What To Wear On A Cruise Formal Night For Men

What To Wear On A Cruise Formal Night For Men

Imagine the soft sound of waves at a fancy night on a ship. This is a time for good talks, laughter, and toasts. Many people are excited and curious, sharing advice on what to wear on a cruise's formal night.

But what do you wear on a cruise formal night? On a cruise formal night, men can wear a dark suit with a tie, a tuxedo, or a fitted shirt with dress pants, ensuring a polished and elegant appearance suitable for the event's upscale atmosphere.

In this blog, you'll learn how to dress sharply and appropriately for one of the most anticipated events during your voyage.

I'll show you the appropriate level of formality, from classic tuxedos to stylish dinner jackets, and the best fitting shirts to stand out from the crowd.

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Do People Still Dress Up For Formal Night Cruise?

People still love getting dressed up for a cruise's formal night. This is true for many travellers, whether they are with Royal Caribbean or other big names like Holland America and Princess Cruises.

Knowing the dress code for men is very important.

Royal Caribbean, for example, has between 1 to 4 formal nights, depending on how long you're at sea. They want you to wear your best, making the evening elegant for everyone.

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Males can wear smart tuxedos, suit separates, or simpler outfits like a dark suit with a dress shirt.

Even on more relaxed cruises, many men still like to dress nicely. With the bare minimum being a collared shirt and chinos.

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What Do People Wear For A Formal Night On A Cruise?

A cruise's formal night is a special time. Your outfit really matters. The men's cruise formal dress code changes from ship to ship.

It also depends on how long the cruise is.

Luxury cruises usually ask for black-tie. But, many now don't require such a formal dress code.

For cruise formal night attire guide for men, dark suits or dinner jackets are a good choice. But, nowadays, you can go for dress shirts and smart dress pants or chinos. 

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Some cruises have special formal nights, like white nights or '80s retro nights. Dressing up for these themes makes it fun without breaking the dress code.

Smart casual is also a hit.

This means polo shirts with nice trousers or even dark jeans. Just make sure the jeans are smart and fit well.

Avoid very casual items like sandals, shorts, or vests.

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Do You Have To Wear A Suit For Formal Night On A Cruise?

You don't necessarily have to wear a suit for formal night on a cruise. Nowadays, cruise lines are more flexible.

Some ships may require a blazer or suit jacket. Others are happy if you wear a nice shirt or a polo shirt and trousers. 

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On a Royal Caribbean, you can go for a bit more relaxed look, like polo shirts and slacks. They have formal nights 1-3 times. It's about looking sharp yet feeling at ease.

Can You Wear Shorts On Formal Night On Cruise?

There is a big focus on smart dressing for cruise formal nights. If the cruise is more casual, shorts might be fine.

But usually, shorts aren't the best choice for formal nights.

On a cruise's formal night, men are advised to wear dark trousers and a nice shirt. Adding a well-fitted jacket makes the look even better.

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Good shoes are a must. Even with relaxed rules on some cruises, dressing up makes the night more special.

Shorts are generally too casual for these events. Aim for a comfortable style that is also smart. 

Can You Wear Jeans On Cruise Elegant Night?

On cruise elegant nights, also known as formal nights, the dress code is typically more upscale than on regular nights, and guests are encouraged to dress more formally.

Although the specific dress code can vary by cruise line, jeans are generally not recommended for elegant nights.

Most cruise lines suggest attire dress shirts and fitted trousers or chinos for these occasions.

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It's advisable to check with your specific cruise line for their dress code guidelines to ensure you pack appropriately and adhere to their expectations for elegant nights.

But I'd recommend wearing chinos at the very least, as they more formal.

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