What Is a V Taper?

Why is it important?

First, lets start with what is a V taper. In the bodybuilding world, image is paramount. When admiring the muscular build the stereotypical indicator of a great physique is wide back and shoulders with a narrow waist. That shape distinguishes the ultimate physique from the shapeless crowd and is one of the most sought after attributes for all athletes. This shape is coined the V Taper. Why? Well you can visualise what it is. The V shape in bodybuilding refers to the shape of the torso resembling the letter V with broad shoulders and lats down to a narrow waist. One of the first goals of new bodybuilders is to get that head turning V taper. This shape is heavily dependent on proportions. If you have narrow hips it’s a lot easier to show a V as this makes your shoulders look broader than if you have wide hips. Some are blessed with genetics while others have to grind to get anywhere near that shape.


How Do I Get a V Taper?

There are two ways to get a V taper body. Diet and Training. In this blog we will discuss both and how to show your V Taper once you’ve earned it.



If you're fortunate enough to have low body fat, the male body has a natural V taper. If you are overweight the main focus is to diet to get that V taper to show. Articles cite that you need to get down to 15% bodyfat to show your V taper but really, if you have significantly larger (1.618 times to be exact) shoulders you have a v taper. This number is referred to as the golden ratio and this is deemed as the ideal proportion. But if you have a high level of body fat it is even more difficult to achieve. Losing fat is difficult, but it’s quicker than building muscle. Intermittent fasting is a great way to reduce your calories over a weekly basis to reduce body fat.



If you are slim with narrow shoulders it’s more of an uphill battle, you’ve gotta gain muscle. This is a long process, you have to train hard and train consistent. But you have to focus on the muscles involved in building that V shape. The two main muscle groups to focus on are the lats and shoulders. In clothing if you want to show your V then shoulders should be your main focus. There are a ton of good shoulder workouts to try, focus on keeping your routines fresh, keep changing it up so you don’t get bored.

Building a tapered torso begins with building the lats, and if you arent blessed with a narrow waistline then a wide back is essential. There are two distinct ways to go about developing good lats and an impressive back. Focus on two main movements when building thickness: 1. Pull down movements. With this focus on pull up or lat pull down. But keep the motion wide. 2. Rowing movements. Again wide grip focus to really hit the lats. Check out a great article here on a full workout to build your back and shoulders.

How to Show V Taper in Clothes

Remember it’s all about the proportions. Keep your waist small and it makes your shoulders look broad. But a HUGE caveat all this is the clothes you wear. We cannot emphasise this enough. You can have the golden ratio, the perfect proptions down to a tee. But if your clothing is baggy, you're hiding it! The biggest culprit of these baggy clothes are dress shirts. Nowadays they aren’t made for guys with a V Taper shape. You will find that your shirts are fitted in the shoulders but sag around your waist. So to show off that hard earned V shape you pay extra to take your shirt to a tailor.


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