Best t-shirts for big arms by Tapered Menswear

Best T-Shirts For Big Arms

Here’s the problem, if you’re a muscular guy with big arms off the rack t-shirts simply won’t cut it.

You consistently put in those reps on bicep curls and tricep push down to make your arms pop. This becomes a struggle to find t-shirt that fit your arms correctly.

In this article we show how a t-shirt should fit and the best t-shirt for big arms... Muscle Fit T-Shirts by Tapered Menswear.

Best t-shirts for big arms

Problem 1: The Fit 

When you’re an athletic guy with big arms you have two options:

  • T-shirts that are too small on the arms
  • T-shirts that are too big on the arms

T-shirts that are too small you often have to sacrifice the fit of the shirt everywhere else. In order for the t-shirt to fit your arms tightly it is likely to be uncomfortable in the rest of the body.

Looking for T-Shirts that fit perfectly to your arms? Check out our collection of fitted t-shirts right here.


White henley Tapered fit t-shirt the best t-shirts for big arms


Then the body of the t-shirt will not only look like you have squeezed into a kids t-shirt but also you end up struggling to breathe! You want a t-shirt with tight arms but is not too tight on the rest of the body.


T-shirts that are too big are simply going to make your arms look smaller than they actually are - you can’t lose your gains! You can try rolling up the sleeves to make them more fitted on the arms but again you sacrifice the fit in the rest of the t-shirt.

You can buy a t shirt that is comfortable in the arms but the fit is loose which unfortunately for t-shirts off the rack you have to sacrifice one for the other.

Problem 2: Comfort

You have found your t-shirt that finally fits snug around the arms. Now you can’t move… the fabric is digging so tightly into your armpit and when you raise your arms up the t-shirt starts to roll up your sides.

In this scenario you’re stuck standing with your arms out like you’re holding two sandbags.

Navy Tapered fit t-shirt the best t-shirts for big arms

Not a good look. Having a comfortable t-shirt while being fitted in the arms is a huge problem that muscular men face. Particularly for those who work out to show off their muscular build.


Best Sleeves For Big Arms

How should sleeves fit around big arms? There are two determining factors to make your arms pop without sacrificing comfort like we have already discussed.

Sleeve Length

best sleeve length for big armsWhite Tapered Fit T-Shirt

For arm sleeves for big arms the key here is to have enough length to show off your bicep and tricep peak because after all the tricep is the largest part of the arm. Sleeve length can vary wildly between brands.

A hack that most muscular guys choose is to roll the sleeves up to reveal more of the arm which makes the bicep pop.

But you can simply find a t-shirt sleeve that has the perfect length sitting above indentation of and tricep. If you go shorter than this it will just look like a t-shirt that is too small, longer will hide the arms completely making you look smaller.


Sleeve Width

The goal here is for your arms to look bigger. The width or the t-shirt armhole needs to tightly hug the bicep but not feel constricting. As mentioned you want to achieve a comfortable fit while it hugs the bicep and makes them look bigger.

best sleeve width for big arms

Muscular guys want to show off their gains, not look like you’re trying too hard but have freedom of movement at the same time. That's why it's important to tick all three of these boxes with the sleeve width.


What T-Shirts Make Your Arms Look Bigger?

Before we look at the best t-shirts for big arms, there are a few ways that you can adjust your current t-shirts to make your T-shirts make your arms look bigger.

Doing the below shows more meat on the arms which gives the illusion that your arms are bigger (even if they’re small).

The Fold

Rolling your T-shirt up to the shoulder line will give the appearance that you have a high and tight sleeve. What’s more is the extra fabric as a result of the roll makes your arm look thicker.

To fold your T-shirt sleeve properly follow these steps:

  1. Pull your t-shirt sleeve down so there is no excess fabric or current rolls in the sleeves
  2. Fold the hem of the shirt sleeve up once using the natural crease where the hem stitching is.
  3. If your t-shirt allows, fold up once more
  4. If the 2nd fold is not staying in place all the way around the arm, you can use a safety pin inside the fold to keep this secure and stay in place. Make sure you place the pin inside the fold to hide it.
  5. If you are satisfied with the fold you can make this permanent by stitching this in place. Use single stitches at the top edge of the fold. If you follow this step do remember to remove the safety pin if you applied one.



Take to a tailor

It may be surprising to learn that you can take your T-Shirt to a tailor or you can tailor the t-shirt yourself. A good tailor can make adjustments on pretty much all garments, more importantly - most areas of garments (including arms).

You can simply ask your tailor to measure your arms and bring it in so that it's finely fitted to your exact arm measurement.

This is a great option because it will feel like fitted arm t-shirts, you can even get the tailor to alter the width and length to give your arms more of a fuller look.

Tailoring a t-shirt

Not so good that it will be an extra cost to you plus having to shop around for a tailor, getting measured, handing it in, waiting for the alteration then finally receiving your perfectly fitted tee back. 


Squeeze into a small

Another option is just simply squeezing into a smaller t-shirt. This might take up some time finding the right brand for you but it can be done. You can find a t-shirt that is a size smaller than what you usually wear squeeze into it.

You might well find a gem that is fitted on the arms but isn’t too tight on the body. These are few and far between and often you end up looking like....

tight t shirt on bodybuilder

But as mentioned this will involve looking around and trying a number of different brands and sizes on.

When you find your diamond in the rough these T-shirts will make your arms look bigger. But more often than not it's going to look too tight on the rest of the body.

How do I make my t-shirt look more muscular? Tapered Fit T-Shirts

Finding the right fit for your t-shirt is entirely dependent on your body shape. In our guide above, I mention how the t-shirt should fit in relation to your body, and this, of course, is different for everyone.


So, finding the right fit in a t-shirt for men of an athletic build can be very difficult. You need a t-shirt that’s wide in some places and narrow in others, which is essentially the opposite of how off the rack t-shirts fit.

Best white T-Shirt for big arms

 White Tapered Fit T-Shirt

Tight Arm T-Shirts

Flattering Shirts for Big Arms

Our solution is the Muscle Fit T-Shirt or Muscle Fit V-Neck T-Shirts from Tapered Menswear.

It’s designed with athletic guys with big arms in mind, whether you’re on the slimmer side or have a bodybuilder physique, they're the best tight arm t-shirts for guys with big biceps. 

shop mens tight sleeve t shirts 

Shirts that show off biceps

We’ve built it to provide the perfect fit in all the right places, but specifically designed to show off biceps. You can count on:

  • V-tapered fit – narrow at the waist, wide at the chest.
  • Athletic fit t-shirts with shorter sleeve perfectly placed to show off your biceps.
  • 4x stretch from the heavyweight cotton – helps it to retain its length (good for you tall guys!).
  • Cut close to the body to show off all your hard work.

shop mens tight sleeve t shirts 

Navy Tapered fit t-shirt the best t-shirts for guys with big arms

Tight Sleeve T Shirts

What’s more, we offer our tight sleeve t-shirts in 7 different sizes, makes it even easier to find your perfect fit.

The measurements are all proportional but we add a bit extra across the chest so it’ll fit you just right. Available in a variety of colours, from burgundy to navy.


What Shirts Make Arms Look Bigger?

If you are looking for shirts with tight sleeves that make your biceps pop, opt for our signature tapered fit. Not only are they crafted for a muscular torso but they're cut to the optimal length on the bicep peak to make them stand out.

Check our best seller here

guy with big arms in our navy tapered fit t-shirt

Best T-Shirts for Big Guys

In wrapping up, for men with larger arms, the quest for the perfect t-shirt ends with Tapered Menswear. Embrace the brand that values and celebrates your strength, offering stylish and comfortable solutions specifically tailored for larger figures.

Our understanding of your fit needs has made them the go-to brand in fashion for men with bigger arms.


The best t-shirt is one that not only fits well but boosts your confidence and self-esteem, and Tapered Menswear promises exactly this.

Let's change the narrative - don't see your larger arms as a challenge, but as a strength to highlight and celebrate. With Tapered Menswear, fashion becomes an empowering tool for self-expression, irrespective of body type.

The best t-shirts for big guys are now at your fingertips. So, don't hide your biceps, let Tapered Menswear help you highlight them!

The World’s First V-Taper Cut T-Shirt

Fully fitted in chest and shoulders whilst tapering sharply down, giving a tailored look. No more bagginess in the waist.


navy tapered fit t-shirts showing a tailored look and feel



Mens T Shirt Tight Sleeves

Closely Fitted in Biceps

Tight mens shirts that moulds to your arm and cut to the optimal length to emphasise the bicep peak.


navy tapered fit t-shirt closely fitted in the biceps


Stretch Cotton

Super soft, breathable and allows complete freedom of movement.

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