What is a Grandad Collar Shirt? by Tapered Menswear

What is a Grandad Collar Shirt?

The grandad collar shirt is a staple in men's fashion that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with a contemporary edge. 

So what is a grandad collar shirt? Sometimes referred to as a band collar shirt, is a style of shirt that features a small, stand-up collar without the traditional points of a standard shirt collar. 

In this blog I’ll explain what a grandad collar shirt is in more detail, how to shop for one and provide the best fitting grandad collar shirts right here at Tapered Menswear.

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Why is it Called a Grandad Collar?

The name “grandad collar” isn’t one of those “exactly what it says on the tin” type names. Its name comes from its simplistic design, reminiscent of shirts from older generations where detachable collars were more common. 

History of the Grandad Collar Shirt 

The origin of the grandad collar shirt is debated, with its beginnings likely rooted in practicality and military influence. Known also as a mandarin or band collar shirt, its popularity has varied across different decades of the 20th century.

This style, essentially a shirt without a traditional collar, challenges conventional shirt design. Typically, a collar serves to frame the face and conceal a tie, so its absence in this shirt design is both unconventional and historically significant.

The creation of the Western grandad collar shirt is often attributed to Hannah Montague, a resident of Troy, New York, who in 1827 removed her husband's shirt collar for easier cleaning.

This led to the innovation of detachable collars, a significant trend in 1920s menswear.

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Men needed shirts with various collar styles for their professions, like wingtip collars for legal experts. Some chose to wear these shirts without any collar, eliminating the need for a tie.

In the 1920s and 1930s, British and Irish working classes, who rarely wore ties, adopted this style, especially as ties posed a safety hazard in industrial settings.

Is Grandad Collar Formal?

The grandad collar shirt occupies a unique position in the spectrum of men's fashion, navigating deftly between formal and casual attire. 

Mainly because it's difficult to wear a tie with the shape of the collar. But with that being said there's still a few options to add a bit of formality to it.

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For formal settings, the grandad collar shirt can be elevated by pairing it with tapered chinos or a blazers

A well-fitted grandad collar shirt in a neutral colour, such as white or navy, can be teamed with a dark suit for a sharp look.

This ensemble is particularly suitable for the office or business-casual events where a tie isn’t mandatory. 

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Are Grandad Shirts Still in Fashion?

In my opinion - it’s a big yes. They’re still in fashion and you’ll be pleased to know they are considered a fashion staple for many years to come!

Grandad collars offer a great alternative to the traditional collar and can still be worn with many combinations in both formal and casual environments. 


Black Grandad Collar Shirt by Tapered Menswear

What to Look For When Buying a Grandad Collar Shirt (200 words)

When you’re buying a grandad collar shirt. Like with buying any shirt the two main things to look out for  are fit and fabric.

Fit: Here at Tapered fit is absolutely everything. The shirt should fit snugly, but not too tight.

The collar should comfortably encircle the neck, allowing enough space for one to two fingers. Shoulders are key; the seam should sit right at the shoulder's edge.

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Sleeves should end where the wrist meets the hand, allowing a quarter to half an inch of shirt cuff to show under a jacket. The chest and waist areas should be form-fitting, yet provide enough room for easy movement.

A properly fitted shirt will be long enough to stay tucked in but won't bunch up. The overall look is neat, professional, and comfortable.

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Fabric: The choice of fabric significantly affects the shirt's formality and comfort. In my opinion, always choose cotton with an elastane blend. This not only offers stretch for comfort but the high composition of cotton provides a luxurious finish.

Additionally, consider the shirt's colour and pattern. Neutral colours like white, black, or navy offer greater versatility and can be easily paired with various outfits.

Patterns should be chosen based on personal style and the desired level of formality.

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What Is a Collarless Dress Shirt Called?

The primary name given to a collarless dress shirt is a grandad collar. But around the world this is also called band collar or mandarin collar.

Best Grandad Collar Shirts for Men 

When choosing a grandad collar shirt, consider fabric quality, fitting, and adaptability. Our grandad collar shirts were drawn up out of the desire to provide men with their most true-to-self fit yet.

All of the clothing in our range is expertly crafted and cut in a V-tapered shape, the closest cut available out there, so that you the wearer can show off your physique like you deserve to.


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The chest and shoulders have the snug fit of a slim cut, while the arms hug the biceps so that there is never any overhang.

The v-tapered cut also reduced the amount of unnecessary material flowing from the waist, so that you also never have to worry about looking shapeless ever again.


Our revolutionary cut provides a 10" drop from chest to waist.

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.



Enhanced Darts

Expertly tailored darts at the back, for the perfect fit.

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Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.


Perfect for the office. 

With our non obtrusive logo stitched subtly on the wrist makes our TAPERED Fit Shirt ideal for formal occasions.

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