The design also offers a wide variety of fits, from the slim fit version to the traditional regular fit.

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Styling an Oxford button-down is straightforward yet flexible. It pairs equally well with jeans for a casual look or under a blazer for smart-casual occasions. Tucking it into chinos achieves a balanced aesthetic suitable for business casual environments. The Oxford shirt's ability to be dressed up with a tie or left open-collared for a more relaxed vibe underscores its enduring appeal.

Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is often mistaken for denim because it has a similar look and feel. It stands out as a lighter, more breathable alternative to the other types of shirt. Made from chambray fabric, it's woven with a white weft and a coloured warp. This offers a distinctive, mottled appearance that adds depth and character. It screams casual and relaxed vibes.

They're available in a range of shades, from light to dark blue, and increasingly in other colours. The fabric's lightweight nature also makes it an excellent choice for warmer months.

Design variations include the classic long sleeve. Or short sleeve options and details like chest pockets or contrast stitching.

Styling a chambray shirt is effortless. It pairs well with chinos for a smart-casual look. Or you can go riskay with denim for a contemporary take on the "Canadian tuxedo,". This plays with different denim shades to avoid a monochromatic ensemble.

For a summers vibe, a short-sleeved chambray shirt matched with chino shorts is a winner.

Denim Shirt

The denim shirt embodies rugged durability. Crafted from the same sturdy cotton twill fabric as jeans, denim shirts offer a range of shades from light wash to navy blue.

They're not just limited to the classic button-up; they come in various designs, including Western styles with snap closures and flap pockets. Or more minimalist versions that favour clean lines and simplicity.

best fitting denim shirts by Tapered Menswear - showing different types of shirts

Although double denim is frowned upon, I love it! pair it with contrasting denim jeans, mindful of varying the denim shades to avoid a monotonous outfit.

In warmer months, a light-wash denim shirt works well with chino shorts. The denim shirt's appeal lies in its blend of functionality, comfort, and style, making it a foundational piece that complements every man's wardrobe.

Linen Shirt

The linen shirt is a beacon of summer style and comfort. The fabric offers exceptional breathability with a lightweight texture. Which is perfect for warm weather and tropical climates. Crafted from the fibres of the flax plant, it's not only naturally cool to the touch but also known for its distinctive textured weave.

Linen shirts come in a variety of styles, from the classic long-sleeve button-up to more casual short-sleeve options. Available in a wide range of colours, from neutral whites and beiges to bold hues. The fabric's inherent properties mean that they're moisture-wicking and dry quickly, keeping the wearer comfortable in the most humid conditions.

Styling a linen shirt is effortless. Pair it seamlessly with other summer staples like cotton chinos or linen trousers. Its a match made in heaven for beach weddings or holiday evenings. A linen shirt can be worn unbuttoned over a T-shirt with shorts and sandals.

Henley Shirt

The Henley shirt, with its distinctive button-placket beneath a round neckline, combines the design of a T-shirt with a twist.

Originating from the uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames. This style has evolved into a staple for something slightly different in your summer wardrobe. Unlike the basic tee, the Henley offers slightly more structure, thanks to its buttoned placket. Which can be adjusted with 2 or 3 buttons for your own preference.

best fitting henley shirts by Tapered Menswear - showing different types of shirts

Fabric options for Henley shirts vary widely. Here at Tapered we offer softer cotton which provide breathability and ease of care. But you can also get more luxurious materials like wool and silk blends. They also come in both long sleeves or short sleeves further.

Styling a Henley shirt is straightforward yet flexible. For a casual, laid-back look, pair it with denim or cargo shorts. The Henley's simplicity makes it an excellent layering piece under flannel shirts, sweaters, or jackets, adding depth to an outfit without overwhelming it.


The T-shirt, arguably the most common piece in men's fashion. Its simple construction—a round neckline, short sleeves, and a straight fit offers a blank canvas for any outfit.

Interestingly, the t-shirt was originally designed as an undergarment, the T-shirt. But has ascended to a standalone piece, celebrated for its versatility and universal appeal.

Fabric choices for T-shirts are vast. Like our t-shirts here at Tapered They range from cotton to polyester. Which are known for their breathability and softness. But you will also find more modern blends incorporating polyester for durability and elastane for stretch.

best fitting t-shirts by Tapered Menswear - showing different types of shirts

Organic and sustainable materials like bamboo and hemp are increasingly popular, offering eco-friendly options without sacrificing comfort or style.

The T-shirt's evolution has led to a diversity of styles, including the classic crew neck to the V-neck. Variations in fit from slim to oversized, catering to different body types and styles.

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Styling a T-shirt is limited only by your imagination. A plain white tee pairs effortlessly with jeans or chinos, while a graphic T-shirt can add personality to a casual ensemble or serve as a statement piece under a tailored blazer. The T-shirt's adaptability extends to athletic wear, easily transitioning from a casual day out to your gym session.

Polo Shirt

Originating from the sport of polo. The polo shirt strikes a perfect balance between casual comfort and elegance. Characterised by its collared neckline, short sleeves, and a placket of two or three buttons. The polo shirt offers a refined alternative to the traditional T-shirt which can be dressed up or down.

Made primarily from cotton piqué, a woven fabric with a textured surface, polo shirts are designed to offer breathability and comfort in warmer conditions. Variations include jerseys and tech blends.

This type incorporates synthetic fibers to enhance moisture-wicking properties and durability. Which not only makes them suitable for active wear but everyday casual wear too.

best fitting polo shirts by Tapered Menswear - showing different types of shirts

The evolution of the polo shirt has introduced a range of fits from classic to slim, catering to different body types and style preferences. Beyond the solid colours and stripes, contemporary designs feature bold patterns and contrasting collars.

Styling a polo shirt pairs well with everything from shorts and jeans for something more casual. Or dress them up with chinos and dress pants for the new-age office wear. Tucked in with a belt, the polo shirt leans more formal, especially when worn under a blazer.

Cuban Collar Shirt

The Cuban collar shirt has an open, notched collar and short sleeves. This shirt is synonymous with summer wear. Its distinctive collar and loose fit make it a standout choice for warm-weather attire.

Typically, it's made from lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon which makes them excel in breathability and comfort. The shirt's relaxed drape provides an airy feel, keeping you cool and comfortable. Modern fabrics include silk and Tencel, which also add a touch of luxury and sustainability to this classic piece.

Because its ideal for summer, the Cuban collar shirt's design often features vibrant prints and more bold colours. Such as tropical patterns and florals to abstract and geometric designs.

Styling a Cuban collar shirt is all about embracing its casual, summery appeal. Pairs them with your chino shorts or lightweight trousers.

Best Fitting Shirt For Men - Tapered Menswear

Whichever type of shirt you choose, fit is paramount. Here at Tapered Menswear we have created a revolutionary fit for those that struggle to find clothing to fit as they should.

Our T-shirts, shirts, henley shirts and polos were drawn up out of the desire to provide men with their most true-to-self fit yet.

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All of the clothing in our range is expertly crafted and cut in a V-tapered shape, the closest cut still available out there, so that you the wearer can show off your physique like you deserve to.

The chest and shoulders have the snug fit of a slim cut, while the arms hug the biceps so that there is never any overhang. The v-tapered cut also reduced the amount of unnecessary material flowing from the waist, so that you also never have to worry about looking shapeless ever again.

tapered fit vs slim fit polo shirt

Our clothes, whether formal or casual cater to every man but especially those with more muscular builds who otherwise struggle to find clothing that suits their physique off-the-rack.

Whether formal or casual, you are guaranteed to find something that shows-off your hard work at the gym, keeps you in proportion and still offers you high-performance quality through and through.

Our ranges are made with high-quality cotton stretch material, to mould comfortably to your body, while still giving you all the space you need to move. And with something for every occasion, you’re bound to find something that works for you and your style.

Available in both long sleeve and short sleeve muscle fit shirts.

Want to start your tapered journey? Check out our range today.

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Our revolutionary cut provides a 10" drop from chest to waist.

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.

Enhanced Darts

Expertly tailored darts at the back, for the perfect fit.

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Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.

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Perfect for the office. 

With our non obtrusive logo stitched subtly on the wrist makes our TAPERED Fit Shirt ideal for formal occasions.

Tapered Fit Shirts are the true solution to your shirt fitting problem. If you want a shirt that fits your body like it should, check out or best selling shirt here