What To Wear With A Black Dress Shirt By Tapered Menswear

What To Wear With A Black Dress Shirt

Imagine looking in the mirror. You see a perfectly fitted black dress shirt on your body. It symbolises elegance and confidence. 

Do you want to show this kind of confidence or just look stylish and true to yourself? Then, this blog is for you. It offers many tips on wearing a black dress shirt.

You won't struggle with choosing the right accessories or pants to wear with a black shirt.

Next, you will see how versatile a black dress shirt is. You can pair it with dark jeans for a cool, casual look. Or team it with a dark blazer for a smart outfit. It shows that anyone can wear a black dress shirt, no matter their skin tone or hair colour.

This blog also introduces Tapered Menswear's fitted dress shirts. We have your solution for finding the best fitted black shirt.

What Goes Well With Black Dress Shirts?

Styling a black dress shirt offers many choices to look great. You can pair a black shirt with dark jeans. This creates a very classic, sleek look. It lets the black shirt stand out without being too much.

A dark blazer also works well for more formal times. It makes your look sharp for parties or work events.

The combination of a black blazer and shirt suits many different people. It shows that black shirts are not only for specific hair or skin colours.

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Choosing the right fabric is important. Look for shirts with stretch for a good fit under blazers.

For casual places, shirts made from bamboo-cotton keep you comfy and looking good all day. The adaptability of a black dress shirt means you can use it for many occasions.

Try not to mix a black dress shirt with white accessories. It can mess up your outfit's style.

Instead, choose accessories in different colours like light tan or grey. This will make your outfit look interesting while still being stylish.

What Color Goes Best With Black Shirt?

When picking black shirt outfit ideas, the right colours are key. Solid black is classic and smart. But, mixing your black dress shirt with different colours can bring your style up a notch.

Light tan or grey trousers work well. They keep things interesting without taking over. This combo looks good and fits many settings, from work to fun outings.

A men's black shirt featuring a muscle fit, emphasizing the streamlined, tapered design and high-quality craftsmanship typical of Tapered Menswear.

Stay away from very dark shades like navy or dark green when choosing what to wear with black dress shirt.

These dark colours don't contrast enough and can make your look messy. Instead, go for light or very different colours.

They make your shirt stand out. If you want to be bold, try a black shirt with white trousers. It's a classic but strong choice for many occasions.

Adding an uncollared black shirt under a smart jacket is a cool idea. It works great in more serious settings.

The fine fabric and simple style give off an elegant vibe. Also, adding some simple designs or a hint of colour to your black shirt can boost your look. It puts a new spin on the usual black shirt styles.

The black shirt is super flexible. You can wear it with jeans for a laid-back style. Or, match it with a smart blazer for a night out. The choices with black shirt outfit ideas are endless. 

black tapered fit shirt, highlighting the muscle fit features for a comfortable and well-defined look by Tapered Menswear

What Shoes Go Best With Black Shirt?

It's crucial to pick the right shoes for your black shirt outfit. A pair of sleek black Oxfords or Derby Shoes works perfectly for formal events like a funeral.

They match the black shirt well and make you look sophisticated. This is ideal for weddings, office work, or any dressy occasion.

For a more casual but smart appearance with your black shirt, choose dark shoes. Dark brown or charcoal shoes keep your look stylish.

This works great when you wear black trousers. Pair dark-toned brogues or loafers with dark jeans for a stylish, informal look. This outfit keeps some elegance.

black muscle fit shirt, showcasing the tapered fit and premium quality offered by Tapered Menswear


If you're aiming for a casual vibe, brown shoes are a good choice. Go for monk-straps or combat boots.

They can bring a bit of fun to your outfit. Especially if your trousers are light, like khaki or grey. This creates a nice contrast and looks fashionable.

In the end, the shoes should match the event and your style. They need to go well with your black shirt and trousers.

Whether you choose formal shoes or something more laid-back, they are key. So, choose wisely to complete your perfect look.

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Should You Wear White Shoes With A Black Shirt?

Choosing white shoes with a black shirt is certainly a bold statement. For me its too much and will stand out in the wrong way for certain events events.

A different approach to shoes like black offer a more balanced look for your black shirt outfit.

Black Dress Shirt Outfit Ideas

Here at Tapered Menswear we pride ourselves on fit and consider our Black Tapered Fit Shirt to be the best fit around.

See below for some outfit ides on how to pair our black shirt.

Black shirt with black jeans


Black shirt with mid wash blue jeans


Black shirt with beige chinos

black muscle fit grandad collar shirt, highlighting the tapered fit and superior quality offered by Tapered Menswear 

Black shirt with black trousers

Best Fitting Black Dress Shirt - Tapered Menswear

When we talk about looking sharp in a black shirt, fit is key.

The importance of a well-fitted dress shirt is paramount. A perfectly fitting shirt not only enhances your appearance but also instills a sense of self-confidence. 

With the introduction of TAPERED fit shirts, men now have the option for shirts that are fitted, but have enough stretch to provide comfort for all day wear in comparison to slim fit. A perfect fit for a V taper physique.

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So why not show off all that hard work in the gym with a perfect muscle fit shirt, and be comfortable as well as fashionable?

Check out our best seller here. 

Our Tapered collection also includes muscle fit denim shirtsmuscle fit t-shirts and muscle fit polos.

Our revolutionary cut provides a 10" drop from chest to waist.
Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.



Enhanced Darts

Expertly tailored darts at the back, for the perfect fit.


Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.



Perfect for the office. 
With our non obtrusive logo stitched subtly on the wrist makes our Tapered fit Shirt ideal for formal occasions.

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