What Are The Different T-Shirt Fit Types?

What Are The Different T-Shirt Fit Types?

Fitted T-shirts are a staple part of every man's wardrobe and are not just for casual wear. They can be worn with formal or casual clothes, making them versatile pieces that will take you from day to night.

However, as simple as they seem, there is a lot more to t-shirts than meets the eye.

The way they fit can make all the difference between an outfit that looks great and one that doesn't work at all. This guide will explain what each type of t-shirt fit means so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Best fitting t-shirts for men by Tapered Menswear

T-Shirt Fit Guide

Before I dive in there are 5 different types of t-shirt fits you can choose from, these are listed below to make it easy to find your the right one for you:

Slim Fit

Regular Fit

Muscle Fit

Baggy Fit

Tapered Fit

What Is A Slim Fit T-Shirt?

A slim fit t-shirt is a tighter fit on the body than its regular fit counterparts. They are typically narrower than regular t-shirts, and, as the name would suggest, have an overall slimmer fit.

When compared to regular or baggy fitting t-shirts, they’ll appear to hug your body, contouring to its shape. Slim fitting t-shirts also typically have shorter sleeves, which are more fitted around the arm.

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The shoulders are usually narrow as well when compared to other types of t shirt fits since they have been cut closer together at their seams than those found in regular, baggy, or athletic fits. 

Who Are Slim Fit T-Shirts For?

Slim fit t-shirts are great for guys who are slim, or just want to try and look that extra bit slimmer. If you’re a lean guy, but not excessively bulky, then they’re a great way to show off your lean and slender physique.

However, if you’re a larger guy, or you have a lot of muscle mass, you might find a slim fit uncomfortable and restrictive.

If you fall into this category, you’d be better served looking at muscle or tapered fits - they're great for guys who have a lot of muscle mass, or just want to show off their muscles. 

It's important to note that no t-shirt type is better than the other, and slim fitting shirts aren't meant for everyone; if you are looking for something looser or larger then there are other options available depending on what kind of look you're going for!

Turquoise Tapered Fit T-Shirt

What Is A Regular Fit T-Shirt?

A regular fit t-shirt is the most common type of t-shirt, and it's usually a safe, although somewhat conservative choice for most people.

Regular fit t-shirts will be neither too tight nor too loose, so they're comfortable to wear in most situations, and won’t look out of place.

The sleeves typically don't go past your elbows, but they also don't ride up to your biceps (if you have them), like some slim or athletic fitting t-shirts.

Regular fit t-shirts are perfect if you want a casual look that can be worn all day long without feeling constricted or looking sloppy.

When shopping for a regular fit t-shirt, make sure it's not too long it ends up looking like an oversized dress, or too short so that it exposes your stomach when bending over – getting the right length of the shirt is just as important as the right style and fit.

Particularly if you're on the taller side.

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Who Are Regular Fit T-Shirts For?

Regular fit t-shirts are for anyone who wants to look good, feel good, and look like they're not trying too hard.

The regular fit is perfect for guys who want to make sure they're always dressed up enough but not too dressed up.

It's a good fit for guys who want to stay in the background and not draw attention to themselves, but still look like they're putting some effort into their appearance.

They're a classic piece of clothing that can be worn with nearly anything in your wardrobe. So whether you're going out for a night on the town or just lounging around at home on a Sunday afternoon, regular fit t-shirts are a must-have!

However, it’s worth mentioning that although regular-fir t-shirts are suitable for most people, they often don’t provide the optimal fit for most people.

For example, slim and muscular individuals will almost certainly look better in slim and muscle fit shirts, respectively.

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Slim Fit T-Shirt vs Regular Fit T-Shirt

A slim fit t-shirt is more fitted than a regular fit t-shirt. In contrast to its regular counterpart, the slim fit t-shirt has a shorter body length and narrower sleeves, while it also has a slimmer waist.

This will result in less fabric flapping around your body, making it appear more streamlined—hence the name “slim”!

Navy Tapered Fit T-Shirt

If you’re a slimmer guy, or you simply like a tight fit t shirt, then a slim fit t-shirt is probably more appropriate for you.

If you’re unsure about which t-shirt type would fit you best, then we’d recommend going with a regular fit. It’s the safer option and still can work well with skinny frames, depending on the desired style.

Standard Fit vs Regular Fit T-Shirt

Standard fit and regular fit are often used interchangeably in T-shirt fit types. Both have pretty much the same definition and are a a middle-of-the-road approach to sizing: not too tight, not too loose.

Standard fit t shirts are designed to accommodate a wide range of body types, with room in the chest and waist, in my opinion they are pretty shapeless and designed for the masses. Sometimes referred to as a "boxy fit".

What Is A Muscle Fit T-Shirt?

A muscle fit t-shirt is similar to the slim fit in that it has a contoured shape, but it differs from the slim fit in that it is tight fitting t-shirt around the chest and waist, but has a looser fit around the arms and shoulders.

The effect of this style is to create an exaggerated V-shaped torso on your body.

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This t-shirt type can be worn by people who want to emphasize their muscularity or by anyone who wants a more tailored look than what you get with regular fit t-shirts. 

Navy Tapered Fit T-Shirt

Who Are Muscle Fit T-Shirts For?

As the name would suggest, muscle fit t-shirts are suitable for individuals who want to show off their hard-earned muscle mass.

Muscle fit tees are popular among bodybuilders, weightlifters and other athletes because they help show off your lean physique while still looking stylish enough to wear out on weekends too!

What Is A Baggy Fit T-Shirt?

A baggy fit t-shirt is a loose fitting, long sleeve t-shirt that has no defined waistline and runs very large.

The sleeves are also quite roomy, often with a wide cuff at the end. Baggy fit shirts are great for casual wear and can be worn with jeans or pyjama bottoms.

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However, they're not suitable for formal occasions because they don't look as good when tucked in and generally don't look good on athletic people – a baggy fit will do a great job hiding your hard-earned gains.

Who Are Baggy Fit T-Shirts For?

Baggy fit t-shirts are great for people who like to wear their clothes loose and comfortable. For example, if you have a wide chest or broad shoulders, you might prefer a baggy shirt over something fitted or tight fitting.

If you're looking for an even more casual style, try pairing your baggy t-shirt with jeans or shorts and sneakers. You can also wear them over a tank top in cooler weather! 

Muscle Fit T-Shirt vs Regular Fit T-Shirt

Muscle fit t-shirts are tighter and more fitted than regular fit t-shirts. They usually have a more athletic look since they don't have extra fabric around the stomach and chest area.

But they're still not too tight in areas such as the shoulders or arms, where the presence of muscle mass might result in discomfort with regular fit t-shirts.

muscle fit t-shirt by tapered menswearWhite Tapered Fit Henley

Baggy Fit T-Shirt vs Regular Fit T-Shirt

Baggy Fit T-shirts are looser, longer, and larger than regular fit t-shirts.

The extra material allows them to be worn casually without looking too tight or restricting movement; this makes them great for layering or wearing on their own during warmer months.

What Are Fitted T-Shirts Called?

Fitted T-shirts are simply called fitted t-shirts. But the term can be used interchangeably with muscle fit, slim fit or tapered fit.

Which all 3 can also be considered "fitted". The fitted look feels more bespoke as if the garment is tailored for your body.

Drop Cut T Shirt Meaning

A drop cut t-shirt refers to a design where the back hem of the shirt is slightly longer than the front. This style is relatively new in t shirt types and often seen in modern streetwear.

The drop cut offers a more casual vibe. The drop cut or drop tail design can bring a unique twist to an otherwise simple t-shirt.

Tapered Fit T-Shirts

As the name suggests, these are t-shirts that have been cut to be slim in the torso and wider at the shoulders. 

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If you’re a muscular or athletic individual, finding the perfect t-shirt fit can sometimes be difficult.

Your first port of call might be a muscle fit – but these t-shirts, whilst accommodating in the arms and shoulders, can often be too baggy around the wait.

Navy Tapered Fit T-Shirt

You might then try a slim fit, only to find that although you get a good fit at the waist, the shoulders and arms and now way too tight and restrictive.

If you can relate to this struggle, then a Tapered fit t-shirt from TAPERED menswear is exactly what you need.

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Better Fitting T Shirts

The tapered fit shirt is meant for muscular and athletic builds. Its proportions are designed by expert tailors, ensuring the shoulders are accommodating for muscular builds, whilst the waist is sufficiently narrow and doesn’t sag.

This makes it ideal for people with broad shoulders, V-shaped torsos, narrow waists and big arms. Available in both crew neck and v neck.

T Shirts That Fit

TAPERED Menswear specialises in tapered fitted clothing for muscular builds. With TAPERED Menswear, you’ll get a fit that feels tailored to your body, without the hassle of visiting a tailor.

The World’s First V-Taper Cut T-Shirt

T Shirts that fit in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.


navy tapered fit t-shirts showing a tailored look and feel


Closely Fitted in Biceps

Moulds to your arm and cut to the optimal length to emphasise the bicep peak.


navy tapered fit t-shirt closely fitted in the biceps


Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.

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