How Should A T-Shirt Fit?

How Should A T-Shirt Fit?

Name a more iconic, universally loved piece of clothing than the T-shirt… The fact of the matter is, T-shirts are pretty damn important in menswear. The average man owns several T-shirts and with good reason too.

T-shirts are after-all one of the most versatile and staple pieces of clothing you can own. We wear them to support sports teams, to go to the gym and as casual attire, day-to-night.

Yet, while we might know how to style them, a lot of men still struggle to get the fit right.

So how should a t-shirt fit? A good rule of thumb is that a T-shirt should be fitted in the chest and shoulders without fold lines around the seams. It should also taper down the waist to the bottom of the hem without bunching around the waist.

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There’s often a bit of debate over how a T-shirt should fit too, so it’s no wonder that this can actually make choosing the right one for your body shape much more complicated than it should be.

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Do you go looser? Do you pick a slimmer fitting T-shirt? What about the arms, chest, neckline… Choosing a T-shirt shouldn’t be this difficult. That’s why we’ve got all the answers to nailing the fit of your T-shirt once and for all.

Should T-Shirts Fit Tight or Loose?

A T-Shirt should above all else be comfortable on your body. But should it be tight fitting or loose?

In actual fact, a T-shirt should be form fitting to your body and still comfortable for you to move around in. Going too tight can leave you looking and feeling restricted in your movement and just uncomfortable in general.

While on the other hand, going too loose can hide your body under unnecessary material. There are of course different variations to the rule.

Like If you are wearing a T-shirt to work out or go to the gym in for example, you want comfort to be your main priority.

Choosing a T-Shirt with a flexible and body conforming fabric can help you look good and stay comfortable, while of course showing off your body in the right way.

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Likewise, if you’re wearing a T-Shirt as casual wear, you want to look your best, so choosing one with added shape in the waist can help you strike the balance between casual and confidence.

How Do You Know If a T-Shirt is Too Small?

You’ll know your T-Shirt is too small, because it’ll feel too small. While it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether something is too big, something that is too small will be much more apparent. Simply because in most cases, you’ll feel it.

You’ll feel uncomfortable or know that something isn’t quite right with the fit. Usually, this comes down to restriction.

If a T-Shirt is one or two sizes too small for you, you’ll notice that it both looks and feels tight on your body. A good way to check, is to look at the sleeves.

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Test it out by lifting your arms above your head and to the side, do you feel like the shirt isn’t letting you move? If yes, you’ve got a small T-Shirt. Another way you can check whether you’ve got a smaller size, is to check out the neckline.

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If you feel like your T-Shirt is cutting into your neck, this is certainly not the T-shirt for you. For men with a larger mid-section, a small T-shirt can really cling to the areas you don’t want it to. 

How Should a T-Shirt Fit On A Man?

So you want to buy a new T-Shirt, or maybe you want to check if your current T-Shirts fit the bill, learning how a T-Shirt should fit on your body is going to make your style better than ever before.

How should a T-Shirt fit? Well, to crack the code of a well-fitting T-Shirt, it helps to break it up into each individual component.

The neck, sleeves, chest and torso. Breaking it down into parts like this helps you to determine whether a T-Shirt will compliment your body shape.

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Trying on a T-shirt before you buy, is the best way to avoid buying one that does nothing for you and wasting your money.

Every man is shaped differently, so what works for one person, may not work for the next. This is a big problem with picking a T-Shirt off the rack.

How Should T Shirts Fit

T-shirts off-the-rack are usually made with one body type in mind- the average slim build- and might not always be your best option, especially if you are bigger in build. 

Now we will breakdown each part of the t-shirt how it should fit.

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Starting off with the collar/neckline. Whether you have a v-neck or round neck a good fit will sit flush at the base of your neck (if a crew or rounded neckline, as most classic T-shirts are).

A good fitting neckline will have enough space for comfort but not too much that is gaping. Nor will it be too tight that it restricts movement or worse yet, your breathing!

mens fitted collar on t-shirtWhite Tapered Fit T-Shirt

A good rule of thumb for the perfect fitting neckline, is to be able to fit one or two (but no more) fingers under the neckline. This is usually a good way of determining whether something is too tight for you or too loose, so try it out first when you try on your T-shirt.

If this seems to work for you, you can then move onto the next component, the shoulders. If you have a muscle fit v neck t-shirt, make sure the the bottom of the collar is in line with the collarbone.

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The shoulder seam, if fitting correctly, will sit on top of your shoulders. You can test this by looking in the mirror and seeing whether they are in fact on top of the shoulder or instead slopping down.

If they are slopping, then your T-shirt will not have the desired fit to your body.

mens fitted shoulder on white t-shirtWhite Tapered Fit T-Shirt

They will also make the sleeves look completely wrong for the body. This usually happens, because a T-shirt is too big, oversized or lacks shape.

The right fitting T-shirt however, will have good enough structure to it that it always stays on top of your shoulders.

In other words, the shoulders are kind of a big deal in T-shirt design. Get it wrong and it can throw the rest of your look off.

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Another way of checking the fit of your T-shirt, is to look at the sleeves. A t-shirt that fits well, will have sleeves that fit snug to your biceps.

And like the neckline, you can easily check the fit by putting one or two fingers under your sleeves to see if you have enough space for movement.

mens fitted bicep on white t-shirtWhite Tapered Fit T-Shirt

Oversized sleeves will undoubtedly look unstructured and baggy on the biceps. If you have bigger biceps, this is definitely not going to be the look you want to achieve.

How Long Should T-Shirt Sleeves Be?

T-shirt sleeves should typically end halfway down the bicep or a third of the way down the upper arm for a classic look, accommodating most body types with a tailored appearance.

A flattering fit is achieved when sleeves contour to the arm's shape, ensuring they do not wing out.

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The next component to consider is the chest. The chest of the T-shirt should sit close to your chest.

If you are a bulkier guy, with broader shoulders and a wider chest, then having a T-shirt that sits well on the chest can really transform your casual style and sense of confidence when wearing it.

navy Fitted T-Shirt by Tapered Menswear


Similarly the waist should also be form-fitting to avoid unnecessary material. Too much fabric will simply look shapeless and hide your body under your T-shirt.

To get the right fit choosing a T-shirt with a v-tapered cut can help reduce the amount of fabric and keep you looking stylish. 

navy Fitted T-Shirt on waist by Tapered Menswear

Proper T-Shirt Length

Something that a lot of men don’t consider when buying a T-shirt, is the length. It’s not always something we consciously think about, understandably, but getting the length of a T-shirt wrong can actually disrupt the rest of your look.

Even if you get the rest of it right. So what’s the answer?

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How Long Should T Shirts Be?

Well, a good length for a T-shirt will fall just a centimetre or two below your belt line. Any shorter and you run the risk of your T-shirt looking small.

As in ‘shrunk in the wash’ small. If the length runs any longer then your T-shirt will look like its wearing you.

navy Fitted T-Shirt in the waist by Tapered Menswear


While this is might not be such a problem for tall guys, if you are on the shorter side, a long T-shirt will throw off your proportions and will give you the illusion of shorter legs.

To get it right, try on your T-shirt and take notice of where the hem falls when you’ve got your jeans/trousers on. 

How To Check The Fit Of Your Current T-Shirts?

To check the fit of your current T-shirts, start by inspecting the shoulder seams; they should rest precisely where your shoulders end. The sleeves should hit around the midpoint of your bicep or slightly higher if you prefer a modern cut.

For the body, there should be enough fabric to move comfortably without excess billowing. Ensure it’s not too tight; a good test is to see if you can slide a hand between the T-shirt and your stomach.

The length is also crucial; your T-shirt should cover your waistband and extend a few inches past, but not so long that it bunches up over your trousers.

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Best Fitting T-Shirts For Men

Looking to buy a T-shirt that fits you well and compliments your body? Check out our range of t-shirts at Tapered Menswear which feel like they're tailored for you.

At Tapered Menswear, we produce T-shirts that work with the curves and contours of your muscular build, to show off the areas you want in the most flattering way.

Each and every component of our T-shirts has been carefully thought out and crafted, so that you get quality and style out of every piece.

Navy Tapered Fit T-shirt, the worlds first v-taper cut tee for athletic guys with a v-taper physique.

Every T-shirt is expertly cut in a V- shape to fit effortlessly to your torso, without an unnecessary fabric hanging around where you really don’t want it to.

Sleeves are also cut close to the biceps, so you never have to worry about that shapeless look ever again.

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Our T-shirts are also made with 100% super-stretch cotton to mould to your shape, with just the right amount of stretch you need. 

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The World’s First V-Taper Cut T-Shirt

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Stretch Cotton

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