How Many Dress Shirts Do I Need?

How Many Dress Shirts Do I Need?

First impressions last the longest. How you look is often the first thing that people will judge you on. Men are starting to pay a lot more attention to what they wear than they did before, especially with the emergence of muscle fit shirts.

The evolution of the fashion industry has been gradually putting more emphasis on male fashion over the years.

What it means is that you can no longer get away with having just one of each type of clothing in your wardrobe. Every time you go out you are expected to look your absolute best.

A certain amount of creativity and effort is now expected in the way men dress. Therefore, when considering how many dress shirts you need, the answer is definitely more than one.


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How Many Work Shirts Should I Have?

If you work in the corporate world, then it is very likely that you will need quite a few dress shirts just to go to work week in and week out, never mind any dinners or special occasions you might need to attend.

To be safe, always try to have a few more shirts than you think you might need.

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However, before you think about the number of shirts you need, do you really know what a dress shirt is? Can you differentiate a dress shirt from any other shirt? Let us look into that a bit more and try to answer those questions.

How Many Shirts Do You Really Need?

Before you think of heading out to buy a whole bunch of different dress shirts, there are a few things well worth considering. Firstly, you need to think about the kind of lifestyle you lead.

Are you always working? If so, are dress shirts a part of your normal work attire?

2 men in shirts showing how many dress shirt a man needs


Answering these questions will help you have an idea of how many shirts you are likely to need as part of your wardrobe. 

Another thing to consider is your budget. Compared to other types of shirts, dress shirts are usually a bit more expensive, especially if you buy very good quality ones.

The amount of money you are willing to spend will ultimately determine how many shirts you can afford.

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A good way to go around the high cost of dress shirts is to invest in a few high-quality shirts, reserved for those special occasions when you need to look your absolute best.

Then you can make up the bulk of your wardrobe with average quality shirts that you can wear when going to work or just going out with friends on a normal day.


2 men in floral shirts showing how many dress shirt a man needs


Buying second-hand shirts are also a great way to afford high-quality, custom dress shirts that would normally cost a fortune. A lot of people, especially the really wealthy ones, are in the habit of changing their entire wardrobe on a very regular basis.

You might be surprised to find dress shirts that have been worn just a few times, or not at all, being sold at very low prices.

How Many is Too Many Dress Shirts?

There really isn't a limit to the amount you should own. If you need one for every day of the year then so be it! Although your wardrobe space wont thank you.

A good rule of thumb is to have 1 or 2 per event. For example you wont need to own 10 white dress shirts. 2 or 3 is fine with having different materials.

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Three Tips for Buying the Right Number of Shirts

Do you think you have the right number of shirts? The answer might surprise you, because most men could certainly do with a few more shirts in their wardrobe.


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Now that you have an idea of some of the considerations you need to make as you go about shopping for the right dress shirts, let us look at the things that will ultimately determine how many shirts you need.

  • The Calendar Is Your Friend

Try to have an overview of how many days in, for example, a month, you need to wear dress shirts. As we said before, for those working in an office it’s probably between 20 and 25 days of every month.

This means, to avoid repeating the same shirts over and over, you need to buy at least that same number of shirts, or at least as close to that number as you can.


man in white tapered dress shirt showing how many dress shirt a man needs


Keep in mind that, even though buying 20 odd dress shirts might seem a bit extravagant, it is a worthwhile investment, because the less you wear the same shirt, the longer it will last.

When you look at it that way, a shirt worn about 10 times a year is likely to last a very long time. 

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If you have a more casual form of employment, then the number of dress shirts you need is much less, so you can probably afford to focus on the more expensive types of shirts.

  • Colour Is Everything

Although some people are in the habit of doing this, it really makes no sense at all to buy 20 shirts of the exact same colour and design, unless you are a limo driver. Variety is the key to keeping your wardrobe looking fresh and up to date. 

While women can change the colour of just about any part of their wardrobe, when it comes to men’s formal wear, one of the few options they can play around with is the colour of their shirts.

A guy who knows how to wear the right colour shirt does not need to ever worry about not looking good any time he goes out.


man in olive tapered shirt showing how many dress shirt a man needs


To start with, you need to get all the basic colours in there before you start looking around for other colours. You will definitely want at least one or two white dress shirts, a dark-coloured or even black shirt, light grey or more neutral-coloured dress shirt, and a blue one to round it off.

These are the basic must-haves for any man's wardrobe, and in fact, adding two or three different shades of blue to that list is highly recommended.

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  • Style It Up

Not all dress shirts are created the same. There is actually a wide range of styles to choose from, which only means another opportunity for you to spice things up and add some variety to your look.

To start off, pick the right fabric for the occasion, for example, if you are going to be a bit active in warm weather then cotton is your best bet because of its breathability.

Very cold weather will require something a bit heavier, though, such as linen, to keep you warm.


man in white tapered formal shirt showing how many dress shirt a man needs


There are also a lot of different patterns to choose from. When choosing a shirt suitable for a more subdued office environment, the more subtle the pattern the better it will look.

Have one or two fancy-looking dress shirts, with bold patterns that you can wear when going out for social gatherings such as parties or dates.

How Many Dress Shirts Does the Average Man Have?

Generally, the number of shirts a man owns is dependent on a wide variety of factors, some of which we have already touched on. It is difficult to give an exact figure of how many dress shirts the average guy has in his wardrobe.

Typically, if we exclude all other types of shirts and only focus on proper dress shirts, then the number of dress shirts the average man owns is probably around 10 shirts, give or take. 

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In many cases, this number is a lot less than what the person really requires and so they end up repeating the same shirts quite often.

It is best to consider the lifestyle and basic daily requirements of a person before figuring out how many shirts they are likely to own.

How Many Dress Shirts Does the Average Man Have?

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How Many Shirts Does a Guy Need?

Most guys do not have nearly enough shirts to cover their day-to-day activities. Even some of those who think they own quite a modest wardrobe will be surprised to find that they really should have more dress shirts.

The general rule of thumb is to try to figure out how many days of the month you actually need a dress shirt, and also what kind of activities you will be doing, for example, work, parties, dates, etc.

Once this has been factored in, and you have also taken into consideration things such as the weather, style, and the need to have a variety of colours, you will probably have a rough idea of approximately how many shirts you will need.

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man in short sleeve tapered shirt showing how many dress shirt a man needs


Then just to be safe, once you have a number in mind, try adding a few more on top of that to cover unexpected events such as spilled coffee or a torn shirt.

Let us take a look at the types of dress shirts that every man should have as part of their wardrobe.

How Many Work Outfits Should a Man Have?

A good rule of thumb for work outfits is to have at least 8 different combinations. This covers you for the week and also gives you a few spare if you have some shirts at the dry cleaners! Also you want a good variety for different seasons.

E.g. wearing lighter colours like pink through autumn you might prefer to cycle through darker colours.

Dress Shirts Every Man Should Own

Considering the wide range of styles and colours of dress shirts that there are, it is difficult to pinpoint just which kinds of dress shirts every man should have.

However, with a little bit of research, and considering the average lifestyle requirements for most adult men, we can probably narrow the list down to these absolute essentials that every guy needs to invest in:

  1. Plain White Shirt

Number one on the list is a must-have for every man out there. No wardrobe can be complete without a classic white shirt.

This kind of shirt is usually good for all occasions regardless of the level of formality. A good choice here is the White tapered fit shirt from Tapered Menswear. 

White shirt by Tapered MenswearWhite Tapered Fit Shirt

Made of 96% cotton, this is a great shirt for those warm days and nights, and the muscle fit style is good for enhancing your natural physique. 

  1. Styled White Shirt

Those who absolutely love white shirts, but also want to shake things up a bit, should try this option for something slightly different.

With all the basic qualities of the plain white shirt, by adding a bit of styling, this shirt can better suit those less formal occasions such as dates. 


white tapered fit shirt



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This is also a good choice if you plan on pairing it up with one or two accessories such as a bow tie. If you plan on removing your jacket at some point, then take care to go for the right kind of fabric that will not easily sweat through. Cotton is a great option here. 

  1. Light Blue Dress Shirt

One of the modern-day staples of any proper wardrobe, the light blue shirt is one of the most popular choices on this list. The thing many people love about this type of shirt is that it can fit in with just about any occasion.

Light Blue Tapered Fit Shirt

Whether you are hard at work behind your desk or showing off your special moves on the dance floor, you can never go wrong with a light blue shirt.

This is the kind of shirt that you can wear all day long during meetings, then after work, simply roll up the sleeves on your way to meet some friends.

Tapered Menswear has a great Light blue tapered fit shirt that features a hidden button-down collar and adjustable cufflinks. 

  1. Any Other Shade of Blue

We absolutely love blue! That is why we suggest that you try adding a bit more of the same colour, and we promise you will not regret it.

Having a couple more blue shirts will round out your wardrobe nicely. You can choose to go darker or lighter than the first one, it does not really matter, as long as it is blue.

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One area that you can play around with, though, is the material. Try something different from the material you chose for the light blue shirt. This will ensure that no matter the weather, you will always have a nice blue shirt handy.

Navy blue shirt a dress shirt you should own

Navy Tapered Fit Shirt

There is a particularly nice Navy tapered fit shirt from Tapered Menswear that caught our eye. Go and check it out and add it to your dress shirt buying list to get that absolutely necessary full range of blue shirts.

  1. Striped Shirt

The striped shirt offers something a bit different with a little more personality than the other shirts on this list. Having said that, the striped shirt is still a must-have item on every guy’s shopping list. 

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However, a little more care needs to be taken when figuring out which other clothing items and accessories to pair it up with.

Because it is already a very stylish shirt, we would suggest pairing it up with a more plain-looking suit, and not adding too many accessories to avoid that "busy" look. This shirt is good for lunch meetings and dinner parties. 

  1. Dark Coloured Dress Shirt

Whether you want to go full-on black, or you would rather have something dark but subtle, it makes no matter. You need a dark shirt in your wardrobe.

Not only does it make a nice change to wear something dark once, in a while, but there are also certain occasions where light or bright colours are just out of place.

black shirt - a shirt you need too own

Black Tapered Fit Shirt

This kind of shirt also makes a very good first impression when paired with a nice tie and slim-cut suit, so keep it handy for that special date you have been meaning to impress.

Have a look at the Granddad collar black tapered fit shirt from Tapered Menswear for some inspiration.


  1. Denim Shirt 

Last, but definitely not least, a muscle fit denim dress shirt in either black or blue. It is always good to have a denim shirt available for those times when you need something a bit less formal but still maintaining the same level of stylishness.

While the denim shirt might not be ideal for the office, it looks great just about everywhere else. 

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It has grown in popularity over the past few years, and with all the new designs coming out, we expect that to be the case for many more years to come.

If you are looking for the right best denim shirt, cut with precision to give you a full range of motion while remaining comfortable, then the Navy denim tapered fit shirt by Tapered Menswear is the one for you.

Light Wash Denim Tapered Fit Shirt

How Many Shirts Should a Man Own - Final Word

Its not about quantity, its about quality. Having a great dress shirt is the first thing that every guy needs to consider when figuring out what outfit to wear. With all these wonderful options and hints in this guide, there is simply no excuse for not looking your best when you step out of the door.

Remember all the helpful tips discussed in this guide. Always have a few blue shirts handy, because no matter the occasion, you cannot go wrong with blue. Go for a couple of whites and some darker colours for those special occasions.

Finally, get a denim shirt and a couple of stripe shirts as well to mix it up and have something to wear on social outings. Do this, and you are guaranteed to always look your best every day.

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How you look often determines how people treat you, so if you want to be treated with a bit more respect, then perhaps it is time to look the part.

Pay more attention to your wardrobe and you will see a lot of changes for the better. Do yourself a favour, and go to Tapered, for the best dress shirts that every guy needs.

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