Best Polo Shirts for Big Guys by tapered menswear

Best Polo Shirts for Big Guys

If you're a muscular guy, wearing normal polo shirts can be a little tricky.

There's nothing worse than feeling like your shirt is too tight around the arms or chest.

You don't want to be the one guy who looks like he's wearing his little brother's shirt—especially when you're trying to dress to impress. Check out our muscle fit polo shirts here for the best fitting polo shirts.

That's why we've put together this guide on everything you need to know about wearing polo shirts as a big guy - so you can finally feel good again while rocking the timeless polo. And show you the best polo shirts for big guys.

Best Polo Shirts for Big Guys by Tapered Menswear


Should Big Guys Wear Polos?

Polos should be a staple of any man’s wardrobe, and big guys don’t have to be an exception! But before you head to the store, it's important to keep in mind that not all polos are created equal.

The first thing you want to look for is a thin fabric and a fit that isn’t too large or baggy. If you're a large man with broad shoulders, you'll want a shirt that doesn't billow out and make you look even bigger than you are.

You also want to make sure your shirt fits well around your neck, chest, and arms—these parts of your body tend to be larger on men with more muscle mass.

Navy polo shirt for big guys by Tapered Menswear

Navy Tapered Fit Polo

Second, as well as ensuring your polo isn’t baggy, you need to make sure that the shirt isn't too tight. This will make it look like your arms are being strangled by your shirt and that's not going to look good on anyone (including you).

You want a polo that's fitted but not tight so that it fits comfortably around the biceps without being constricting or uncomfortable.

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But if you have a muscular frame, how do you find a polo that is neither too baggy nor too tight?

The answer? Tapered polos. Unlike regular polos, they're cut for guys with muscular builds—they'll show off your waist whilst accommodating your large shoulders, with a fit that tapers down from your shoulders to your waist.

And they won't be so tight that they squeeze your biceps into submission.

big guy in a tapered menswear navy polo

Navy Tapered Fit Polo

Do Polos Run Big?

Yes, polos can run big – although this varies from brand to brand and there’s no hard and fast answer.

Polos are sometimes designed to be loose-fitting. The key is to find the right size for you—and then only buy that size if it fits you well.

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For example, if you wear medium shirts regularly and find yourself swimming in your polo shirt, then go down a size or two. 

You don't want to look like you're wearing a tent! But if you wear medium shirts normally and feel like the fit of your polo is okay, then there’s no reason not to stay with your original size.

black tapered fit polo shirt designed for big guys

Black Tapered Fit Polo

What is a Muscle Fit Polo Shirt?

A muscle-fit polo shirt is a type of shirt that has been cut to fit the body and show off your muscles. It's popular among bodybuilders and athletes because it helps them show off their muscles and makes them look more confident.

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The term "muscle-fit" refers to the way the shirt fits, rather than its material. The term can be used to describe any type of polo shirt, including cotton and synthetic blends, but it usually refers to those made with spandex or other stretchy materials.

big guy with big arms in a white tapered fit polo by tapered menswear

White Tapered Fit Polo

There’s a lot of overlap between the terms ‘muscle fit’, ‘tapered fit’, and 'athletic fit’, and from time to time they are used interchangeably to describe the same sort of shirts.

Best Polo Shirts for Muscular Guys

Tapered, athletic or muscle fits are best. Whether you wear it tucked or untucked, these cuts will accommodate your larger shoulders while still allowing room for movement in your arms.

They’ll also cut down to your waist, accentuating your physique without billowing off your frame and making you look silly.

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If you’re feeling modest, look for shirts with sleeves that come down past your wrists—this is because the bigger your arms, the more likely they are to pop out of short-sleeved polos and draw attention to yourself.


white polo by tapered menswear, designed for big guys


You should also keep an eye out for stretchy materials and buttons that don't require much effort to fasten. These stretchy materials will more form fitting, allowing you to comfortably show off your physique.

Stretchy materials will also make getting dressed easier on days when you're feeling tired or sore from all those workouts!

The problem with traditional polos

Traditional polos are cut to the average physique, and they don't fit muscular men correctly.

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The problem is that most people who wear them have a slender or medium build. But when you're built like a tank, traditional polos just don't do it for you. They're too tight around your shoulders and chest and too loose at the waist.

Sure, you could size up to make them fit better across your chest, but then they'd be huge on your waist and hips.

The only way to make them fit right across your shoulders and chest without being too tight or too big elsewhere is to buy a custom-tailored shirt (which is expensive) or find a tailor willing to do alterations on pre-existing shirts (which also costs more money).

Best Polo Shirts for Husky Guys

But there's hope!

It turns out that there are actually polos designed specifically for husky guys and muscular men—ones that fit your body type perfectly so that when you wear them out in public, people are going to be talking about how good your outfit looks (instead of trying not to stare at your chest).

And when they ask where they can get one just like yours? You'll be able to tell them exactly where!

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TAPERED Menswear: Perfect performance polos for your muscular physique.

white tapered fit polo showing our signature v shaped cutWhite Tapered Fit Polo

Best Shirts For Big Guys

If you're a big guy or you've got a muscular physique and you love to show it off. And why not? Not only do we offer polos but we also have the best shirts for big guys too.

With our TAPERED Menswear polos, you can make sure your polo will accentuate all the right parts of your body, with no logo on the front lets your physique do the talking.

They're cut specifically for muscular builds, so they'll show off your waist whilst accommodating your large shoulders, with a fit that tapers down from your shoulders to your waist.

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Polo Shirts for the Larger Man

So whether you're at work or hanging out with friends, TAPERED Menswear polos are perfect for showing off the larger man underneath all those layers.

Our revolutionary cut provides a 10" drop from chest to waist.

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.

Closely Fitted At Biceps

Moulds to your arm and cut to the optimal length to emphasises the bicep peak.


white tapered fit polo shirt showing the fit around the biceps


Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.


white tapered fit polo shirt showing the stretch around the back and shoulders


Perfect for formal occasions. 

With our non obtrusive logo stitched subtly on the waist makes our TAPERED Fit Shirt ideal for formal occasions.

Mens Tapered Fit polo shirts in long sleeve green

Tapered Fit polo shirts are the true solution to your polo shirt fitting problem.