Spread Collar vs Point Collar: What’s the Difference? By Tapered Menswear

Spread Collar vs Point Collar: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to men’s fashion, the devil is truly in the details. A small yet overlooked one is the collar of a dress shirt. I’ve discussed in other posts the different types of collars you’ll find on a dress shirt.

But in this blog I’ll look at the two most common spread collar vs point collar. Showing the main differences, benefits and when to wear both of them.

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Should I Wear Spread Collar or Point Collar?

The burning question! Choosing between a spread and a point collar depends largely on the occasion and which you prefer the look of.

Spread Collar

The wider collar point has a 45 degree design, usually worn with a wider tie with a half windsor knot.

Spread collars can vary with each brand with some offering a wider spread than others. A full spread is considered around 5-6 inches while a half spread is around a 4 inch.

Point Collar

The point collar, a classic american style shirt, with its closer points between 1.5 - 3.5 inches has a clean cut finish with narrow ties.

The point collar tends to suit a wider variety of face shapes, especially wider ones.


types of mens shirt collars


In the duel between spread and point collars, the winner is chosen by …. you!

It comes down to personal preference but you can choose this based on how you wear your tie, if you prefer a wider, thicker tie choose a spread collar.

But if you like a narrow tie and knot you can't go wrong with the traditional point collar.

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Is It OK to Wear a Spread Collar Without a Tie?

Absolutely! One of the charms of the spread collar is its ability to look dashing both with and without a tie.

It's wider collar points create a balanced look that stands out even in the absence of a tie, making it a great choice for smart-casual events or when you want to keep things stylish yet relaxed.


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What Are the Benefits of a Spread Collar?

Spread collars can accommodate larger tie knots elegantly, as they help create a more proportionate look.

Another benefit is that they stand quite well on their own because they’re smaller and wider, so you don’t get the collar curl that can happen with point collars.

They are better accommodating for thicker ties like cashmere and wool.

What Are the Benefits of a Point Collar?

The point collar is my personal go to. It’s great for business attire and formal events. Its narrow opening is ideal for small, neat tie knots.

This collar type complements slender or oval face shapes by elongating the face, creating a sophisticated and sharp appearance.


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Is a Spread Collar More Modern?

While both collar types have their unique appeal, the spread collar is often perceived as more contemporary. The spread collar is a lot more common here in the UK and Europe which has become somewhat a default style for business wear.

It's wider spacing and ability to pair with various tie styles and sizes lend it a modern edge. 

Spread Collar vs Point Collar for Dress Shirt

For a dress shirt, the choice between a spread and a point collar should align with your own preference. Neither is better than the other or more appropriate.

Point collars are a lot more common with high street retailers. But you may also consider a grandad collar for a casual alternative.

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I prefer the point collar as there's less space between each side of the tie (if you wear it with one). So it provides a much neater finish in my opinion. 

white shirt point collar on a white tapered fit shirt 

But ultimately the importance of a well-fitted dress shirt is paramount. A perfectly fitting shirt not only enhances your appearance but also instils a sense of self-confidence. 

There's nothing like the feeling of a perfectly-tailored shirt. Your body fits into it perfectly, and the fabric hugs your skin just right.

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