Best Workout For V Taper. Eddie Chipp V Taper

Ultimate V Taper Workout

There’s nothing more appealing than a V-Taper shape in bodybuilding. The aesthetic look we all want to achieve and nothing says ‘fit’ like broad, sculpted shoulders, wide lats, and big arms. The V taper contains all muscle groups people notice immediately. Build them up and they stand out, even in a T-shirt.

Though the perfect V Taper remains the most sought-after attribute for both hardcore bodybuilders and everyday athletes, building one can be a difficult task. 

Until now…

Ultimate V Taper Workout

Our 6 week V-Taper workout is a specialisation programme that contains the foundations of building a strong v-taper physique. This workout not only ensures all muscle groups are built at a respectable level but it’s designed with an emphasis on spot specific hypertrophy work that develop three key areas accentuating the V taper: 


Well developed lats are the cornerstone to accentuating a lean waist. While certain overdeveloped areas can overshadow an impressive physique, the lats can never be too well-developed. Creating a V-Taper back is imperative.


Ultimate V Taper Workout. Eddie Chipp working out V taper Lats



Compound movements are a pillar in building a strong v taper. A lot of the V Taper is impacted by the size of the front delt and upper pec. This v taper workout contains lateral and overhead work to focus on the anterior and rear delts which add the roundness to the shoulder. The emphasis of this balances out the development of the lats, adding extra width to the top of the V shape. Remember a v-taper chest is also supplementary to the look we are aiming for.


Ultimate V Taper Workout. Eddie Chipp showing V Taper Chest



To maximise the V shape, you must have leaner abs. Your physique will be hidden under layers of body fat if you have inadequate leaness. You can still look strong but that's not what we’re here for. Our sole purpose is to achieve that mouth watering V shape. Although this workout includes varying flexion based ab training, a huge component comes down to diet in combination with this training. 

V Taper Bodybuilding


Ultimate V Taper Workout. Eddie Chipp showing V Taper Abs


Following this 6 week V Taper workout you’ll benefit from enhanced muscle growth due to the increased volume and intensity over a short period. Whether you have a holiday, wedding or an event you want to be in better shape for. This 6 week V taper booster was designed for you.


Aesthetic V Taper

The author of this Programme is International Fitness Model Eddie Chipp. Eddie is a PCA Muscle Model World Champion and 2 time runner up in Britain. With years of experience in preparing bodybuilders for physique competition across the globe. Which makes Eddie the perfect author for an aesthetic V Taper focussed programme.