Best Athletic Fit Polo Shirts

Finally, an athletic fit polo shirt that has been painstakingly made for men with athletic builds. 

Ask any man who is serious about his fitness or physique about the challenge of obtaining fitted clothing to accommodate his body type, and he should tell you that it is a challenging task. This is particularly true for polo shirts, which leads to the question, Why isn't anyone designing an athletic fit polo shirt? Or a polo made for the athletic shaped body.

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Here's the problem: traditional polo shits are based on classic designs and no longer accomodate for the modern man, often being uncomfortable and ill fitted. Major clothing companies design their garments for the masses. As a result, they focus on boxy polos that are acceptable for the wider population while ignoring those that require a specific fit. 

If you're looking for the best athletic fit polo shirts for guys, look no further than our Tapered Fit Polo Shirts. Created for weightlifters, professional sportsmen and active lifestyle enthusiasts who are looking for better clothing that can move with them and fit perfectly.

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Your physical appearance shouldn't be an obstacle for dressing well. Our signature close-fitting cut aesthetically makes polo shirt look better by highlighting the athletic mans physique. Let's break down how each section of an athletic fit polo should fit. So that you know you're choosing the best fit for your physique.

Athletic Fit Polo Shirts - How Should They Fit?

Collar and Neck Opening

The size of the collar isn't something you should be worried about because it's typical across all brands. Just be sure that they aren't too small. Athletic shaped guys will have larger necks so make sure this isn't too tight.

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Pay particular attention to the buttons - particularly, make sure the buttons do not extend above the top of your armpits. Anything beyond that is too long and can result in an extremely deep V-neck when undone — not ideal.

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Wearing a polo shirt with the top one to two buttons unbuttoned can help accentuate your face and make it seem admirable. When putting on a polo shirt for the first time, be sure you unfasten the top two buttons, irrespective of whether it's a two, three, or four-button polo, to check how the neck area lays on your body. You don't want the collar or opening to be fully flat on your chest.


The sleeves should fall mid-bicep and embrace your arms gently. Some polos include a ribbed strip at the sleeve's end where it grips slightly tighter, ideal for those wanting to show off more bicep. Nevertheless, the sleeves should not be so tight that it appears as though your biceps are being constricted. You also don't want to have a lot of leeway or space around the bicep.  This makes the polo look sloppy as well as making your arms appear smaller than they are.

Body or Torso

As mentioned in our other blog, the best fitting polo can be one that allows you to pinch (not pull) between one and two inches of fabric along either side of your midsection. The issue most athletic guys face is that with their V-Taper shape, regular made polos sag around the waist so the cut of the polo needs to sit comfortable yet fitted around the waist to highlight the frame.


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The shirt should fall midway between the upper and middle crotch. We prefer it to be closest to the mid-crotch than the upper crotch since it prevents exposing the stomach while reaching up for things and enables it to be softly slipped into the front of your belt or waistband to break up your dimensions – if that's what you want.

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Slim, But Not Tight

Polo shirts for men are commonly misunderstood to fit baggier than t-shirts, but the contrary is true: they should sit snug to the skin, with no excess at the shoulder seam. The reason being is that the collar make this a good smart, casual outfit. If the polo is as baggy as a regular t-shirt it will make your overall outfit untidy. If you can't find the right brand for you and want to alter your current polos, you can always get your polo shirt tailored. If something doesn't nearly fit correctly, there's no shame in having it altered to match your physique.

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Polo Shirts For Muscular Guys

The real solution: Athletic Fit Polos By Tapered Menswear

Our athletic polo shirts at Tapered Menswear outshine everything you've seen so far. These muscle fit polo shirts are ingeniously created with high quality mesh cotton to highlight the greatest elements of your hard-earned physique. These should fit, feel, and move with your body like a breeze. With our polo shirts for bodybuilders, you can cut a fashionable silhouette with the highest-quality, wrinkle-resistant, breathable cotton to keep you looking attractive and confident in clothing outside of the gym.

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Our TAPERED™ fit has been developed by leading Tailors and industry experts to provide you with a revolutionary fit, you won’t ever need to take your polo shirt to a tailor again or give lots of different measurements. Perfect for those seeking a muscle fit polo, or bespoke tailoring - ready to wear! 

If you're a guy who takes care of his body, this athletic fit polo shirt is for you.

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