What To Wear With a Green Shirt by Tapered Menswear

What To Wear With a Green Shirt

Have you ever stared at your wardrobe, unsure what goes with that bold green shirt? It's common to feel lost in picking the perfect match.

So what do you wear with a green shirt? You can wear a green shirt with neutral bottoms like beige chinos or grey trousers to balance its vibrant tone. For a casual approach pair it with black denim jeans.

This blog will help you navigate the best ways to style a green shirt, whether you’re aiming for a casual day out or a more formal occasion.

You’ll learn which colors and accessories complement green the best, allowing you to craft outfits that truly pop.

We’ll also discuss the importance of fit, and why choosing for a muscle fit shirt from Tapered Menswear can make all the difference in maximising your outfit.

best fitting green shirts by tapered menswear

Which Color Goes With A Green Shirt?

Off the bat you need to start thing subtle, green shirts are louder and brighter so you need to balance it with subtly.

A green shirt pairs well with beige chinos, black jeans, or light-colored jeans, offering versatile and stylish outfit options.

Beige chinos create a harmonious, earthy look, perfect for a smart-casual ensemble.

The combination of green and beige exudes a fresh, sophisticated vibe, ideal for both daytime and evening events.

green shirt with beige chinos, outfit ideas by Tapered Menswear

Black jeans provide a sleek, modern contrast that highlights the green shirt’s color, adding a touch of elegance and depth.

This pairing is great for a night out.

Light-colored jeans bring a relaxed, casual feel to the outfit, making it suitable for everyday wear, especially in warmer weather. The light denim complements the green shirt, creating a balanced and refreshing appearance.

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These options ensure that a green shirt can be seamlessly integrated into various stylish ensembles, catering to different occasions and allowing for both casual and slightly dressed-up looks.

What Shoes Match With A Green Shirt?

For men, a green shirt pairs well with several shoe options. Brown leather shoes or boots create a classic, sophisticated look, ideal for formal or casual settings. For a more relaxed style, white sneakers offer a clean, modern contrast.

green shirt with black jeans, outfit ideas by Tapered Menswear

Darker shades of green or olive shoes can create a monochromatic, harmonious appearance. Black shoes, while more formal, also work well, especially in dressier contexts.

Additionally, navy or grey shoes can provide a subtle yet stylish complement to a green shirt. 

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What To Wear With Green Shirt Men

Here at Tapered Menswear we pride ourselves on fit and consider our Green Tapered Fit Shirt to be the best fit around.

See below for some outfit ides on how to pair our best seller:


Green shirt with Black Ripped Jeans

green shirt with black ripped jeans, outfit ideas by Tapered Menswear


Green shirt with Beige Chinos

olive green shirt with beige chinos, outfit ideas by Tapered Menswear


Green shirt with Black Jeans

green shirt with black jeans and brown boots, outfit ideas by Tapered Menswear

Best Fitted Green Shirts By Tapered Menswear

Finding the perfect green dress shirt is a big win for lots of men. The importance of a well-fitted dress shirt is paramount.

A perfectly fitting shirt not only enhances your appearance but also instills a sense of self-confidence. 

With the introduction of TAPERED fit shirts, men now have the option for shirts that are fitted, but have enough stretch to provide comfort for all day wear in comparison to slim fit. A perfect fit for a V taper physique.

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So why not show off all that hard work in the gym with a perfect muscle fit shirt, and be comfortable as well as fashionable?

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Our Tapered collection also includes muscle fit denim shirtsmuscle fit t-shirts and muscle fit polos.

Our revolutionary cut provides a 10" drop from chest to waist.
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Enhanced Darts

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