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What To Wear To A Christening For Men

Have you ever wondered what the key to nailing the perfect christening outfit for men is?

So what should wear to a christening if you're a man? For a christening, a man should typically wear smart casual or semi-formal attire, such as a dress shirt with dress pants and possibly a blazer, depending on the formality of the event. Try to choose modest and neutral colours.

In this blog, you'll uncover the elements that make up the ideal men's baptism attire and see how we at Tapered Menswear can provide the best fitting shirts to wear at a christening.


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Should You Dress Up For A Christening?

As you prepare to attend a christening, you need to strike the right chord between respect and celebration. It's not just about adhering to the dress code; it's also about showing reverence for the occasion.

Turning up in casual wear like jeans may suggest a lack of effort or consideration. Ripped clothing is another faux pas that could take the attention away from the solemnity of the ceremony.

On the other end of the spectrum, a tuxedo might be a bit too much, as a christening usually doesn't match the grandeur of a black-tie event. So we need to land somewhere in the middle.

I'm talking a formal shirt and trousers or chinos. Nothing too fancy. If you have one you can wear a suit although it might not be mandatory.


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But double check with the family’s preferences and the church's guidelines.

Do Men Have To Wear Suits To A Christening?

While suits aren't mandatory, they're usually a preferred men's christening style. Particularly when you attend a celebration held in a church or as part of a religious ceremony.

However, for less formal christenings, you can remove the tie or lose the jacket.

Aiming for a balance between respect and festivity, a well-fitted, modern-cut suit is highly recommended.

Can I Wear Jeans To A Christening?

While jeans are a staple in casual style, they are considered a bit too relaxed for christenings. Remember this is a time when conventional dress codes lean towards a more semi-formal.

It's better to choose trousers or dress pants that elevate your ensemble in harmony with this special occasion's dignity.

Chinos can work too, just make sure they go well with your shirt or blazer.

Are There Any Colours You Shouldn't Wear To A Christening?

A general rule is to sidestep black. This colour, often favoured for its versatility in other occasions like funerals. It can transmit a sombre mood that misaligns with the joyful essence of a baptism.

Navy, white or grey are better options.


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Balance is key, and it can be achieved by incorporating lighter tones or pastel shades. Whether it's a tie or pocket square, these accents can offer a flourish of celebration to your overall look.

What Is The Best Colour To Wear To A Christening?

The best colour to wear to a christening are typically soft, muted, and pastel shades.

Light blue, beige, soft grey, and even pale pink are solid choices. They aren't over stated and harmonise the celebratory nature of the occasion.


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These colours are not only respectful but they're also versatile. This allows for various levels of formality, from smart casual to more formal attire.

For a more formal christening, go for classic colours like white, navy or charcoal. Especially when tailored in a well-fitted suit.

Avoid overly bright or flashy colours, as they can detract from the event's focus.

During a summertime christening, embracing lighter hues can be particularly appropriate.

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What To Wear To A Christening in Summer if You're Male

Men's christening summer style can comfortably lean towards those brighter and lighter colours.

For men, a lightweight, breathable suit in light colours like light grey, beige is an excellent choice. These colours reflect the summer vibe while maintaining the event's formal atmosphere.

If the christening is less formal or held outdoors, smart casual options like linen trousers paired with a fitted short-sleeved shirt can work.


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Remember, the key is to balance comfort with respect for the occasion, opting for fabrics and colours that suit the season and setting.

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Best Shirts For A Christening - Tapered Menswear

Selecting the proper christening outfit for men often starts with finding the ideal shirt.

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