What To Wear For Graduation For Men

What To Wear For Graduation For Men

Stepping across the stage to receive your diploma? What you wear on this landmark day can speak volumes before you even reach out for that certificate.

But what should men wear for a graduation? For graduation, men should opt for a formal or semi-formal outfit, such as a well-fitted suit or a dress shirt with trousers/dress pants, paired with dress shoes. It's also important to choose colours that complement the graduation gown.

In this essential guide, I'll delve into the sophisticated world of men's graduation style and offer you the best fitted shirts for your graduation right here at Tapered Menswear.

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Do Graduations Have Dress Codes?

When it comes to graduation ceremonies, whether you're participating or attending as a guest, there's often an expectation to dress in a certain way.

Indeed, graduations typically imply a dress code that ranges from formal to semi-formal.

This code serves as a guide to help you choose attire that is befitting of the occasion's significance. 

Selecting the right shirt to wear on this significant day is pivotal in ensuring that when the gown is donned or thereafter removed, you still look sharp and sophisticated.

Here at Tapered Menswear we offer our signature tapered fit shirts which guarantee a neat fit which complements the formal graduation gowns.

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The best graduation outfits for guys feature shirts that are subtle yet classic; a crisp white or a light blue button-down remains an evergreen choice.

What To Wear Under Cap And Gown

Inside the ceremonial cap and gown, your choice of clothing not only needs to be fitted and styling but also conform to the dress code, which is why it's recommended to double-check any specific guidelines ahead of time.

For a formal setting inside an auditorium or hall, your graduation clothing for guys should traditionally consist of a suit.

While black is often a go-to colour, consider opting for a dark navy or grey suit as a more celebratory alternative that maintains the formal tone.

Although a suit may not be essential, and it may just make you hotter during the day! In which case, shoot for a long sleeve dress shirt.

A well fitted classic white shirt is indisputable; it's the cornerstone of a polished look under your gown. Complement the look with a coordinating tie that doesn't clash with your cap and gown.

fitted graduation shirts in white by Tapered Menswear

Additionally, the choice of suitable footwear can't be overlooked—select a pair of matching brown shoes, with a preference for light brown, especially during the summer.

This colour not only pairs well with your shirt but also adds a warm, fashionable touch to your outfit.

When in doubt, your belt should match the shoes to tie the whole ensemble together seamlessly.

Remember that your graduation is not just a ceremony, but a milestone event that marks the culmination of your hard work. This will show in proud photos for the rest of your life so you gotta do it justice!

Ensure your graduation clothing is selected with both style and tradition in mind—this is your day to shine.

Do Guys Wear Ties For Graduation?

Ties serve as a central pillar in men's graduation style, bestowing an air of formality and sophistication.

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A sleek tie, perhaps chosen in the colours of your alma mater or a brighter colour like crimson or sapphire, can strike a balance against the ceremonial gown.

For more formal proceedings, a tie is almost an unwritten rule, flawlessly complementing your suit jacket and lending an element of prestige to your attire.

What Colour Should Guys Wear To Graduation?

As you approach your graduation day, choosing the right colour for your attire can be crucial. Let's consider the event's formality.

For those momentous formal ceremonies, navy and charcoal grey are great choices. Black is the easiest option as it blends effortlessly under your gown.

On the other hand choosing a lighter shades in your dress shirt is another route you can go with it. Crisp whites or soft light blues, serving to create a striking contrast seen above the graduation gown.

Remember, as you stride across the stage, only the collar and tie of your shirt will be visible; thus, these lighter tones are essential in framing your face amidst the sea of caps and gowns.

light blue fitted graduation shirts by Tapered Menswear

Can I Wear Jeans To My Graduation?

It's advisable to leave the jeans behind as they can be considered far too casual against the backdrop of a formal or semi-formal graduation ceremony.

Tailored trousers or chinos paired with a dress shirt permit the comfort jeans offer, but retain the formality expected at such an event.

What Should A Male Guest Wear To A Graduation?

When deciding what to wear for graduation as a man, aim for a look that respects the importance of the day.

A savvy choice for graduation clothing for guys is a blend of formality and practicality.

For a look that nails the business casual appeal, opt for dress trousers/pants paired with a fitted button-down shirt. Fit here is key, if you wear a baggy dress shirt it will throw off the entire outfit.

black fitted graduation shirts by Tapered Menswear


Although the tie is optional, consider adding one to bring an extra layer of polish to your men's graduation wardrobe.

Remember, your attire should not only reflect the significance of the event but also support you through the day with ease and comfort. 

What Not To Wear To A Graduation As A Guest?

Attending a graduation event commands a certain etiquette that respects the formality and significance of the occasion. 

To preserve the decorum that the event deserves, push aside any temptation to wear casual items like T-shirts, tank tops, or any form of activewear, including sweats. Im sure the dress code will prohibit these anyway!

Just as jeans and joggers fall under the umbrella of too casual for most weddings, they're not suitable for graduation ceremonies either.

Photography is a significant part of these events as well, documenting this momentous day, so it is crucial to consider how your chosen attire will be immortalised in the images captured.

With all this in mind, dress up like the graduate with a formal fitted shirt and dress trousers. Think business casual here. 

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Do I Need A Suit Jacket For Graduation?

The necessity of donning a suit jacket largely hinges on the ceremony's level of formality and the given dress code from your university.

A suit jacket is a centre piece that can transform standard graduation suits for men into an ensemble that exudes sophistication.

Yet, don't let the celebration be marred by discomfort if you're expecting to sit under the beaming sun at an outdoor affair. In such cases, a suit jacket may not be essential.

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Striking a balance between ceremony-appropriate smart attire and comfort is key.

Go ahead and opt for a sharply fitted shirt with dress trousers, ensuring your overall appearance is still on point.

Do You Wear A Blazer To Graduation?

A blazer is a remarkably adaptable element that can be dressed up or down, based on the occasion’s setting.

Typically blazers are accepted but check the expected dress code for the event.

Whether you opt for a full bespoke suit or choose to pair a blazer with less formal trousers, either look the part.

Dressing the part not only shows respect for the occasion but also leaves a lasting impression as you celebrate this momentous achievement.

But it’s worth considering the climate and setting. If the graduation is slated for a cooler time of year or an air-conditioned indoor venue, a blazer might offer added warmth and a refined layer to your attire.

Conversely, in the midst of a sweltering summer day, you might prefer to forgo the blazer for comfort’s sake, ensuring you remain cool whilst still looking sharp.

Best Shirts To Wear For Graduation - Tapered Menswear

When you're considering what to wear underneath your gown, the best shirts are those that will still stand out for photos and post-ceremony celebrations.

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